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The Flight is a kayak brought to you by Sun Kayaks. Read Flight reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Flight Reviews

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a w-shaped hull makes this...

a w-shaped hull makes this boat different from any other. 12.5' long, 22" wide. supremely stable and just enough rocker to make it turn on a dime. straight tracking even without using the skeg. big fore & aft compartments fit enough gear for a weekend of island camping and seal tight against water intrusion - good for buoyancy. indestructible plastic construction. only 40#. great for coast & lakes; fantastic for rivers. not as fast as longer boats but still tons of fun. great fit for a petite female.

I recently bought a Sun...

I recently bought a Sun flight kayak from ebay. I would say its a crossover tourer/ surf and even whitewater kayak. It's a Canadian make and I understand the firm was taken over by Riot kayaks. It is very similar to the Riot stealth in design. The one I have is 12.5 foot long with a detachable skeg. It is made from Xytec which is makes it very strong and lightweight.

The Sun Flight is a remarkably convenient kayak designed with the lighter paddler in mind. I am 5ft 10, 13 stone and it is really too small for me. My size 10 feet are squashed unless I turn them at an angle and reach the last peg on the adjustable footrests.However,if I sit in it like a whitewater kayak it is great fun to paddle and fast. Easy to roll and edge!

First impression & handling: This odd-looking shallow arch hull (referred to by some as a "hybrid" or "crossover" style) pushes you upward, and causes you to sit somewhat high. It feels tippy at first. It moves through the water fast. I took it about 4 miles along Morecambe Bay and was surprised by the speed I could gain quite easily. Its unique chanelled hull shape ensures straight tracking regardless of wind or waves in a wide variety of conditions.Therefore, I took the detachable skeg of it.

Overall, the Sun flight is a kayak suitable for novice that provides room for skill improvement. Its light weight and short length allow for easy transportation.

I’ve been in a lot of...

I’ve been in a lot of boats, so when I first paddled a Flight at a demo day I knew this was a boat that could do a lot of things well. This was also the first boat my wife ever paddled that she felt immediately comfortable in. So we each bought one. I have paddled mine on ponds, lakes, tidal bays, and rivers from flatware & quickwater up to Class III whitewater.

The good: Xytec Rules! Stiff, durable, light. I’ve run it over rocks that would put nasty gouges in most plastic boats, but barely show on this. The boat has only fair initial stability, but is rock solid on edge. I can edge it 75 degrees without a brace. It is comfortable in most conditions for my size (5’6”, 160 lbs.), but may feel tight for larger paddlers. It tracks like it is on rails, and is fast for it’s length. It turns very well on edge, and even maneuvers fairly well on whitewater, provided you lean it enough and economize your paddle strokes. I’d take this boat almost anywhere. The drainplugs make unplanned swims much easier to deal with…such a simple idea, but you never see these on anything but whitewater boats…why?

The bad: The hatch and bulkhead (in the rear only on my model) is only fair as far as outfitting goes, not watertight at all, just water resistant. Also, the boat drafts pretty deep due to the shape of its hulls…I would hit subsurface rocks in this boat that I would float over in most other boats. The foam center pillar is not well-secured…and it gets in the way anyway, so I ripped it out. The footpegs are merely adequate. The seat is OK for day trips, but gets uncomfortable over long hours.

Overall, one of the most versatile kayaks on the market, perhaps the most versatile in this price range. Of course, the price is somewhat reflective of the outfitting, I think.

This is the 3rd kayak I...

This is the 3rd kayak I have purchased, the Flight is great on open water and rivers, great tracking! Good for smaller paddlers like myself, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over 5'5".