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Tahoe Woody

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The Tahoe Woody is a sup brought to you by Tahoe SUP. Read Tahoe Woody reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you!

Tahoe SUP
Tahoe Woody Reviews

Read reviews for the Tahoe Woody by Tahoe SUP as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

This board is beautiful. ...

This board is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Looks alone will get this board high marks. I like that there's no logos or stickers on it to detract from it's beauty. The board is very stable and handles wakes and choppy water well. Works well if/when I want to sit on it and paddle, or lay on it for a moments rest. Perfect for exercising, too. Pros Beautiful wood grain. Handles well in choppy, rough water and glides beautifully in calm waters. Cons I love everything about this board. No con's that I can think of. Usage Recreational, exercise, getting out with my family and dog.

A great highbred! I can...

A great highbred! I can stand up paddle with the conditions are right, when they're not I sit down and kayak. Very stable board. Pros I like the stability and I like the fact that I can use it as a kayak as well as a paddleboard. Cons It is a little bit heavy and a little bit slower than a dedicated paddleboard. Usage I use it for exercise mostly in the intercoastal waterway of South Florida.

I recently purchased 2...

I recently purchased 2 TAHOE WOODY boards at my local shop. One was last years(2011) red model, and one was the green (2012) . I have been paddling a 12'1" surf style Ron House board in the river(touring/fitness) and at the coast (surfing small waves)for the last 3-4 years. I wanted to get a displacement hull board that I could travel greater distances,do a little SUP camping, was of good quality construction and materials, and it had to be something that would be aesthetically appealing to me. ( I am an artist, and part time art teacher at the local university.) The Woody had it all. I was also in the market for a board for my girlfriend who finally tried, and fell in love with the sport. The Woody met all of my criteria, and my girlfriend had no problem with balance, and carry weight. She has only paddled 2 times before getting on the Woody and she has never fallen off the woody even in small boat wakes, and wind chop. I could talk about the technical specs, and hydrodynamics involved in making the board glide through chop with stability, and ease, but that may not be interesting to everybody. However as a person who has surfed the NorCal/ Oregon coast for many years on many different board shapes before I found Stand Up Paddling. I totally get the shape,the concave, the rocker, the tail, and nose. I think this board may even hold its own in a local recreational race. My paddling friends are envious, and they all want to take it out for a ride. My non-paddling friends can't stop talking about how beautiful the boards are. I would recommend this to anybody that wants a quality board for touring/fitness/camping/beauty. It may not be a 14'elite race board, but not everybody is interested in racing. Summers on the lake, long excursions down the river, adventure turing/camping, some small wave action, classic nautical style. Worth the price, every penny. Pros The classic styling, the quality construction, the lack of logos on the deck, the 8 tie down points, the way it cuts through the wind chop, the glide, the ease of turning, the weight, the cary handle, overall I think this board is almost perfect. I weigh 215lbs and it floats me well, and it is super stable. My girlfriend is brand new to the sport and has no trouble standing , and paddling it. She also loves the aesthetics of her board. Cons The over-sized advertising on the rails. I think that the 4"x 21" TAHOE logo on the bottom of the board is enough. The (TAHOE SUP )logos on the rails really detract from the classic beauty of this board.I personally feel that the rail logos make this board look a little like a Nascar vehicle,or a pair of flashy sneakers a teenager would wear. I am pretty sure the target audience for the TAHOE WOODY is not teenagers that need to show their brand allegiance by sporting logos all over their board. I totally understand the need for branding, but not at the cost of class. The Touring SUP lifestyle is such that if a person likes your board, they will paddle over and ask you about it. A conversation will begin, and a friendship may start. I know that I seem a little nutty about the logos, but I won't even buy a shirt, hat, pants, or shoes with excessive branding. The rails should be clean and free of advertising.(I would pay extra for a logo free board.) Usage I use the Tahoe Woody for touring/fitness/camping. I paddle as often as possible(3-4 times a week a couple hours at a time) .

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