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S:6 Description

The S:6 is a kayak brought to you by Pyranha. Read S:6 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

S:6 Reviews

Read reviews for the S:6 by Pyranha as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I got a second hand S6:F...

I got a second hand S6:F looking for a surfable boat, people said it would be too small to paddle out in big white waves. I have found this wrong, as it has no front, with quite a good rocker, you can get the nose up, and having no back; there is nothing for the wave to catch. I've surfed in 2-12 ft waves and never felt small in the boat department. The only trouble I find with the boat is the slow speed and lack of acceleration due to the shape, but I suppose you can't have everything.

I went out looking for a...

I went out looking for a good all rounder after a long lay off from paddling. After sitting in nearly every boat on the market I was given the chance of a test-drive in the s6:200. At 5'8" and weighing in at 205lbs I found it comfy but worryingly tight, but had such good fun in it that I bought it straight away! I've since found that the s6 has enabled me to play on the smallest of features, it will surf on a ripple. Both ends are easy to dip and it spins easily, however I found it quite a difficult boat to cartwheel. It has held up well in the surf at the local beach too.

However, for me playboating isn't enough on it's own, so I started taking my s6 on river runs. It's suprisingly quick given it's length and allows flat spells to be broken up with a bit of cart wheeling etc. Even though big bouncy rivers and large drops arew not exaclty what the s6 was designed for it handles up to grade 3 well. When the rivers start running fast though, it is difficult to stop the rear rails from catching and sending you out of contol, verticaly!!! I got caught out in one of the local gorges and came a right cropper. Since then I've bought a creek boat and just use the s6 for what it does best... Ripping up the local play spots.

If your looking for a good all rounder then there are better boats out there, but if it's full on radical play you want then you should definatly try an s6.

I had been on the prowl...

I had been on the prowl for a modern play boat (after a decade away from kayaking) when a nearly new Pyranha S6 turned up at a local shop. I am about 5'10", 145 pounds with size 11.5 (US) feet. It was a tight squeeze for me but I could just fit into it. I decided to buy it but I don't think I will be able to handle long sessions because I can't even wiggle my toes. I just wanted to advise anybody who is considering this model that they should try it before buying it if their feet are 11.5 or your legs are long.

Today was my first day in...

Today was my first day in this boat and for that matter my first day in a playboat. Ive only paddled a Dagger Gradient before and had exhausted the big creeker's play potential, so I went out and got an S:6. Just for the record Im a guide here in the New River gorge and with my discount a spanking new still in wrap S:6 cost me $736 w/ tax, so hit up all your guide buddies to hook you up. Back to the boat. I havent learned to cartwheel yet, but what I have done in this boat has been very enjoyable. Surfing is great, the boat stays loose on the wave allowing a playboat beginner (class V creeking aside) like myself to pull fast 360s in what were slow 180s in my creeker. Im paddling the larger 200 model and I can sink the bow and stern easily in flatwater with just a bit of momentum at my 185 lbs. I paddled today with absolutely none of the outfitting installed in the boat and it was still very comfortable. The only problem I have with this boat is entering and exiting the cockpit, but then again Im used to the big cockpit of a creeker. I havent done a wet exit yet in it, but it seems like it would be painful because of the tight fit. Hopefully I never will. The speed on flat water was better than I expected matching my 8 1/2 ft Gradient, however in current it was noticable slower but not bad. I wouldnt recommend this as a beginner boat but anybody with any sense knows that. Verdict: GREAT BOAT

Absolutely the best...

Absolutely the best playboat of 2002, period. I've owned or demoed almost everything and this is the one. Pyranha has managed to obtain "long kayak" performance while keeping the length ultra-short (the S:6 190 is 6-2, and the S:6 200 is 6-6).

The huge planing surface makes the S:6 surprisingly loose, much more so than my supposedly "loose" Dominatrix ever dreamed of. And beyond the planing surface, the bow and stern shoot up with plenty of rocker to keep those ends under control.

Fit and comfort are remarkable. I'm 5-9, 170 pounds, size 10 feet and I'm using the 190 even though I'm technically too heavy for it.

Some claim the S:6 does poorly on waves - not so. Some claim it doesn't cartwheel very well - they're wrong. Some claim it doesn't do anything but aerial moves - they're smoking crack. I'm having a great time doing everything, in any size of feature, and I'm learning all sorts of new things that just weren't possible for me in other kayaks.

My highest recommendation. Don't buy another playboat before demoing the S:6.

I am rather new to...

I am rather new to whitewater kayaking and started out in a Necky Zip. After padling it for a few weeks, I decided I needed a full-blown playboat because I knew that is what I got into this sport for. So I researched every boat I could and finally got a chance to sit in the S:6. All I could say was WOW! It was one of the smallest boats I had sat in but definately the most comfortable and I am 6'1, 185 lbs. So I ended up buying it around the beginning of May 2002. I have been very pleased with it, especially being just a beginner. It is a lot more tipsy than my Zip but it only took about a week (and several wet exits later) to get used to it. One thing I was happy about was it is the boat I ended up learning how to roll in. I couldn't roll the Necky Zip to save my life but the S:6 seemed a lot easier. I have had the chance to do a little surfing in the smaller stuff and it is a blast!! Very easy to paddle. Plus I love the adjustable ratcheting back rest. Just get in, crank it a few times, and you are in nice and snug. When I was learning to roll, I left my backrest pretty loose just in case of a wet exit and I had no problems getting out at all. If you are looking for a playboat, you have to at least demo this boat, you will love it (plus it is the best looking boat out there)!!!

I just got the S:6 200 and...

I just got the S:6 200 and it's a great playboat. I'm 5'9 and 165 lbs, shoe size 11. It's incredibly comfortable and the outfitting is great. although it's so short, it's quite fast, as the noes never digs and it stays quite high above the water. It is very forgiving in holes, and quite easy to get vertical. good spins too. definately demo this boat.

I took a full day class at...

I took a full day class at NOC in the s6 200. The boat was extremely comfortable all day. I am 5'10" and 200 lbs. and it felt roomier than my necky jive. All the "new" moves were made accesible to me, and it even rolled like a dream. A Great boat!

I got to take a peak and...

I got to take a peak and sit in this little playboat up at Diamond Brand in Asheville N.C., it is a great looking kayak. I am 6', 200lbs, 32" inseam and size 11eee(wide) feet and I fit perfectly the S-6 200. I could not fit the 190 at all. According to the shape and angles of the kayak design it looks to be a hot number on the whitewater this year. Shallow spots will be great in this kayak. The comfort for not paddling was great. Demo this kayak.