16' 8"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Dumoine Options

  • Carbon Fusion

    37 lb
    Carbon Composite
  • Expedition Kevlar

    48 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • Kevlar Fusion

    40 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite

    Dumoine Description

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    Dumoine Reviews

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    Need a solo canoe, a tandem…

    Submitted by: oldzip on 7/16/2015
    Need a solo canoe, a tandem canoe for a BWCA, want to surf the waves on Lake Superior, or spend some time in the Woodland Caribou? Then the Swift Dumoine is a great boat. The 16 foot, royalex boat is versatile, easy to paddle solo...runs rapids and drops well, quick on its feel, and has rocker enough to get through rapids through class three. My wife and I along with our Labrador have thrown in 3 packs, fishing equipment and taken off for a week long BWCA paddle. Two weeks along the Bloodvein, through the Woodland Caribou we've portaged this boat through burns, the goat slope of Wrist/Welkin Portage, and quartered through big waves on lakes.

    This Dumoine is equipped with a kneeling pads, a paddling thwart, and a wonderful yoke that adds comfort to portaging... At 60 plus pounds you won't find a light lift to the trail, but you will find a boat tough enough to run big rapids, a boulder filled creek, with the ability to hold a good two weeks worth of gear...a very good boat.


    REVIEW UPDATE July 31, 2014 I love a happy ending don't you?…

    Submitted by: paddler235752 on 7/31/2014
    July 31, 2014
    I love a happy ending don't you? I received a phone call from Mr. Bill Swift himself, the owner of the company - we spoke at length - Mr. Swift was not aware of the defect in the mould, in fact he has a Dumoine and he went to look at it to see for himself. The mould has since been repaired and I have been compensated fairly for my problems. It matters a great deal to me that Mr. Swift stood behind his products and provided me with good customer service, especially because it's a Canadian company - and Mr. Swift also felt it was important that I loved my canoe and I that I really do.

    Now I like the company again and my faith has been restored - mistakes were made and I feel confident that Mr. Swift is addressing them and that Swift Canoe and Kayak is indeed the reputable company I have always known them to me.

    In the end, I would buy another Swift canoe and I would recommend to my friends to shop at Swift Canoe and Kayak for a quality Canadian canoe - you can count on. I am very happy that I can brag about my canoe and the company that built it!

    Initial Review
    July 17, 2014 -- Initial Rating: 5
    We just bought a new Swift Dumoine Composite canoe. The canoe itself is awesome, the design is beautiful and it handles very well. The Dumoine is the modern prospector. It is a lightweight and maneuverable canoe made for rivers and expeditions. We chose a champagne color and love the look of it. The canoe was built for us. We drove to the factory to pick it up, a 7 hour drive - shipping was way too expensive. We are planning a cross Canada expedition and needed the right canoe for the task, after trying it out on a rough lake, it looks like it will handle the voyage very well.

    The reason we are giving this product such a low score, is not because of the product itself, it's because of the problems we encountered, we do not feel we were well treated by Swift. This is what happened...

    We had to pay upfront before having the canoe built. After driving 7 hours to pick up the canoe, I noticed their was a bump under the rail on the side of the canoe. We were told that there was nothing that could be done - "the defect is in the mold". Long story short... After many emails and arguing.... Swift will - finally - replace the defective canoe. This was not a good experience. Not what we expected for a high end canoe retailer. We would not buy another or recommend a Swift canoe because if you have a problem with it, the company does not make it easy or handle things fairly, in my opinion.

    Although the canoe itself is great, dealing with the company, even spoke once to Bill Swift himself, was NOT a pleasant experience.

    As much as I wanted to give a positive review, I could not - to me customer service is very very important.

    See my entire review on my website:

    Have one very full season on…

    Submitted by: daggermat on 11/13/2006
    Have one very full season on my Dumoine in royalite. Bought it to use tandem on cl 1-3 rivers, which it has handled quite well, although a bit wet in the upper 2 and 3, which is to be expected. Good combo. of straight line and turning ability. Now my son has been soloing our Dagger 15' reflection, and I have found the Swift to be a decent solo canoe for this 6'2", 210 lb. paddler. Handles beautifully as this video will show.

    I have paddled numerous…

    Submitted by: paddler230457 on 1/23/2004
    I have paddled numerous designs and put many miles on my paddles and I feel that there is no better design in the industry for a multi-purpose canoe than the dumoine. River, Lake, Solo, or Tripping it's not the best design at just one purpose but if you like to do it all than the Dumoine is your best choice!! If you lean a little more towards white water than buy a royalex Dumoine. If you do 50% white water and 50% lake tripping with portages than save some weight and pick-up a royalite Dumoine. If you do a little river playing from time to time but spend a little more time on lakes than buy an expedition Kevlar Dumoine. AMAZING CANOE!!!

    This is the second spring…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2003
    This is the second spring whitewater season for my Royalex Swift Dumoine. I also own a rather battered, nearly 20 year old Old Town Tripper that I have used in whitewater for years. I paddle up to class III, mostly day trips, but usually several overnight trips each year as well. Last spring our big trip was the Bonaventure in Quebec. I paddle both boats tandem and solo, although I have to admit that the Tripper is getting to be more of a challenge paddled solo on longer trips as I get older.

    What prompts me to write was a trip down the Eel in southern New Brunswick after work one evening a few weeks ago. I would rate that river as a challenging class II that day due to the high, cold water and the almost continuous nature of long stretches of rapids with large waves. The water was as high as I have seen on that river. I was paddling my Dumoine, tandam, and my Tripper was also with us paddled by a skilled crew. It was interesting to compare the performance of the two boats.

    Verdict - The Dumoine was more manouverable and required less bailing. This was even though the crew of the Dumoine weighed about 140 lbs more than the crew of the Tripper. The Tripper is just a bit over 17 feet, the Dumoine is about a foot shorter. The Dumoine is asymmetrical in several respects: More rocker in the bow than stern, Higher bow than stern,The widest point is closer to the stern than the bow.

    Several other interesting aspects of the Dumoine: The hull has significant flare, making it shed waves well. The hull is much rounder in cross section than the Tripper. In contrast, the Tripper has quite an abrupt transition from vertical side to flat bottom. The effect of this appears to be much improved behavior in the Dumoine entering and exiting eddies compared with a certain shakiness in the Tripper when agressively entering strong eddies.

    The Tripper oilcans quite a lot. The Dumoine has a very rigid hull for a plastic boat. This is due to its more rounded bottom and because it is reinforced in critical areas with an extra layer of ABS. In fairness, the Dumoine is also a lot newer. In contrast the Tripper is a classically conventional design – not surprising since it has been produced for well over 20 years.

    For paddling solo whitewater, the Dumoine is a very pleasant boat to paddle. Its manouverable, very capable in big waves. Although clearly smaller than the Tripper, paddled tandem, the Dumoine successfully carried way too much stuff down the Bonaventure in the Gaspe of Quebec for 5 days last spring.

    Both canoes work well on flat water. The lower bow on the Dumoine makes it easier to handle on lakes in wind. I'm very pleased with the Dumoine. It is well made and nicely finished. My only negative comment would be that I did shorten the seat spacers to raise the seats and kneeling thwart when setting up the boat for myself and my big feet.


    I purchased my Dumoine two…

    Submitted by: paddler230082 on 3/31/2003
    I purchased my Dumoine two years ago as a used rental. I had rented many different canoes over the years for whitewater trips and had enjoyed paddling in the Dumoine. I am very satisfied with the canoe throughout many trips since purchasing.

    It has handled up to class 4 whitewater, as well as large waves and heavy winds. I primarily use it as a 5 day tripper on rivers but do some longer flatwater trips as well and throughly enjoy this boat.

    With great primary and secondary stability as well as good tracking abilities it is a great all around canoe. I cannot think of any improvements that would make this great canoe any better.


    I too have a Dumoine and love…

    Submitted by: paddler229206 on 4/30/2001
    I too have a Dumoine and love it. I have just had some dealings with the Canadian company to get some parts to repair mine after an exciting day on the Arkansas River near Salida. They were very helpful and courteous. I have nothing but good things to say about Swift.

    I think your complaints about your spacers reflect the attitude of a very litigious American society. It is too easy to blame the company if you kill yourself canoeing (or doing anything else). The Dumoine is paddled by thousands who like the spacers the way they are. If you are doing something extreme and need to alter things then just do it. Don't threaten companies with lawsuits if they don't make it your way. When you buy the gear you pick it the way it is. Any alterations you make become your problem. Let me pose a question. What if your spacer alteration affects the lateral integrity of the canoe and it collapses from side to side now that you have raised one of the stiffening elements by 2 1/4". In your ensueing lawsuit is it your fault or theirs? What if some kid paddling on a lake in your altered canoe upsets as a result of the higher C of G and drowns? Whose fault is that? Yours for lending him the canoe? The company for the untested modification that they tacitly approved by providing you the parts? I suggest that you forget the lawsuit stuff and take responsibility for your own actions. We must adopt a more responsible approach to these kind of activities as individuals or companies like Swift, Chouinard, Perception and Wild Country will stop making the tools we need to enjoy the sport. Already the threat of lawsuits has raised the prices of much of this equipment to unreasonable levels.


    I replaced my Old Town…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/3/1999
    I replaced my Old Town Tripper (which I sadly had to part with some months ago) with a new high tech boat from the Canadian manufacturer Swift Canoe & Kayak. I bought the boat from their US reps., Quality Composites in Janesville, WI. (http://www.qualitycomposites.com/). These guys from Janesville are first rate. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Not retailers... boat builders. I felt very comfortable with them... much more than I did with Swift corporate in Canada... but more on that later.

    The boat is a John Winters design... asymmetrical Royalex with a high bow and low stern. The purpose is to handle whitewater waves while tracking well on flatwater. It is also asymmetrically rockered... 4.25" bow, 2.5" stern... again... whitewater maneuverability coupled with good flatwater tracking... a seemingly inconsistent pair. Does it work?

    After some creeking to get used to the boat... narrow channels and fast water w/ tight turns and lots of strainers, we took the boat down 90 miles of the Namekagon/St. Croix riverway. We loaded the boat with tons of expedition gear... we felt stupid for taking so much! Nevertheless we had lots of freeboard and the boat was surprisingly quick. She handled very responsively in the 3 mph current. We met a couple of lightly loaded 17 and a half footers along the way and had no trouble keeping up with them.

    During the first three days of the trip we had to fight wind. Big winds. On day 2 we had tunneling winds over 40 mph with sustained winds of 25-30 mph. The river kicked up waves higher than the haystacks we encountered on the rapids near the Kettle River. Some of the waves were actually breakers curling over top with a crashing sound. We quartered into them and rode over them with no problem.

    I used an angled power stroke to correct for the slight weathervaning in the high winds. The boat responded perfectly. The highly flared bow shed rough water and we didn't take on a drop. That low stern kept us in a straight line with minimal correction. I was really surprised.

    The rapids on this riverway are not very threatening. Mostly easy stuff... a couple of ledges (we hung up on one)... but a lot of water moving pretty fast through Wisconsin rocks... so if you screw up bad things can happen. To test her we ran the right side of the St. Croix where the Kettle River joins it. This is a very quick section with fairly long sections of Class 1-2 water

    The Dumoine was a delight to paddle in fast water. I could immediately tell that this boat would handle a lot rougher water than I was testing her on. She turned very fast and shed rocks with ease. That rocker really allows her to turn well. I took the Dumoine out unloaded to where the Snake River joins the St. Croix. The junction is a jet with some very very fast water flowing into the St. Croix at a 90 degree angle. It was a good place to test the canoe's ability to peel out of an eddy with a pronounced eddy line. A cross-draw and a little lean and the Dumoine shot across the eddy line and peeled out into the Snake's jet-like current. Perfect.

    The Dumoine has many little features you will love... curved seats, big thick grab bars... excellent gunwales... well crafted hull. Ours had a nice kneeling thwart... and there came my one complaint... not about the boat... but about the company.

    I e-mailed Swift to request a smaller spacer on the kneeling thwart because it was too low for my feet constituting an entrapment hazard. I wanted to get some spacers that were about 3/4" long instead of 3 1/2" long. They quoted me a price of about $20 US. I said OK even though I thought that was pretty steep for two little pieces of wood. Later I got a curt phone call on my answering machine saying that they would not fill my order and for me to cut my own existing spacers. I had earlier told them that I didn't have tools, the skill, nor the desire to cut my own spacers. They dropped me like a hot potato with a phone message over a safety issue on factory installed equipment. This is inexcusable. Mr. Bill Swift ought to fire some folks and get his company into the 20th century.

    In today's world, you NEVER ignore a customer-initiated safety request that is genuine and demonstrable. That is the formula for killing a customer and getting a company killing lawsuit from the dead paddler's family.

    The Dumoine is a superior boat made by a company with a confused sense of service to the customer. They talk a good service game but didn't produce for me.

    *** UPDATE 8/99 ***

    Inspired by a comment I received from a paddling.com reader/reviewer, I sent an e-mail to the Swift company President asking him to read the Dumoine review. I was very quickly contacted by a representative from Swift. He expressed Swift's concern about the problem I encountered. He apologized and reiterated Swift's commitment to superior service and quality. I felt he was sincere and genuinely convinced that service is important to Swift.

    He arranged to have the spacers cut for me and sent along a Swift T-shirt to boot. I wanted to pay for them but he insisted that Swift absorb the cost. The spacers were well cut and included hardware as well... a nice but unexpected touch.

    I noted that the spacers had a compound angle cut on the bottom and a bevel on the top. If I had cut them myself, I would have missed the subtle top bevel. It pays to let the manufacturer do this kind of work. They know their product much better than a novice does.

    Anyway, Swift did give me satisfaction thanks to a little boost from paddling.com and its readers!

    ****End of update******