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CombiTour 359

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CombiTour 359 Reviews


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CombiTour 359 Reviews

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I have owned and paddled year…

Submitted by: Yaakker on 10/3/2011
I have owned and paddled year round a Combi for two years and couldn't be happier with it. It has huge water tight, DRY storage for it's size and has a deck hatch which is very useful. The adjustable seat, back & thigh pads are very comfortable and the footpegs adjust while your seated. I paddle it in small fast twisting rivers where it excells in it's handing and manuverability. It turns on a dime, edges easily and overall a fun boat to paddle. While not a fast boat, I'm never left behind! It tracks well enough with corrective strokes but does have a drop down skeg available that attaches without tools and works fantastic. It comes off in one minute (again with no tools) and will fit easily in the dry hatch. Although it is advertised to handle WW up to class 3 I have never had it in anything greater than class 1. At 6'1" and 190lbs I fit in it with room to spare. The boat is strong, solid and just well built.

I purchased a Combi in the WW…

Submitted by: paddler231641 on 5/18/2010
I purchased a Combi in the WW version about four years ago. This was my first step up from a recreational boat. I am very impressed with the HTP plastic, the aluminum seat braces, the adjustable seat, the hatch covers and the rigging. At 250 pound I am a snug fit in this boat but it works well for me. I have found that on flat water the bow does seem to plow as others on this site have mentioned. I also have trouble keeping it tracking straight even with the optional bolt on skeg. This boat really changes character when going down stream in a river, it's white water capabilities really shine. The boat is easy to roll and lots of fun to play with in creeks and rivers. The dry storage area is nice for day trips. I have since added more kayaks to my fleet but I still like to play with the Combi in creeks and I have used it to introduce several family members to the sport. My only complaint with this boat is that every time I lend it out I have a hard time getting it back.

My whitewater kayak is a…

Submitted by: CanoeDancing on 5/30/2007
My whitewater kayak is a Wavesport Diesel 75, my sea kayak is a P&H Capella 173. I want something in between so I can run moderate rapids easily and still have enough speed to keep up with tandem canoes on the river without having to hustle all the time.

The Combi fills the requirements quite nicely. It is very stable, plenty of freeboard and will carry my 220 plus day gear with no problem. The deck box day hatch is easy to work and holds quite a bit. It is neoprene sock however so not waterproof if you flip. It also heats up a lot during the day transferring the heat to anything in the compartment and to my legs. The rear hatch is excellent, dry, easy access and roomy. Plenty of space for minimal camping gear. The hatch is a standard Prijon hardshell over neoprene. After rolls and wet exit practice the stern hatch remained dry. The seat is adjustable fore and aft but won't go any further aft than mid point because it hits the backrest which is limited by the back cockpit rim. As a result it's not possible to move paddler weight further back to lift the bow enough to keep it from plowing. The back rest is adjustable with a cord and keeper and offers good lumbar support although the keeper gradually lets the line out so the seat back needs to be readjusted several times per day. The front of the seat itself is too high and hit my thighs causing discomfort after 3 hours of paddling. I tried several thicknesses of minicell to raise the buttocks high enough to relieve the pressure on the thighs. The footrests are adjustable, by turning the hand wand to mid point then moving the foot peg fore and aft with toe until it reaches the right position, then turn the hand wand to lock position. Foot pegs are sturdy and comfortable. There is plenty of room in the bow forward of the foot pegs for a couple 20L drybags.

On the Combi Touring model, which I have, the pegs are not rated for intensive whitewater use. The WhiteWater model has a forward bulkhead instead of pegs. The bow is fairly pointy but bulbous, so at any speed over slow cruising the bow pushes up a wave which makes it harder to maintain speed and causes the bow to want to wander. Backing off the speed until the bow wake recedes gives a fairly comfortable cruising speed and requires very little paddling effort to keep it there. As soon as you stop paddling the boat will wander to which ever side it was leaning when you stopped paddling, and the bow will veer more abruptly the faster you are coasting. There is a nice little glide at the lower speed. It only takes a couple power strokes to get the boat up to cruising speed, but that isn't very fast, and pushing only a slight bit more will create the noisy bow wake. The boat loves to ferry, forward or backwards. I am able to cross the river with a slight upstream ferry and a few well placed strokes.

The Combi turns fairly easily with a hefty lean, easier when underway. From a stop it takes 3 strong paddle strokes to turn 180. The rear hatch cover has 4 tie points for strapping on gear. The weight at 54 pounds (average of 4 weighings on bathroom scale) is a tad heavy for a whitewater kayak, certainly heavy for a 12 foot recreational kayak, but okay since this is in essence a 12' whitewater downriver boat. Thigh pads are easily adjustable to a variety of angles and positions. The bolt on wear strip in the stern is very rugged. I didn't purchase the bolt on skeg, but it seems an easy matter to use the (supplied) allen wrench to take out two screws and remove the wear strip and replace it with the bolt on skeg).

The Combi is a whitewater kayak that is recreational capable, for real. Compared to a "recreational kayak" that claims to be whitewater capable. A good boat for someone moving up from a recreational kayak to more whitewater and downriver use. I feel better about the weight knowing the Combi is made from recyclable plastic that doesn't use any of the agents that are harmful to the environment.


I bought the Combi 359 for…

Submitted by: paddler231959 on 3/16/2007
I bought the Combi 359 for its versatility. I haven't been dissapointed. I've paddled a few other boat brands and find the seat in the Prijon is my favorite. The boat fits me well making the joining of body and boat more natural than anything I've paddled before. This is a great boat for the weekend warrior who will be paddling everything from lakes to rivers with the occasional overnights along the water. In sum, the boat is exceptionally well thought out and designed. It handles responsively but tracks better than I had expected. Ultimately, it's made me a fan of Prijon boats.

The Prijon 359 Combi is the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2006
The Prijon 359 Combi is the third kayak we've purchased. The "snug" cockpit and stability are great, but could use a skag for lake and/or open water use. It takes a fair amount of work to keep the boat tracking straight on flat water and much more so on a windy day. In my opinion, the boat seems to "plow" through the water rather than "glide" like my other kayaks, a trait I'm not particularly fond of. The hull is a bit on the "rough" side, but the quality of the hardware, pedals, etc. make up for that.

My first Kayak after renting…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/18/2005
My first Kayak after renting several makes and models, the Combi is a delight. The multi-chine trihedral hull design makes it very easy to edge and it turns like a dream, however it also tracks very nicely on open water. The day storage hatch is well positioned and easy to access while underway. The adjustable seat and backbrace are quite possibly the most comfortable I've ever sat in, and the adjustable thigh brace and foot pedals make getting a snug fit to the boat a snap. The rear storage hatch is very well designed and I have yet to get as much as a drop of water in it. Although it seemed a bit tipsy at first, now that I've gotten used to it I couldn't be happier. This is a GREAT compromise between a straight touring boat and a whitewater craft. It is very agile in the high excitement white stuff, up to at least class III, yet tracks well enough and has plenty of room for a day trip or even an overnight expedition. I would definitely recommend this boat to anyone from novice to advance. By the way, I'm 6'3" tall and weigh 205#.