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The Crunch Rocket is a kayak brought to you by Point 65 Sweden. Read Crunch Rocket reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Crunch Rocket Reviews


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Point 65 Sweden
Crunch Rocket Reviews

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I recently purchased my Point…

Submitted by: paddler233503 on 3/17/2010
I recently purchased my Point 65 in Gosford Australia. Initially I wanted a slightly different model which was the Crunch RockeR with a higher level of maneuverability but a mix up in the store resulted in my purchase of a Crunch RockeT. In the first instance I was doubtful of the boat mainly because the manufacturer recommends an advanced paddler for the RockeT. I didn't want to wait more than 3 months for the correct model to arrive so went ahead and gave this one a go on the water. My first impression of the kayak was not good.

I was not up to paddling this boat even though I had wanted a lively interesting boat and was preparing to return it to the store. That night I made email contact however with Richard from Point 65 and with his encouragement decided to give it another go in more open water instead of a harbour creek on my own.

What a difference this made... with his great advice and a different approach on my part I realized what a great boat I had. I think mainly my mistake was to expect the boat to be too much like the white water boats I had most of my experience with.

Initial stability is not high compared to others and turning the boat takes a bit of practice; I really had no idea what edging was. Secondary stability is very good. The sacrifice of maneuverability is very much offset by the kayaks incredible speed. I can leave my friend behind effortlessly in his Dag Tiwok. So far I have not done more than a few short journey's with the boat of around four hours. I could see myself however paddling this boat endlessly for hours and still smiling at the end of the day it loves to go hard across any waterway. I have not loaded it yet but I feel the capacity would allow me to carry everything I could want over an extended trip. The three hatches are watertight after an impromptu capsize test (I told you I knew nothing about edging) The rudder can be adjusted from the seated cockpit position and lifted from the cockpit easily. The boat has two foam watertight bulkheads.

Finish standard is very high and is evident on all the Point 65 kayaks I looked at before my purchase. The carry handles on each end of the boat are very easy to lift with and comfortable. The seat is good but I could see myself thinking about a higher back support one day possibly. Cockpit size is good for me at 80kgs but I think a large paddler would find it a bit tight.

The assistance I received from Point 65 directly has been overwhelming. They even went to the trouble of sending me a DVD on maneuvering and steering a Sea Kayak by Nigel Foster. Richard's help has meant the difference for me between keeping the boat and returning it which I now know would have been a stupid decision. As he said to me this is a boat I will never outgrow......I absolutely love my Point 65 Crunch RockeT.
(I am 47yrs, 80kg, normal size male)