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Pointer K1 Kayak - U233

  • 28 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 349.99 MSRP

Pointer K1 Kayak - U233 Description

The Pointer K1 Kayak - U233 is a kayak brought to you by Sevylor. Read Pointer K1 Kayak - U233 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Pointer K1 Kayak - U233 Reviews

Read reviews for the Pointer K1 Kayak - U233 by Sevylor as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Happy with my inflatable Pointer k1 kayak

Once you get beyond what an inflatable Kayak can offer both in their advantages and disadvantages over a rigid construction kayak, then you can enjoy the benefits and cope/live with the negatives.
Once you have inflated the K1 once the next time is easier and quicker, no problems will likely occur as long as the pressure is up to the right level. (don't overinflate) The Boston valves are good but not all the valves are Boston ones, note the seat is more comfortable if the lower section seat part is only part inflated, imo.
The orange colour of my k1 with graphics is smart looking and with a sturdy rubberised material on the bottom appears durable although I take care of, as best I can, the investment by not dragging it over rocks sharp edges on launch and retrieval.
I have used the pointer on protected sea river and sea close to shore in the English Channel.
Tracking due to the Skeg and strakes on the underside help with pointing in one direction but in a headwind and rougher water this is a chore but then it is not a rigid boat even with the 2 panels at the front end each side to add stability.
I waterproofed the top deck material with a wax impregnated tent proofing spray which has done the trick over 3 years now.
I don't use the spray deck as I like the open cockpit approach which is perfect in good weather.
Other good points include an underside drain plug and adjustable foot rest and x3 separate inflatable chambers. Down point kayak lifts up at the front in a headwind but remedied somewhat with weight on the front to keep the nose down. Overall construction Weight is not light, so after a bit of a walk the kayak and accessories are not so much of a pleasure to move; I believe newer carry cases supplied by Sevylor fit the backpack design which is infinitely better than the supplied one sided carry bag.
So overall, pleased with my purchase, which is still looking good and fun to use, 3 years on.

My personal experiences...

My personal experiences with the Sevylor Pointer included plenty of good and bad. My first inflatable, it was simple to set up, took little time to inflate, and was equally easy to pack up when done. Transportation was simple, which would have made it a great second kayak to keep in the car for impulse trips and short weekends. Stability was low, as expected; but on the other hand, it was nicely lively, and great for surfing small waves and boat wakes on large lakes and near-shore waters (in my case, Puget Sound). Great on calm water, it was reasonably stable on moderately rough water. Not fast, but comfortable and pleasant for spending the day just leisurely paddling around.

On the bad side, it simply did not hold up. Within less than 3 months of use, the seams started to come apart - not tearing, just detaching. Worse, warranty service was pretty much out of the question. Response was slow, and the shipping cost would have been roughly half what I originally paid for the kayak. Aside from that, poor drainage made it difficult to dry out after use, and mildew is always a major problem in this climate.

I would consider buying it again if the construction quality and warranty service were better; but as it stands, it was a waste of money.

I bought my Sevylor Pointer K1 more than 3 years ago. The advantages…

I bought my Sevylor Pointer K1 more than 3 years ago.
The advantages of this kayak are that you can bring everywhere (20kg package - a "big box"), 10 minutes to pump up it, it has a very big storage (inside of the kayak is opened so you can use the full place there) and it is very stable.

It was my first kayak so I had not have experience about the speed. However it is not a racer kayak. It is too wild for this. But if you are fit, it can be quick. (I was racing with a grass-snake once and I won...)

The disadvantage of this kayak is the draining. It is terrible! You have to drain it for 4-6 hours (if you put out the bottom buoyancy chamber [where you sit] and clean it inside with a towel). So you have to have a place where you can live it after that you used. (It could be at home or next to the water too. I used to do that when I finished my kayaking I made my lunch/dinner on the coast and during this time the kayak was draining. When I arrived at home I left it (in opened form) in a safety place for 2-3 days.)

However a towel to dry inside the kayak is highly recommended. Because it can mold inside if you do not drain it. One of the reason of this that you can not open the top. This kayak has two zips on the front but it is not working well and if you use the hole on the end, it will not mean that it is drain - some water will stay inside.
The draining was one of the biggest reason that I bought later a Sevylor Colorado - which is opened, and after a sit on top kayak.

In summary: this kayak is very stable and performance is quite good. However a huge disadvantage of the Pointer is that it can not drain easily.

The wife and I now have 2...

The wife and I now have 2 inflatable kayaks. Started with a Stearns Yukatat, which is OK, but now we have a comparison I'd have to say the Pointer is far better.

Everything about it feels more like a "real" solid boat, whereas the Stearns is basically a rubber ring in a boat shaped bag. This is easy to set up, tracks pretty well through the water and feels like it moves along pretty swiftly. Not had it long but very happy so far.

Duckies fit my storage...

Duckies fit my storage space and my budget and are light enough for me to cart about. I had a more canoe-like boat last year, but admired the Pointer.

So how is the Pointer?
Compared to a Rio, it is very fast. It can actually glide. It is nearly immune from wind. It sets up with few pump strokes. It does track nicely. And it has not much room for my legs - I am 5' 12" so go figure.

It is not perfect. I will guess the Stearns Cordova is faster and better. I do plan to upgrade. But the little Pointer is pretty good, and it is cheap too! I give it an eight.

Pointer K1 Kayak - U233

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