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I just purchased my old town…

Submitted by: paddler821820 on 7/13/2020
I just purchased my old town egret 14.5 ft kayak on 7/11/20 on craigslist for a great price and took it for my first ride the same day. I was very happy with the stability and comfort of the ride on the Merrimack river in Haverhill Ma. I know this is not a so called sea kayak but I know that it will do fine in some choppier water when needed. It came with a nice skirt that adds some protection to the elements. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with this well manufactured kayak. Thanks Old Town!!

Just got a used Egret Old…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2015
Just got a used Egret Old Town a few weeks ago and tried it during a camping trip last week end. Despite its weight compared to newer/smaller kayak, I love it! It handles really well. I had my 6 year old in front of me in the cockpit for about an hour and both of us were comfortable. I am a beginner and I would recommend this one anytime! Egrets are unfortunately very rare on the market... Must be that they are super good and people are keeping them for life!

I used this boat on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/6/2014
I used this boat on Adirondack Lakes and found it to be a good camping boat because it would handle a lot of gear and is stable and durable. There is no problem with beaching on gravel or hitting a rock, although the surface does scratch easily. It has a foam core which helps its buoyancy. It does not have an air tight compartment in the front. The cockpit is small, which I liked. I am looking for a lighter boat, otherwise I would not have a reason to part with the Egret.

I asked for the best kayak…

Submitted by: paddler233295 on 8/10/2009
I asked for the best kayak that could handle any kind of Class I water, Survive occasional Class II and carry a day or two worth of food, shelter, and gear. He sold me the Egret.
  1. + Is it truly a great all-round boat for class I.
  2. + Tracks well enough on lakes, and flat rivers.
  3. + Carries enough gear for one man several days camping.
  4. + long, open forward hold carries long guns for hunting.
  5. + three-layer "sandwich" hull insulates well from cold water.
  1. - Front-heavy when filled with water! Take a bilge pump, and stuff dry bags with lots of air up front.

I don’t know what the Old…

Submitted by: paddler230908 on 12/19/2004
I don’t know what the Old Town folks were thinking when they discontinued the Egret (as well as the Heron and Millennium). I have 2 Egrets and they are great all-water boats. Ocean, lake, river -- the Egret is a great hybrid between 12-ft. rec boats and larger, true sea kayaks. I have always liked Old Town’s 3-layer poly -- attractive and extremely durable. The only way you'll get an Egret now is a used one or a leftover in some out-of-the-way boat shop. For anyone looking to move up from tubby rec boats to an all-purpose kayak, the Egret's a great choice. I got my last one (used) for $600 two years ago. I would suspect a $300-400 price would be about right now.

Not to disparage the Egret as…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/24/2004
Not to disparage the Egret as a decent recreational kayak, but without flotation (boyancy) bags secured in the bow, this boat, if swamped, will take on a tremendous amount of water and sit bow low in the water. Result is if the boater is off-shore alone, with few or no self-rescue skills, the boat could be dangerous. There will be simply too much water in the cockpit and bow (together) to pump out effectively, and in rough seas, boater may take on water faster than can be removed. A boat full of water is also nearly impossible to sit upright in due to shifted center of balance. My recommendation is (1) buy a boat with 3 separate compartments, but, if you must buy the Egret, (2) be sure to install properly sized float bags, secured in the bow (lest they float out during a capsize).

The Old Town Egret is a great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2004
The Old Town Egret is a great all around touring boat. It tracks well, and is great in rough choppy water. The boat handles well and can easily be paddled fast enough to outrun other kayaks. I have paddled waters ranging from small creeks with mild rapids to large bodies of water. The boat does great! The only downside is it doesn't turn on a dime like smaller recreational and whitewater boats. But again it is not meant to be a quick turning boat and with it's performance in speed and tracking it easily makes up for it. I love my egret!

I have had my Egret for 6…

Submitted by: paddler230348 on 9/2/2003
I have had my Egret for 6 years, and have paddled a full range of waters from multiple sections of the CT River, to the estuaries along the CT coast (Groton and Niantic mostly), to open ocean along the coast of Maine. Great in the rivers and lakes with no rudder, and good most of the time in the ocean without the rudder. When the wind is opposite the tide, a rudder would be helpful, but I'm always able to muscle my way through it without much of a problem. A very TOUGH boat, I use it almost exclusively for fishing and have added rod holders, anchor guides, cleats, etc... Have caugth a 41" bass in this yak and many fluke, bluefish, scup, etc... I highly recommend for the all-around user, but not to those who want a true sea touring kayak.

I bought my old town egret in…

Submitted by: paddler229890 on 8/26/2002
I bought my old town egret in oct. of 01 and i am pretty happy with it. i've paddled in lakes and off shore here in southeastern conn in 3 to 4 foot swells. and even in the connecticut river. found it to work well on day trips, able to pack all i need even for an overnight trip. i will be putting a rudder on it this winter but otherwise it's a great kayak for the price.(some places still have them in stock for under $600.00).would recommend it or any of the polylink 3's to anyone who wants to be able to go almost anywhere with a kayak and not pay $1000.00....

Paddled the boat the first…

Submitted by: paddler229773 on 7/1/2002
Paddled the boat the first year as it came. Had trouble tracking. Second year- added the old town rudder.- 100% improvement. Very comfortable.- great for local river and lake use.

My first kayak was an Old…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/14/2002
My first kayak was an Old Town Egret. It's a very stable, "bulletproof", entry-level kayak with one of the thickest hides found in plastic boats - Old Town has an excellent manufacturing process and I wish some of the other plastic kayak manufacturers would use the Old Town factory to make their boats as solid. It's good for weekends on lakes and ponds, that is, flat water paddling and fishing. It is not good for tidal estuaries, fast manoeuvering, or offshore paddling. You can outgrow it very, very fast if you catch the sea kayaking bug and start taking lessons as my wife and I did. Frustrated with the Egrets, we went to the other extreme and upgraded to Current Design Slipstreams, which we love.

I just got back from my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2001
I just got back from my first trip with my Egret, so I thought I'd update my review. I went for three days- plenty of room for my gear, and very comfortable for my 40 mile trip. I paddled into stiff headwinds and through class 1+ whitewater on the West Branch, through 1-2 foot chop and surfed 5 miles of 2 foot swells on a large lake . I felt very comfortable in each case and had no problems at all. The Egret is a great multi-purpose boat!

I've had my Egret in the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/4/2001
I've had my Egret in the water three times now and enjoy it very much. I've canoed alot, but am new to kayaking. The Egret is slim enough to move well, but stable enough to give a very comfortable ride. It looks great, and I can already tell the "roto" plastic is going to be very tough! I've already slid over the top of a beaver dam or two! I've been out on some small local streams and it is perfect for that. The only reason I haven't given it a ten is that I haven't taken it on a trip yet (to test its capacity for gear). I'm sure it'll be great for that, too. I highly recommend this boat!

I love my Egret, we go on day…

Submitted by: paddler228996 on 11/13/2000
I love my Egret, we go on day trips together usally about eight to ten miles. People always are saying how nice it looks on the water. I am always glad to have the rear hatch to keep my things dry and out of the way. Some times I fish, and the only problem I have had with the boat was having to put my rod down and pick up my paddle to keep the boat position I want. This could be corrected if I would install a rudder Old Town has one aviable. The paddle holder that comes standard on the kayak is one of the best features. Only thing I wish the kayak had a cup holder, I keep spilling my drink in the cockpit.

I like this boat. I got mine…

Submitted by: paddler228768 on 7/23/2000
I like this boat. I got mine because my outfitter gave me a great deal on it and not because I sought it out. All in all though I have been happy with it. I am pushing its outside edge now and am thinking of a longer and thinner boat. Old Town plastic is great.It is tough and looks great--I have not seen any plastic that seems as high quality. The Egret is a bit wide--24 1/2 inches--so it is very stable but a bit sluggish on the lean. It is hard for me to roll in as it does not offer a tight fit and I tend to fall out rather than get a good knee hang. Other commenters have noted the boat's unwillingness to track after paddling which is the boat's biggest single flaw. I live in Virginia's Tidewater so we have lots of big deep rivers and the Chesapeake bay to play in. On calm days or in tidal creeks the boat is a blast. When the waves are up the Egret's flatish bottom slaps rather than slices the water and the boat tends to be a bit squirrelly when surfing with the waves. But its low profile means little weathercocking. The boat is comfortable and I am 6' tall 195 lbs and often day trip with a dry bag or two stuffed into the hold--ignore the manufacture's capacity claims. This boat is a great choice for a newer paddler who wants a faster "realer" feeling boat than most rec boats but still wants to know that they will not go over easily.

I found the good points of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2000
I found the good points of the Egret to be Load capacity (can carry enough for 2-3 day trips), stability, nice looking (especially if you add a stripe), very tough, and at $700 a good value. The bad points are while paddling it tracks ok but after 2 - 3 seconds of glide it becomes like an undisciplined horse going where it pleases. This could probally be corrected with a rudder or skeg. I use mine on mild class I Ozark rivers mostly and it works well in that environment. I recommend transporting this and other plastic boats on their sides to eliminate hull distortion.

Test paddled the Egret this…

Submitted by: paddler228578 on 5/22/2000
Test paddled the Egret this weekend and I must say I was terribly unimpressed with the performance of the craft. Did not track worth a fiddle and was slow and tiring to propel. Then I switched to my partner's Old Town, Heron...BINGO...the Heron was everything the Egret was not. I ordered the Heron. My advise to EVERYONE, NEVER and I repeat NEVER buy a canoe or kayak without first test paddling at the very least one or two others of various configuration so you can prove to yourself the value and performance features...DO NOT buy a canoe of kayak based on literature or sales pitch...the only way to know for sure is to paddle it, that's where the proof is.

The egret weighs 54 lbs.,…

Submitted by: paddler228027 on 3/22/1999
The egret weighs 54 lbs., roto-molded polyethylene with a foam core. I bought my first egret May 98 and by July I purchased a second. This boat has great maneuverability for meandering streams, rivers, lakes and ponds as well as good handling on coastal routes. Plenty of room for gear. It packs nicely; I recently carried enough gear comfortably for a three-day trip combined river and coastal. Easy paddling with excellent tracking. Comfortable seat. Nice bungee paddle holder on side of boat.