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  • $ 169 MSRP

Rollerloader Description

The Rollerloader’s patented design makes it easy for one person to quickly top their vehicle with their favorite piece of sporting equipment without scratching their car. It’s simple design and operation enables you to easily load your boat without having a permanent attachment on the car or rack. The Rollerloader is independent of the car rack system & quickly attaches to your vehicle using two vacuum suction cups and two anti-slip straps. The Rollerloader can be mounted on the back or front of the car, whichever is lower and easier to lift to. The Rollerloader can even be used as a dolly! The Rollerloader works on all Types of cars, wagons, and SUV’s !!

Rollerloader Reviews


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Additional Attributes

  • Loads from the front or back of the vehicle
  • Attaches to the vehicle in seconds
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Works with any rack system
  • Weighs less than 10lbs

Recommended Usage

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing, Kayak Fishing

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Rollerloader Reviews

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Cracked my windshield on...

Cracked my windshield on first use. For the price of the loader and windshield I could have bought a new roof rack system.

We purchased the...

We purchased the RollerLoader to help us lift two 10' SOT Perception Kayaks to the roof racks on our 4wd pick up cap. The truck is 7' tall so it was quite a chore putting them up there. The RollerLoader worked just as advertised and made the loading a breeze. I would recommend it for anyone looking for an easier way to load their boat.

One of the best...

One of the best investments I've ever made. It's saved my back and still going strong after about 6 years. Durable and works as intended. Highly recommend.

This has been a great...

This has been a great device - very helpful in loading my canoe on my Forester. I put it on the hood of the car (using foam padding under the metal bar keeps it from scratching the hood.) It holds the boat well when flipping it, & glides the boat overhead to the roof rack w/ amazing ease. I still have an extra set of hands w/ me to do this, but the actual workload is light.

Gizmo=$149, shipping=$15, reliable freedom= PRICELESS!!!This is the best investment I have made…

Gizmo=$149, shipping=$15, reliable freedom= PRICELESS!!!

This is the best investment I have made lately for my yakking gear! I am a 5'5" woman with shoulder issues, and the loader has made my going to the lake on my own a breeze. Absolutely great item!

The 'roller loader' from...

The 'roller loader' from Amagensett Beach & Bicycle Co. has been a great addition to my kayaking equipment. It works well, especially for those of us of shorter stature, for putting on and/or taking your boat off your vehicle. It takes up very little space in your car or garage and is well made. It can also be used to wheel your boat to the water. Highly recommended!

I purchased the...

I purchased the RollerLoader to help me get the WS 145T (approx 65lbs) on top of the car by myself. It worked great. The tubular bars are welded for added strength. It comes completely assembled and ready to use out of the box. The straps are strong, suction cups grip tightly. Instructions are easy to understand. Works as well as a kayak cart, also. I moved my kayak from garage to street...90 feet on concrete, did not have a problem. I pulled the yak behind me. I have not tried it in gravel or sand, but that will not be a problem for me. Customer Service is great also. It’s worth the more back / neck problems.