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Storm Paddle ISIGAA

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Storm Paddle ISIGAA Description

This storm paddle has based on the ISIGAA paddle design, only its loom is shorter – only two fists wide. has diamond shape and no shoulders. Diamond shape gives more cant and smooth loom to blade transition allows better hand slides during roll. Isigaa is based on the shape and size of a traditional greenland paddle. Blade tips are round and as wide as the blade. The standard material is western red cedar (Thuja plicata) – lightweight and beautiful wood, which generally does not rot. Pine strips on the loom is our “trade-mark” which adds stiffness to the paddles. As a finish, East Pole Paddles oils the paddles with tungoil. Wooden paddle treated with oil feels very natural and warm in your hands. Good grip is guaranteed, even when the paddle is wet. Historically, storm paddle had the primary use with strong winds: while using full sliding stroke, lower blade is deeply in the water and only little part of the upper blade is exposed to the wind. Today, storm paddles are widely used as a spare paddle. But there is considerable amount of paddles who use storm paddle and sliding stroke for their everyday paddling. Using a greenland paddle is gentle to your muscles and joints and decreases fatique. It is silent and you put less effort in each stroke. Bracing and rolling are easier than you ever thought they could be.

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Storm Paddle ISIGAA Reviews


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Storm Paddle ISIGAA Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Western Red Cedar - Every piece of wood is different. They come with different density, weight and color.

Additional Attributes

  • standard length is 180cm. Other lengths on request

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Storm Paddle ISIGAA Reviews

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