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The Sea Gull is a kayak brought to you by Prijon Kayaks. Read Sea Gull reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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I live in Seattle. We have...

I live in Seattle. We have some of the finest salt water kayaking in the world here and in nearby British Columbia. I got this kayak as a replacement of the Kodiak. The Kodiak has more deck rigging and more storage space, but I found it too hard to turn and carry. It seemed like a big Cadillac where as the Seagull more seems like a Subaru Outback. I have taken my Seagull on week long kayak camping trips as well as on photography weekends with camping. This boat has not failed me yet. It turns on a dime even without the rudder down. It is sleek and fast through chop and medium swells. The upswift bow really helps keep me dry as it cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter. I added some deck rigging to both the front and back for my camping trips. The only downturn to this magnificent kayak is that Prijon sure skimped on the deck netting/rigging. This one is sure worth the price for any beginner to expert kayaker.

Basic info Me: Intermediate+ 88kg seakayaker (retired white water kayaker) Kayak: Millennium fibreglass in…

Basic info
Me: Intermediate+ 88kg seakayaker (retired white water kayaker)
Kayak: Millennium fibreglass in red/white, 505cms, 21kg

This kayak seems to be called the Millennium here in Europe, and as mentioned before, it is basically a fibreglass seayak. However, having paddled both (I own a Millennium, and often use the club seayak) there are differences.

Good points
Weight : The Millennium is lighter than the seayak, and therefore accelerates better, and is easier to carry about.
Stability : Both primary and secondary are good. I am not quite sure which level Prijon are aiming this kayak at, but I would say it is an intermediate boat. The stability would be ok for a beginner (slightly less than the seayak), but there are days that I would like a tippier boat
Rudder : The pedal system is the same as all other Prijons I have tried, and it is a great design, with solid mounts, so you can brace against them in heavy seas and when rolling without worrying (I have had others pop off when I needed them..)
Day hatch : I like these; although on this kayak it is really is nothing more than a bag hanging into the rear hatch, it is useful for small stuff, and for emptying water out of the rear compartment (see hatch comments).
Seat : For me the design works well, although the back support is a little short
Cockpit : The cockpit is large, so larger friends have found it a good fit, I am wondering about adding some padding.
Looks : I think it looks great, with a classic upturn to the prow, and sleek lines.

Bad points
Front volume : The prow seems to be a little lacking in volume, so it knifes into the waves in heavier seas, and they break over the front hatch. However this may be partly my weight, and the seat position. I have just moved the seat back about 5cms, so we will see if this helps. As it is I would not like to load the front compartment much. On the plus side, the low prow reduces the windage.
Rudder : This boat really needs a rudder, although it is manageable without, it weathercocks quite strongly, and it tracks more than the seayak, so it can't be turned with the paddle so easily
Hatches : They work better than I expected, but they do let in some water when I'm out practicing rolling. The straps on the front hatch tend to catch waves and create spray which blows back when in heavier seas. On the plus side, the hatch openings are large, so getting tents/pots etc in is really easy.
Deck fittings : The ones that are there are ok, although the rear carrying handle ends up under the rudder if you fit one ! I added more fittings behind the cockpit so I could add the bungee cord required to hold the paddle for a float-assisted re-entry. The front net/cords are not strong enough for this.

Summary: I am very happy with this kayak, although I can see me getting another in a year or two. Perhaps sooner, as my girlfriend is very keen on borrowing it! It's not perfect, but for the price it is a very good deal, ideal for a medium weight beginner/intermediate.

This is the fiberglass...

This is the fiberglass twin of the ever-famous Sea Yak. It is essentially identicle, other than a slightly lower deck and larger cockpit. I love this boat because it has the same characteristics I enjoy with my Sea Yak, plus it is lighter, sleeker and responds even better. It is well suited for beginner through advanced paddlers. I highly reccomend.