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Aleutian Paddle

Aleutian Paddle Description

The Aleutian Paddle is a paddle brought to you by T and J Paddles. Read Aleutian Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

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Aleutian Paddle Reviews

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An Aleutian paddle is a...

An Aleutian paddle is a Greenland paddle with a spine down the blade. Counterintuitively, the spine is on the power face. I will never go back to a Euro paddle. The blade may be narrow, but also longer, so I get virtually the same kick from the Aleutian. The stress is so much lower, though, that I can paddle faster and longer with it before needing to rest. My shoulders thank me for switching every time. I haven't used a Greenland paddle, but understand it can suffer from flutter. Not a concern with the Aleutian. I don't have to carefully monitor my blade angle. Why T and J? Tom, the owner, is very helpful with sizing and any other questions. You get a custom paddle for the base price. Pointed or rounded ends. Two tone finish. Personalized carved decoration on each blade. Made and delivered fast too. It's a Canadian company - for Americans, that means a great break on currency exchange. Around $150 U.S. For a little more, it can be 2 piece and/or hardened tips. I know this sounds like an ad, but I love the beauty and functionality of this paddle. I also admire that a centuries old technology can hold its own against today's tech.

Like the previous...

Like the previous reviewer, I also now have my second custom Aleutian paddle from Tom at T and J. This time I opted to increase the paddle length by 2" and round the blade tips instead of tapering them. These simple changes increased the efficiency of the Aleut more than I had anticipated. The stroke is still very smooth and silky, but I can tell the power level has increased without a negative effect on my old shoulders. Having lengthened the paddle, I decided it was time for a 2 piece that was easier to transport. Tom has blended the 2 piece technology in such a way that still provides the comfortable contoured wood grips that have the feel only wood(laminated western red cedar) can provide.

Extolling the virtues of Tom's Aleutian paddles is difficult to put into words, as they are a beautiful custom work of art that will give you a new perspective on the joy of paddling.
I highly recommend T and J Paddles.

I now have 2 custom...

I now have 2 custom Aleutian T and J Paddles. The first paddle Tom carved for me, turned me into a solid fan of the Aleutian paddle. I used a big Euro blade for years and it served me well but I have been experiencing elbow and shoulder pains lately. I tried an Epic mid-wing and that solved my elbow pain but the wing felt like there was less boat control and versatility. Enter the Aleutian paddle, after my first few outings I really started to settle into the feel and speed of the Aleutian paddle.

Even though the Aleutian is much heavier than my wing paddle I find that I can maintain similar speeds during training and racing yet my body feels so much better the day after a hard paddle. The Aleut offers better control and a wider range to stroke which really helps in rough conditions.

Tom is all about customizing your paddle functionally as well as aesthetically. My first paddle arrived on time as expected and working with Tom through the purchasing process was easy and enjoyable. I quickly adopted it as my go to paddle, which unfortunately resulted in some dings using it while training and ascending a low level local creek. (My Bad ...not the fault of the paddle or the maker). So a quick message to Tom and he agreed to make me another custom Aleutian paddle with the blades reinforced with fiberglass (and a cool custom color scheme and leaf design). 3 Weeks later I received my 2nd paddle and it performs as well as the first paddle and looks even better!!! I have used it on several trips now and it has held up well to rocks and ice contact.

If you are looking for an inexpensive custom Aleutian paddle I highly recommend Tom and T and J paddles.

Many paddlers have heard...

Many paddlers have heard of Aleutian paddles but are not familiar with them. My pursuit of the Aleutian is a result of sore shoulders that have some extra miles on them. The Aleutian paddle could be classified as a skinny stick paddle, but that is where it ends. Using an Aleut is almost identical to the euro blade whereas the GP requires techniques very different from the euro blade.

I find the Aleut to have a much smoother stroke with very efficient propulsion results. I had my custom Aleut made by Tom at T and J Paddles in Ontario. Pricing was very reasonable and delivery time was shorter than most. That, I assume depends on the seasonal demands. My paddle was made to a 90" length request with a 3.5" blade.

The wood used is a beautiful western red cedar which is light weight and strong. The craftsmanship put into this paddle by Tom is equal to some very high priced paddles. This is a very comfortable, efficient, easy to use paddle that is also a work of art. My recent trip on the Silver River was filled with "What kind of paddle is that?", "It's Beautiful" and "Where did you get it".