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  • 9' 9" Length
  • 34" Width
  • $ 999.99 MSRP

Namaste Description

Whether it's a parent with a kid, and session of Yoga, or the kids using the board as a dive platform, the Namaste fits the needs of paddling families perfectly. The Namaste has unique non-chaffing pad that eliminates rash from doing yoga moves (or simply sun tanning or messing about on board as many families do). The deck is lightly concave from tip to tail increasing balance, giving you a more positive feel while in movement, and reducing wobble. This same recess makes it easier for children (and dogs) to stay comfortably on board while paddling. The wide rounded nose also increases stability, while the light V in the nose reduces wave slap when paddling making for a more comfortable ride without reducing that "classic surf shape" feel.

Namaste Reviews


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Namaste Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Length: 9' 9"
  • Center Width: 34"
  • Volume: 255 liters
  • Board Thickness: 5"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic
  • Material Description:

    Tough-Stuff epoxy construction

Namaste Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Hull Shape: Planing
  • Special Characteristics: Yoga
  • # of Fin Boxes: 1

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: All-Around
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Open Water/Ocean, River/Creek (Up to Class II)
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult

Where to Buy the Namaste

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Riot Kayaks
Namaste Reviews

Read reviews for the Namaste by Riot Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

The feature of the Namaste...

The feature of the Namaste that I appreciate the most is the small size. I drive a Honda Civic and this paddle board fits well if I flip the back seat down. Another great product from Riot Kayaks. It's hard to imagine trying to squeeze a massive paddle board into the back of my car; it would make outings so much less enjoyable.

We live in a lake...

We live in a lake community. Lost of kayaks, canoes, paddleboard etc. Lots if variety to test out. A neighbor had this particular sup. A lot of inflatable because its easier to store in the winter months. I have to say. After trying this board I am reconsidering my initial convenience factor. The board gave me excellent balance and i really felt stable on it. The inflatable kind had a completely different feel. Will be getting one of these next season. .

It looks beautiful! This...

It looks beautiful! This kayak is an adventure



Love this board. The whole...

Love this board. The whole family tried it and we all thought that it was a great product.

Love the products look,...

Love the products look, design, weight, and performance on the Ottawa river. Stable and stylish! :)

Awesome. I love...

Awesome. I love everything about this stand up paddle (SUP) board. Love the size, color, balance, and its multiple uses. You can not only use it for the obvious, but for many other uses such as a board to do your yoga moves or as a raft to hang out in the pool on...or even a table top to enjoy your lunch. It's stable so how about yoga moves while in the water? Now, that would take some balance! Once you get to know the board and you integrate it into your fun and workout routine, the Namaste becomes an extension of you. Lots of fun and a great way to get your exercise.

I'm in love with the...

I'm in love with the crossover paddle board/kayak conversions. The biggest issue is the storage and dry bag ease. Also, paddle options.

Vibrant, fun, stable,...

Vibrant, fun, stable, affordable, light-weight and easily transportable board! Happy buyer :)

Great and good kayak

Great and good kayak

More stable, easier...

More stable, easier transport.

Excellent..just the right...

Excellent..just the right amount of support, love the width, clean lines, smooth and provides great workout which I love...feels comfortable, and trustworthy..

It's a beautiful board and...

It's a beautiful board and so stable. So much fun.

It is so awesome. The...

It is so awesome. The color pink is so beautiful and its so comfortable. The material its made from will last for years to come.

Love them! Easy to handle...

Love them! Easy to handle even for someone new to the sport.

I have used the Namaste...

I have used the Namaste kayak and it was an amazing experience. It’s large and comfortable and provides a smooth kayaking experience! Plus the look of these are super sleek!

I was able to try one of...

I was able to try one of these on vacation. I am very balance challenged, and this gave me a broader base to help stabilize me. It's very fun to look at, and I would be proud to own one. It's lite enough for me to handle on my own, but heavy enough to feel like a quality products.

This is a very good...

This is a very good kayak... Very durable... Very easy to work with

I won't lie, my first I...

I won't lie, my first I bought off of a Craigslist ad. I love Wade fishing and kayak fishing. I found that with my nomaste if I quietly pull it with me while I'm wading, it surves so many purposes. 1 it's smaller and easier to walk around with it instead of dragging my huge kayak behind me. When I start getting tired sometimes, I've walked out a little to far just to fight the water going all the way back just to rest. Especially when you are already in great fish. With my little nomaste I can simply jump on it, to not only rest, I can continue fishing instead of all the hassle of having to walk back to shore. Then when I am all done I just stay seated and slowly paddle my way back in. As I mentioned sooooo many purposes. It's super light compared to my big kayak, when I get back to my vehicle, it is just so easy to load and handle, without having to strain myself. After a long day of fishing, trying to load my bulky kayak is not only impossible its very easy to hurt yourself and damage your vehicle. That is one of the many great purposes to own a multi purpose, more comfortable than anything, A Nomaste. Couldn't be happier, but can't wait to get my first new and not used. I figure like buying a new car and having that new car smell, I get my new Nomaste smell.....

These kayaks are simply...

These kayaks are simply amazing! I went on a nice trip with a friend who owns one and I am so impressed

Outstanding platform to...

Outstanding platform to extend my balance on the solid ground to the ability to balance on the water. We need to keep busy and the Namaste is a terrific way to get exercise for me because I have limited mobility; and it also allows me to lay down and relax.

Great board for yoga...

Great board for yoga sessions. Stable, easy to handle and love the graphics!

The Namaste paddleboard is...

The Namaste paddleboard is every boarders dream! Definately 5 star material. The shape and feel of the board makes it perfect for all skill levels. The curved nose allows for smoothing tracking and simple handling in all types of surf. This is one of the few boards that I feel comfortable using with both my kids and my pets. The material is built to handle the wear and tear of use without compromising on comfort. You will be the envy of the waterway on this vessel.