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Riber Dulux SOT

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The Riber Dulux SOT is a kayak brought to you by Riber Products, Inc.. Read Riber Dulux SOT reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Riber Dulux SOT Reviews


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Riber Products, Inc.
Riber Dulux SOT Reviews

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This kayak is sold as a…

Submitted by: shipping on 9/29/2020
This kayak is sold as a bundle (paddle + skirt + kayak) for £329. Based on that alone it'll always be a good purchase with out a doubt....but if it's a good purchase for you? Well let's go on. This review is based on a 150kg 6ft male. I wanted a sit in kayak and I only had three options. The Riber Dulux, perception Sundance and, the riot quest 10hv. Now all these kayaks are designed mainly for flat water and slow rivers so I wasn't losing anything but picking the Riber in terms of getting outgrowing it because the same limitations would be the same for the perception and riot too. Outfitting - it's as basic as you can get seat wise no ergonomic design just a badly stuck on pad for your lower back and that's all. It does have adjustable foot rests which are nice to see at this price point. Design - now, this is something I'm not too fond of and it was what almost drove me away from buying this kayak. The Riber does not follow traditional kayak designs where by the front of the cockpit is raised to offer brace points for your knees. Instead the cockpit area is flat meaning you either lay your legs flat to keep them covered or your poking your knees up out the cockpit to get good bracing. Now as I said the idea of that did not appeal to me, but being a guy on the bigger side I had to try sitting in these kayaks to test them out and honestly the flat cockpit of the Riber made it easier to get in and out. Quality - overall the finish isn't that great with pin holes dotted around due to manufacturing flaws ( cosmetic only nothing that effects performance) the grade of plastic use is surprisingly better than I expected does not bend or flex that much and as I say I'm no spring chicken. Features - it has a recessed back section with bungie retention straps so a nice place to store a dry bag plus as it has scupper plugs in that section it does mean it'll take a sit on top trolley which is a bonus. Performance - now this is where this kayak has me. This kayak tracks really well. On sea it will easily drift but that's the downside to a wide kayak on waves, but rivers and flat water you can get a good pace going and not worry about having to correct your self constantly. Overall - if you are looking for a kayak to use every now and then or something to start off with then the Riber Dulux is a worthy choice.