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Rhythm 14

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Rhythm 14 Description

The Rhythm 14 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read Rhythm 14 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Rhythm 14 Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Rhythm 14.

Rhythm 14 Reviews

Read reviews for the Rhythm 14 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Submitted by: paddler234515 on 2/18/2015
I LOVE THIS KAYAK!! After my Carolina 14 was stolen, I was in a hurry to get a sojourn caliber kayak from my nearest box store. The Rhythm was on sale for $459 and seemed to have all the right stuff.

The fully adjustable comfort zone seat is very comfy for paddles longer than 4 hours, the foot pegs adjust well and the kayak tracks like it is on rails. Despite not having hatch seals at the time, i went for a 4 day paddle and did manage to swamp out. But the hard covers did keep the rain out.

I will always be a perception guy, especially now that i have their logo tattooed on my leg, and urge the day tripper who wants an affordable explorer kayak to buy a Rhythm 14. Get a 1.7 spray skirt and go have a blast on any type of water.

Two thumbs up on this model


It was designed as a…

Submitted by: Wavespinner on 5/15/2008
It was designed as a single-purpose boat and I'll review it in that context. The mission is to go straight and paddle efficiently.
The hull is Swede form with plumb bow and stern, and no rocker. So, it optimizes speed for its dimensions. If you want a real speed burner, go longer and narrower.
There is no semblance of a keel molded in, so it does weathercock. It was meant for the pond, not open water, so no lost points here.
The knee pockets are very high, giving you the option of a racing position. Also makes it a little harder to J-lean or roll, should you want to avoid a wet exit and emptying all that water. However, a capsize is unlikely with its intended usage. Overall, the outfitting is pretty good. The construction is sturdy and of average build quality.

As far as I can tell, the only difference between this and the Cadence, its sister ship, is the deck height. If you can't find a Rhythm, try the Cadence, even though it was advertised for a smaller paddler. The deck is still high by normal standards.

The beam and hull design facilitate access to the water, even with high angle stroking. It's very enjoyable to paddle.
The listed weight is 42 lbs., which sounds about right. This makes it a nice little pocket rocket to toss onto the racks for a quick workout.
I'd guess it was discontinued because of insufficient market for a relatively short fitness boat checking out north of $1,500. This works to your advantage because you can find them used or on clearance very cheap.

If you're looking for a recreational boat or sea kayak, there are more suitable designs. But, if you enjoy paddling for the sake of paddling, this might be your ticket.


I love this kayak! This is…

Submitted by: paddler232389 on 11/17/2007
I love this kayak! This is the first kayak I have purchased, and I am extremely happy with it. The boat is extremely lightweight, so it is easy for me to put it in or take it out of the water by myself, even though the dock I use sits pretty high out of the water. For reference, I'm about 6'2" and 170 lbs. Once on the water, its speed and handling are amazing. I can keep up with joggers on the shore quite easily. The boat tracks nicely, and I agree with other reviews I've read which have said that even though a rudder does not come with this boat, it really is not necessary.

There are really only two drawbacks to this boat for me: for one, there are no bulkheads, so in the event the boat capsizes it will be a little more difficult to right and re-enter. I have mitigated this by stuffing a couple life jackets forward and aft of the cockpit to add some buoyancy. Second, there isn't much storage on this boat. The bungee cord aft of the cockpit works very well (I use it to strap down the two-wheel dolly I use to pull the kayak to and from the waterfront). And there's room to stuff things inside the boat, forward and aft of the cockpit. But, no watertight compartments to speak of. But, I guess that's not really what this boat was meant for.

If you're looking for a fun, high-performance kayak to take out for day trips, I would highly recommend this kayak. Personally, I couldn't be happier with it!


The Rhythm is a stable…

Submitted by: paddler231585 on 5/24/2006
The Rhythm is a stable racing-style kayak, not a traditional sea kayak. You won't find foredeck bungee cords, though there are several on the rear deck. There are no storage hatches or bulkheads, but there are blocks of closed-cell foam that run lengthwise under the deck for some structure. There are carry toggles on the bow and stern. The front of the seat is slanted upward to raise the thighs, and there's a gel seat pad for your bum. The back band has an adjustable ratchet system. There are foot pegs and some padded knee braces. The boat had no rudder or skeg, but it didn't need one; it tracked well. It also edged great when I engaged the knee braces. The foredeck has a specific place to attach your heart-rate monitor, so you can see it while you're paddling. Clever.