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Pacifica 12

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Pacifica 12 Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Pacifica 12.

Pacifica 12 Reviews

Read reviews for the Pacifica 12 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Interesting boat, this…

Submitted by: Oregonpaddler on 1/9/2009
Interesting boat, this Pacifica. I have the 12 foot model, bought from a dealer going out of business, paid $400, a $200 discount. Unfortunately, I can't get my money back.

Problem #1: This kayak will not track no matter what I try. Two other paddlers, one advanced, the other a novice, borrowed this kayak and experienced the same problem. Difficult to track while paddling and the instant you stop, the kayak veers sharply to the left.
Problem #2: The boat has a drop-down skeg, but it sticks in it's channel. It has to be pushed down by hand and the difference in tracking when it is down is not worth mentioning.
Problem #3: Due to the hull shape, this boat is a snowplow. There is no grace, finesse, or efficiency in the design of the bow. Granted, this is not a high-end boat. It is marketed as a recreational kayak, but it is very, very over priced. For a lot less money, an Old Town Voyager or WS Pamlico performs much better. Big edge to the Old Town.

Bottom line is this: If you want a kayak as an extra to loan out to friends, if you drink a lot of beer while you're paddling and don't know what a straight line is, if you can find one used for under $200, then this may be what you want. Offer $150. If the seller won't take it, then walk. This is one crappy kayak.


Plower! I bought this boat…

Submitted by: paddler232314 on 9/11/2007
Plower! I bought this boat over a year ago for my wife thinking it would be a good compromise between creek/slow river and lake boat. My wife is a weak paddler in open water, so I get stuck with this one at the lake while she gets my Manitou 12'. Takes a ton of energy to carry speed and track in open water and goodness forbid white caps. Spray skirt!

On the positive side, if you're looking for a creek / swifter water (not white) boat this is a good choice. It's stable and a Quick turner in fast water, very easy to maneuver around obstacles.

Overall, would not recommend unless you only run quick water.


This was to be my second…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2007
This was to be my second boat. I bought this boat over the winter. I looked at this same boat new last year and when I found one that was used as a demo at a shop, I bought it. Like I said, I bought it over the winter so I had not chance of test paddling it here in New England. Well, we've gone directly from winter to summer here in Maine and the other day it was 85 degrees and I loaded up my kayak I've been waiting all winter to paddle. I wasn't in the boat for 5 minutes and I knew I had made a big mistake. It PLOWED terribly! Taking a leisurly stroke here and there fine, trying to get the boat moving.... I was throwing water all over the place. Also, and I should have noticed this ... I know better now... This boat is round on the bottom...No chines whatsoever. Perception calls this a rec boat with touring style features.. hmmm a drop skeg that did absolutely nothing to help in tracking. Needless to say, I have since sold the boat and got myself a Dagger Catalyst 13!! Yeah ME!