Pikatti Description

GEARLAB is proud to introduce their first norsaq, the Pikatti. The Aleut and Inuit people used norsaqs as a leverage tool to add power when throwing harpoons. The dwarf paddle sat on top of their kayak and also helped them roll when their Greenland paddle was dropped. Norsaqs - also known as rolling sticks, rolling pins, throwing sticks, atlatl, and woomera - are now rarely used as originally intended with harpoons, but they remain a tool used in many styles of Greenland rolls.

Pikatti means “companion” in the Inuit language and, indeed, this norsaq serves as a paddler’s partner for challenging rolls. The Pikatti retains the traditional Inuit shape, but utilizes GEARLAB’s modern composite carbon fiber to produce a strong, light, and buoyant norsaq. With its catchy GEARLAB logo, the Pikatti is certain to be a fun norsaq for rolling.

Pikatti Specs and Features

  • Material Description: 100% Carbon fiber

Additional Attributes

  • Greenland style rolling sticks
  • Designed and built for Greenland rolls
  • 100% continuous carbon fiber construction
  • Blade Dimensions (L x W): 44.8 x Width at top 8.3cm/ Width at bottom(grip area) 4.9cm

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I have purchased this…

Submitted by: oyvindbl on 11/27/2020
I have purchased this throwstick directly from Gearlab and it is really an outstanding piece. It feels good in the hand, works perfect for rolling, and matches my carbon greenland paddles. Now I just wish Gearlab had made a pocket for it on their paddle bags.