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Sherpak Boat Roller

Sherpak Boat Roller Description

Heavy-duty suction cups mount reliably to car tops or car glass, to offer a quick easy solution for a single person to load a boat to a car top. This personal boat-loading assistant eliminates the battle for solo car-top boat loading. Heavy-duty suction cups mount reliably to car tops and glass. 2 mounting angles compatible with most vehicles. Closed cell foam gently cradles boat during loading.

Sherpak Boat Roller Reviews


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Additional Attributes

  • Dimensions: 6.75in upright H/2.75in 90 degree H x 27in W

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Sherpak Boat Roller Reviews

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Unless you put in on a…

Submitted by: blippold on 6/26/2018

Unless you put in on a perfectly flat section of the rear window, the suction cups won't stick even after cleaning and wetting the surface. I could only get it to stick in the center of the rear window which doesn't work for me since I mount my boat toward either the left or right of center. Besides, I have a short roof mounted antenna right in the center which would be in the way even if I tried to make it work in the center.


Purchased online from REI and…

Submitted by: Alie223 on 9/23/2014
Purchased online from REI and had it shipped to Canada but I hate to say it will be going back. The metal tubing seems flimsy and is only secured with a couple of screws. The locking suction cups were of a hard plastic as opposed to a more flexible rubber so it did not secure itself to my rear windshield very well at all and it fell off even after I cleaned both the window and the suction cups. This will be going back and I'm back to looking for an alternative assisting device.

I give this a 6 on the basis…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2014
I give this a 6 on the basis of it being a great idea -- hopefully there are people out there for whom it works better than it has for me. I have to load and unload my kayak on my own, so I'm on the lookout for anything that might help. This one, so far, has not.

Part of the problem is that I have a great Yakima bike rack on the back of my car, so I can't use the back window for the Sherpak and loading my kayak. But even when I tried using the side of the car (the Sherpak can be angled in two different ways), the weight of the kayak knocked it off the car windows. And I seriously DID wash the windows first, so that should not have been the problem.
I may try it one more time but, unless I have much better luck, I'll be returning mine.