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I am a budget kayaker, so…

Submitted by: paddler234045 on 6/5/2011
I am a budget kayaker, so when I saw the Zest on sale for $100 plus than retail I jumped on it. I've used a couple of other brand yaks (Perception, Wilderness Systems, Future Beach) and my first kayak (Pelican Pursuit 100) was my favorite up until I got on the Zest, with the skeg in. I had been dying for a sit-top and this was in my budget.

The river we float regularly is a class 1. So the first trip out I hadn't even gotten the price tag off of it, or the skeg put in. I hated it, honestly. When we got back I put the skeg in, all you need is a rubber mallet. The next time we went out I fell in love. It was a different boat. It tracks well, is decently fast for the size and shape, and makes me happy. It's stable enough that I can sit with my feet in the water or I can completely lay back when I adjust the sear. Plus when I flip it (like I did today) I can easily get back in without dragging it to shore. I flipped it chasing down some trash in the river. Leaned too far, too fast, not the boat's fault.

All in all, I'm pretty sure I'll never buy another sit-in, I may just upgrade the ole Zest when I wear it out.


I bought one and have taken…

Submitted by: paddler232263 on 8/18/2007
I bought one and have taken it out a few times now in a lake and ocean coast. It's a great kayak. I especially like the top deck design and how well it stays dry and drains splashed water. Everything drains past a nice cup holder in the middle which keeps your drink cool too! The removable skeg/keel is a nice feature. I haven't put it in yet and I can keep it going straight enough anyway ... I'm sure the skeg makes it stay nice and straight. The material is made tough enough though I'm going to try and not scratch the bottom any more at all. I rubbed it on sea barnacles a few times and it's already scratching a bit deep. The seat is well designed and comfortable. The drain plug for the hull is designed better than Ocean Kayak (theirs has more potential to leak water in!) This kayak took on no water at all while using it!! unlike Ocean Kayak brand that I've tried and read bad reviews a bout leaking. Overall it's a perfectly fun attractive little kayak.

I bought 2 of these last…

Submitted by: paddler231848 on 10/16/2006
I bought 2 of these last summer. One for myself and one for my 12 YO daughter. We love 'em. They are perfect starter yaks. I have even paddled one out to an oil rig in the gulf with no problem at all! I installed a rod holder on one and have caught many bass & sunfish. There is NOTHING wrong with these Kayaks.

Note: because the skegs could fall out I drilled a hole and attached it with a string.