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Trailtreker Kayak Cart

Trailtreker Kayak Cart Description

The Trailtreker Kayak Cart is a accessory brought to you by Paddle Logic. Read Trailtreker Kayak Cart reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

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Trailtreker Kayak Cart Reviews

Read reviews for the Trailtreker Kayak Cart by Paddle Logic as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Very good to preventing kayak dragging

I have owned my Trailtreker cart for one year and I have used it numerous times on my 14.9 ft Viking Profish Reload kayak.. I am very happy with it and so far no breakdowns even with a fully loaded kayak to include fishing gear, battery for fish finder, small ice chest, anchor, etc,.. Allowing me not to have to drag the bottom of my boat from my truck into the water and vice versa is a huge plus. My only complaint is if the gear loaded in my boat is slightly off center, the boat will tip to the right or left depending on the side with the most weight while hauling the boat even on a level ground. This causes the boat to be towed on the cart almost sideways and with rods facing upward, I worry they might get damaged.

2nd Review (3yrs later) In three years I have purchased 6…

2nd Review (3yrs later)
In three years I have purchased 6 carts. This one is still the best. I am an avid kayak fisherman (2-3 times per week year round in harsh salt conditions). The cart is still in pretty good shape. I had to repair some of the padding but that is it. For soft beach sand, I use my Wheeleez(sp?) which I also recommend.

This cart is my go to for anything other than soft sand. What I like most about it is its durability and its low profile and wide stance. This aids in excellent stability going down ravines and un-level trail conditions. Pretty much all the other carts I have bought are junk. Hobie carts are good but are specific for Hobies.

Anyway, after 3 yrs this thing has really held up well and thanks to the owner who send me free wheels that were solid non air.

This kayak cart is the...

This kayak cart is the best ever. I am a 50 year old female and this cart makes transporting my kayak a breeze. I can go over rocks and small logs with ease and the beach is no problem at all for my trailtrekker.
Love, love, love this cart... worth every penny.

We have used the Paddle...

We have used the Paddle Logic Trailtreker a few times, the longest being a 20 minute portage through various terrain, rough to smooth. My wife was able to do this portage without my help which proves that it works as advertised. Also, the owner sent me replacement tires and cotter pins at no charge.
Definitely recommended.

I had to comment again as...

I had to comment again as I too had problems with tires loosing air. I was contacted by manufacturer without requesting any consideration. Paddlelogic replaced my wheels with tubeless wheels at no cost. Now the product will ship with tubeless wheels. Everyone who sees this cart is amazed. I put my cart on today and am getting ready to go by 4/1/13!

I wish to withdraw my...

I wish to withdraw my negative remarks (below). I found Dave's number at Paddlelogic, he is sending me two new tires and explained they had a batch of tires like mine that did not work.

I am back in love with my Trailtreker Kayak Cart.

I gave the Paddle Logic...

I gave the Paddle Logic Trailtreker a top rating a few months ago (2011-07-05), but now if I had to do over would not purchase. I can not put air in the tires at a filling station. I now have two flat tires and no way to put air in them meaning I have no cart.. I contacted the owner but never received a reply. Cart is great but without air in the tires no air.

Second Review. I have now...

Second Review. I have now used the cart several times on a variety of surfaces. Works great on rocks, over driftwood and through sand and gravel and uneven surfaces. Does it all with no problems. Also mount on boat while in the water in less than 30 seconds. I also leave attached when boat is on roof as this makes unloading much quicker. I did fit a small length of chain to rigging behind seat for line attachment. I also had problems with tires but found small DC pump for car tires at big box store that works well. Have filled tires 3x since April. I have issues with my back and this has been a great asset!

The kayak carts I have...

The kayak carts I have tried or looked at in the past have all been junk. Cheap material, poor design etc. This is the first kayak cart that I have found that seems to be worth its salt.

Extremely rugged all the way around. Very easy to use and attach. I have not owned it for long but the thick stainless steel parts and Aqua Bearings appear to be of high quality. It definitely can handle tough terrain. I have a 12' yak that weighs ~75lbs empty. The cart handles that plus supplies very easily.

It is a fairly expensive cart but I feel like it will be the last cart I will have to buy. The developer was more than happy to help me on the phone. He was very enthusiastic about his product. He had good reason too. He is a kayak enthusiast which makes a lot of sense why this yak cart covers all the bases of what make a great kayak cart. I did however have to install a padeye in the back to attach the leash to. I have SOT and the molded shell did not have any attachment. That took me all of 30seconds to rectify that issue.

After using my Trailtreker...

After using my Trailtreker for the summer, I have only one complaint - the tires. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I've already had to blow them up three times, and getting the air pump on the valve stem is a total pain in the arse. Otherwise, it is a fantastic cart and does exactly what it is designed to do.

I have a composite boat, but it attaches perfectly to the security loop rather than the coaming. I've also found that since my boat is fairly low volume, I too have to store it unassembled. No big deal.

Love the design, hate the tires. That's why it's an 8 instead of a 10.

I've owned this cart for a...

I've owned this cart for a month now and use it about twice a week. I have three boats, all of which are different lengths, so I attached three clips (hooks) along the rope to accommodate my three boats. I watch my paddling buddies struggle to attach their poorly designed carts and then have to adjust them only a few yards down the path. I just chuckle. Without a doubt, The Trailtreker cart attaches to your boat easier in less time than others and it's performance while underway far exceeds others. A very clever cart THAT WORKS.

Just received my...

Just received my Trailtrekker. Under one minute to assemble. Fits nicely behind rear hatch. The one point is that there is not a place on cowling on my boat to attach clip. I now have it on rear seat. Will make something more permanent. I've dragged across tree roots rocks drain pipe in front lawn and up and down curbs. Seems to do what they say it will. Will have to leave unassembled to stow in my boat.

First of all, this is a...

First of all, this is a great cart. Initially, I thought the large wheels were a bit much, until I had to portage hills with drop offs, and rough terrain. Especially with an 18 foot kayak. I find it easier to stow loose instead of configured as shown, due to how nice the "V" shaped arms tuck along the bow or stern hatches. The ease of installation is gold, especially in the water.

The only reason I gave it a "9" was, I felt that once the design was set, the more detailed, functional issues were dropped. They were: not a long enough cord to extend past the rear combing when attaching to the rear combing isn't possible (ie: molded fiberglass boats as compared to rotomold). I was told to, "go get a longer cord, and attach to the front of the combing, or the seat." Is that really necessary for me to do, on a $160.00 cart, or could you supply the necessary length for "any" application?

Last, but most important - the axle retainer clip. Without this puppy, the whole system is useless. In and around water only amplifies the ease of its being lost. I am not without a solution. I have purchased the cheap-o, foam ear plugs, and skewered the clip. They provide high visibility, and just enough positive buoyancy to keep it floating, and don't interfere with function. I did ty-wrap a spare to the wheel spoke just in case.

I have been looking for...

I have been looking for the right Kayak Cart for my Native Ultimate 12 Kayak. I viewed the Trailtreker Kayak Cart Video and liked the design which made it quick and easy to assemble, disassemble as well as attach to the Kayak body. The quality of the cart is excellent. Paddle Logic thought through the design very well. While pulling the kayak through rough terrain the cart remains snug on the kayak where as other brands will fall off.

The owner of Paddle Logic worked with me to give me the appropriate size cart I needed for my Native Ultimate 12 Kayak. Due to its wide body the kayak needed a wider Cart. Although the original design does work, the wider cart works much better. The friendly service and interaction between myself and the people at Paddle Logic was great.

I highly recommend the Trailtreker Kayak Cart because this will be the first and last cart you'll ever need for your Kayak. I've looked at many other designs and was not impressed. Don't waste your money on a cheap Kayak cart. The Trailtreker Kayak cart will not disappoint you and give you years of pleasant service.

Used my Trailtreker cart...

Used my Trailtreker cart for first time this morning with my Current Designs Sirroco. The cart is so simple but so fantastic. The Trailtreker slips on and off the rear of the boat in two seconds. It takes apart and goes back together in about 30 seconds and stores inside the kayak compartment.

This morning I had a rough steep downhill path to the Ohio River. The top of the incline had a 15 foot steep incline with large tree roots above ground and the ground it self had large bumps and holes. My 17 foot, 60 lb Sirroco kayak attached to the Trailtreker went down the 2 ft wide path easily and coming up was no struggle. It was like pulling the kayak on level ground, a pleasant surprise indeed. The Trailtreker does not need the kayak to be strapped on. My kayak and the Trailtreker stayed together like old buddies going over thick roots and bumps and ledges. None of my previous carts would have accomplished this bad path and incline with such ease. This truly seems to be a new approach to transporting my kayak.

The cart is a few dollars more than many others but worth it to me for the ease and efficiency. I always had a dried when I needed to use a cart. It is hard in words to describe the Trailtreker cart but the manufacturer has a very descriptive video if you Google them.

Trailtreker Kayak Cart