Prospector 14 Pack

Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Prospector 14 Pack Options

  • Kevlar Fusion

    28 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • Carbon Fusion

    26 lb
    Carbon Composite

    Prospector 14 Pack Description

    The Prospector 14 is the quintessential multi-purpose solo boat. A high-volume hull with moderate width but ample tumblehome, it features a high weight capacity for long distance trippers but offers the performance and feel of a sleek high-efficiency design. Quick to turn and easy to control, you can take your Prospector 14 out for an afternoon of fishing or photography, or you can load it for days or weeks in the backcountry. Available with multi-height seatpods to create two canoe-style setups, or as a Pack boat with a kayak seat and footbraces, the Prospector 14 is designed to give you a multitude of options for your next wilderness adventure.

    Prospector 14 Pack Specs and Features

    • Structure: Folding
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    Additional Attributes

    • Deluxe High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
    • Carbon Kevlar Gunwales
    • Carbon Seat Base
    • Composite Handles, Thwarts & Decks
    • Carbon Decks
    • Adjustable Kayak Foot Braces

    Swift Canoe & Kayak
    Prospector 14 Pack Reviews

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    I ordered mine from main…

    Submitted by: paddler2537315 on 12/27/2023

    I ordered mine from main store in Canada Carbon with beige bottom bar none best pac= boat on market carbon was incredible craftsmanship second to none expensive yes but worth every dollar we’ll balanced stable tracked well and also had track on bars that held my fishing rods unfortunately I had a garage fire that took my prospector 14 from me! Hopefully I’ll be able to get another one for I saved and waited for mine getting it last year a 2021 at great price due to Pandemic and delivery to Cleveland Ohio area had it out 5 times and people were blown away of it’s looks and lightness and it’s design and strength wanted to do you tube video but never got a chance: Bill Swift and Dave Yost keep it up your videos are great as well as your passion! And that shows in the Quality of your prouducts Your new colors are amazing! Hopefully I will once again be on the water in another Prospector 14 PAC for the Adirondack Mountains for a week this year won’t be the same without it Sincerely Vito Resse Parma Ohio


    After trying other solo…

    Submitted by: paddler549772 on 9/4/2019

    After trying other solo canoes, I found one that really works. I am 6'3" and weigh about 235lbs. I was steered towards other canoes that were simply too twitchy. Weight alone is not the sole factor one should consider when buying a boat. It is as important where the weight is distributed. Most of my weight is distributed from the waist up. There are allot of solo canoes that have optimal weight ratings around 260lbs, but not all can steadily carry that weight above the gunnels. Here is where the Prospector Pack 14 really shines. It is super stable and is a joy to paddle. It is not a speedster like the NorthStar Magic, but it moves right along. The fit and finish is the best I have ever seen. While the canoe is on the pricey side, it performs better than any other canoe I have paddled in 45 years (for a guy my size). I am done with tandems that are just too big or too heavy to handle. This canoe weighs around 30lbs in Kevlar fusion and is easy for me to take on and off the roof of my car. Being a pack boat you do sit lower but not as low as I initially thought. I can easily paddle it with a traditional paddle that is 3" shorter. I thought it was going to be too much like a kayak but really retains that canoe feeling. However, the boat really moves right along with a double paddle but make sure you get a paddle between 240cm-260cm. One last piece of advice, buy your canoe from someone that really knows the product. I bought mine from Raquette River Outfitters and they knew the moment they saw me what boat I needed. Great people!