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Dancer Reviews

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I have two of the Perception…

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I have two of the Perception Dancers, one is the XS, and the other full size. Installed removable skegs on them and they work well for flat water. Comparing my Dancer XS to a Pyranha Fusion I test paddled last Fall, I would say the Dancer is lighter and faster. The only advantage the Fusion seemed to have was the ability to retract and deploy the skeg. So Perception, put a retractable skeg on your Dancers, add bulkheads, and you will have a competitor to the Fusion, Katana, Ethos etc

Purchased a Dancer last week with Werner one piece paddle... $100. I…

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Purchased a Dancer last week with Werner one piece paddle... $100.
I will first say that I have two Dimension Spirits and love them. Forward to the Dancer... turns on a dime... actually capable of 180's, maybe 360's, with every paddle stroke. I bet this would be beneficial in whitewater, but trying to cross a lake in 10mph winds was a hoot. Cockpit was tight, but the seat was comfortable... enough room to raise one knee up and out... I'm 6ft and 200 lbs. The Perception seems to be built quite well and is very light. Unless I can rig a keel or rudder, this good looking retro-yak may have to become a decoration on the den wall. That old glass Werner is a nice one tho!