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Koho Reviews

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My first kayak was a sit on…

Submitted by: paddler230201 on 5/16/2008
My first kayak was a sit on top no name brand. Then I went to the Islander Reggae. Now I own a Koho 11.5 and it is out standing. I surf at the ocean. I do white water with this kayak. I tour with this kayak. I scuba and snorkel off this kayak. The Koho is an OUT STANDING kayak!!! Tracks really well and talk about fast - this kayak has speed. This kayak is very stable and I highly recommend it for a beginner or even an experienced paddler.

Picked up a Koho last week…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/3/2006
Picked up a Koho last week for my Wife and to take to the beach. We live on an area lake, so I wanted a boat that had decent tracking for a sot. The Koho was much more than I expected. My Wife set out on it first and has no experience paddling. She took right off. I couldn't beleive how fast it was. I guess I should say Our first boat we bought over the winter is a Acadia tandem, so the weight difference would definetly effect speed. I took it out for a ride, and my impressions were even better than when my wife took off in it. It tracked well and it feels fast. I even pyt our 45-50 pound Dog on it, it was stable throughout the ride. Again it was the first ride so well see how it performs in surf and wind. It's just a fun boat. Easier to handle than the Acadia and lighter. I will say I thought it would be a little lighter. Though it's much lighter than the Acadia, still a little bulky. It also gave a pretty dry ride for a sot. I did buy a seat pad, with back support which I would suggest. I would recommend this boat. Just remember there's not one boat that does it all. Pick what you will be doing the majority of and go with it. So far so good with the Koho.