Capsurz® Cap Retainer

Capsurz® Cap Retainer Description

Windproof your cap with Capsurz®. Made in USA, our patented stainless steel clips, designed for total comfort, adjust to fit any hat. Capsurz® clips to the inside band on all hats, transfers easily from hat to hat, secures under your chin and stows on your brim. Stop worrying your favorite hat will be lost forever. For hands free hat protection in high winds, Capsurz® are 100% guaranteed.

Additional Attributes

  • Stainless steel clips
  • Choice of Black, Sand, and White cord.
  • Adjustable, colorfast, UV-protected cord
  • Transfers easily without damage from cap to cap

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Capsurz® Cap Retainer Reviews

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Great little gadget for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/15/2020

Great little gadget for keeping your hat on while fishing.


Capsurz products are as good…

Submitted by: rainynights on 8/27/2014

Capsurz products are as good as advertised! I been out kayaking on very windy days, and thanks to Capsurz, I always come home with my hat still on my head! Luv it!


I recently went on a long…

Submitted by: paddler235716 on 7/6/2014

I recently went on a long distance sailing race to St. Joseph from Chicago and the Capsurz hat clip saved the day. We had really strong winds on our return to Chicago (in addition to big waves) and every one kept their hats thanks to Capsurz! Thanks Capsurz for making such a great product!


As a lifelong paddle sports…

Submitted by: paddler235666 on 7/3/2014

As a lifelong paddle sports enthusiast, I have spent a lot of time in canoes, kayaks and other forms of human-powered watercraft. In remote areas, in foreign countries and with friends, family and children. All of us agree that a day spent not he water is a good day. What could ruin such a day? Well it seems it comes down to small things, what some might call irritations, but if you lose your hat in the blazing sun, or in frigid spray, it is not just annoying, it can be down right dangerous. So for the past 4 years I have use a product made right here in the mid-west of the US, Capsurz.

This little "device" is so simple that it seems obvious, but there is a lot of thought and engineering involved in making a simple, yet effective product - to keep your hat on! And this is exactly what Capsurz does. In wind, in situations like falling overboard, jumping into the lake and forgetting you have your hat on - yes, I've done ALL of these things and this wonderful, simple cord, with stainless steel tabs that fit under the hatband, keep your hat on. And when you are not really in jeopardy of losing your hat, it neatly pulls up and looks like a cool, color-coordinated unobtrusive hat band. Capsurz works on all kinds of hats, "baseball style" hats, hats that I call "boonie hats" the kind with a brim all the way around, even cowboy hats, pretty much any hat with a headband inside

I obviously love mine, but the trouble I have is keeping one. Why? because I have a generous heart and when my friends, and of course family, ask me about my Capsurz, inevitably I always give them mine. It's OK because at less than five bucks I get another one, and another one. And I like to have multiple colors to match my hats - so there, another one.

An incredible product, made here in the USA, inexpensive and 100% EFFECTIVE in doing exactly what it says it does. Keeps your hat safely on so you can focus on paddling, or swimming or whatever! Take my word for it - or look for your own. I'm pretty sure they are 100% guaranteed so not much to lose - except your hat if you don't get your own Capsurz.


Last winter I had to…

Submitted by: alexrusso12 on 7/3/2014

Last winter I had to opportunity to connect with Mari and Eric, the owners and operators of Capsurz, over a quick conversation on Twitter. After losing my fair share of hats on the ocean, I thought it would be a great I idea to try a pair of Capsurz for myself. Mari sent me a couple pairs of Capsurz to give a try first thing this season.

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