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Bought mine in 84! Hundreds…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2020
Bought mine in 84! Hundreds of trips without issue. Put kevlar bang plates on it front and stern is my only modification. Best mileage in one day was 32 miles on the Aroostook River. Heavy boat to carry though. Very stable to pole or standing. Fly fishing is easy from one. Would buy another just to have and pass down. Always loved using this boat.

Though i was nervous about…

Submitted by: DelawareRiverRat on 3/9/2020
Though i was nervous about getting such a big craft, I trusted the reviews and have been the happiest canoe camper ever! We have put thousands of miles on our Tripper XL during our two-week long treks every August for the last 12 years. The XL handles like a dream with about 1500 lbs of kids and gear. It is nice to be able to take everything we need... and more.

This 105 lb, 20 ft Roylex…

Submitted by: ncyank on 7/28/2016
This 105 lb, 20 ft Roylex boat paddles surprisingly well and easily accommodates my 4 HP outboard allowing me to safely carry all the gear I want for an extended camping or fishing trip. It has been sea worthy on large, windy lakes and has maneuvered well in Class III rapids from Ontario to the Carolinas.

The Old Town XL Tripper is…

Submitted by: paddler234936 on 3/29/2013
The Old Town XL Tripper is the best canoe I've ever paddled. Regardless of the length, when just one or two on board it turns great because of no keel. But if you want to load it up, and up and up, it can handle up to 1700 lbs, (that's eight 200 lb people +). Just keep them sitting on the floor unless they are paddling.

I have run class 2 and 3 in this canoe solo and tandem with great agility. Other things I've used the XL Tripper for: hauled two weeks of ample camping supplies for two, have pushed over two miles into a flooded cave, fly fishing for two with room to cast, hauled a rick of firewood, hauled a 15kW generator (400+ lbs, fished in the ocean.
The Royalex material has stood up for years.

Recommendations: get a center seat or foam saddle for the middle if going solo or triple. If doing the Boundary Waters or long trips, make a snap on rain cover.


I love this canoe and have…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/18/2012
I love this canoe and have owned it since 1996 when I received it as a wedding present from my wife to be at the time and we have used it and used it some more and we now have two children who love it as much as we do. It is a great family canoe and surprisingly nimble for its size, we also have attached a 3.3 h.p. outboard for long distance and fishing the kids love it as well.

I've been canoeing for over…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2012
I've been canoeing for over 50 years and this is the best canoe I have ever had. It is a bit heavy but never had anything better in big water and class 3 & 4 rapids. Built for rough and serious canoeing so I give it a 10+.

The Tripper XL is an…

Submitted by: paddler233521 on 3/30/2010
The Tripper XL is an excellent heavy duty expedition boat for big people and lots of gear. I've been very happy with it. The hull speed is roughly the same as a standard Tripper.

We've paddled it in very big water, using a bomb proof Northwater spray skirt (also heavy) and had the times of our lives. It is also very maneuverable in technical whitewater for its size. It is very stable with a load and can be easily poled. We added a thwart just behind the bow seat with a reinforced hole the size of our poling pole. We glued a D-ring directly below the hole to use as a step for our mast (our poling pole with a pulley near the top attached with a pipe clamp.) With our triangular sail, we were able to sail broad and beam reaches in winds up to 30 miles/hour without much heeling. We moved right along. Total additional weight of the sailing gear was 18 ounces.

The Tripper XL is a heavy boat by any standards and is a bear to portage, even with a knu-pac. Since it is a solidly built boat, it can be dragged over vegetation and then lifted over rocks. Not good for heavily trampled portage trails.

I love this boat, but it is just to heavy for trips with a lot of portages. Our paddling is mostly long distance rivers with a lot of class II and III rapids. It laughs at hitting rocks.


The OT XL Tripper is an…

Submitted by: paddler233153 on 6/2/2009
The OT XL Tripper is an excellent canoe for what it's made to do, carry weight. Sure, paddling this barge you may think you should be on one of the major waterways of North America, but owning several canoes, it's quite humble and smooth in the water.
The XL Tripper is the best commercially available that can hold 1700+lbs and cruise through the water with a shallow draft and 43 in. beam. Put a trolling motor on it, sit back and cruise. OT should make a snap in seat for this wide of beam.

Big, heavy, more big. My…

Submitted by: paddler228660 on 6/8/2000
Big, heavy, more big. My wife, son, two daughters and all our gear scoot up wind with 5 paddles going. Our golfing umbrellas make great spinnakers down wind. It is not too bad when lighter with just my son and I, but it is a greyhound bus and does best with 500 lbs or more. We love it when its in the water and with two people its not so bad to carry. I load it on top my full size van with just my 12 yr old son. He is learning with this canoe and loves it. It is not too big unless you are solo with no gear, even then it is stable enough to stand and move about to tend to matters. I can't recommend it enough and really enjoy it. If you cannot carry 100 lbs, get something else. I made my own motor mount with 2x4s and 2x6s and a 6 hp works fine up river, but you do need to balance things out.

I have owned a tripper XL for…

Submitted by: paddler228520 on 4/3/2000
I have owned a tripper XL for 12 years. In that time it has done more miles than I can count. I've done class 4 in a loaded open canoe and have done many extended wilderness trips with the boys. I have taken my wife three kids and the 70 lb dog for trips and at times even brought a play pen. The wife is a little strange when it comes to camping. If you want to camp in style this is the machine. However, don't get stuck with to many portages. This is a great machine when a work horse is required in rough conditions.

I've had five picnic tables…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/1999
I've had five picnic tables an out house a couple of 18 lb. rock bars, a chain saw, gas, chaps, two shovels, a couple of maddoxes, some chain, winches, personal gear and food for several days, and two burly guys in this thing. It did pretty good. It's a beast of burden but it handles it very well, stable, pretty quick, not bad up stream, and it really can turn. It's a blast on a big river. We went to great lengths not to carry it though.

Twenty feet long. One hundred…

Submitted by: paddler227982 on 1/12/1999
Twenty feet long. One hundred and five knee-buckling pounds. A moose, pure and simple -- and like North America's largest deer, the Old Town XL Tripper is most at home in wild, remote country, where its unique combination of strength and size comes into its own. Not a whitewater playboat -- you'll find its length to be a bit of a handicap when attempting tight eddy turns in narrow, technical rivers -- the XL Tripper is best paddled as the voyageurs paddled their North Canoes. As you slide this big boat from side to side, lining up the chutes, you'll discover just how powerful a technique the ferry can be.

The XL _is_ fast, make no mistake: the long waterline sees to that. And it holds a lot of gear. Half a ton isn't too much. Get something else for your whitewater weekends and for pond hopping in the Adirondacks, but when the horizon calls and the days stretch out into months, get an XL Tripper. You won't do better.