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I bought the canoe about…

Submitted by: paddler2680640 on 12/27/2023

I bought the canoe about twenty years ago to fish our lake in the UP of MI with children and grandchildren and to trailer it to local trout lakes and ponds.

I used the oars that came with the canoe.

For many reasons, it fell into disuse and was stored outside in rain and snow, sometimes covered, sometimes not.

Recently I decided it would be a great way to let the grandchildren fish on their own so I uncovered it and found everything was in great shape except the board at the back end of the square stern. My son-in-law replaced that, I bought a Honda 2.3 outboard and after a few lessons turned it over to the grandchildren.

They love it and I am planning some trout lake trips with them.

It is simply amazing how well-made this canoe is to be able to be used after a couple of decades of misuse with only one small part that needed to be replaced.


So good I bought a second one!

Submitted by: Greg-Bragdon on 6/5/2017

I got my first 17' Discovery Sport around 12 years ago and have enjoyed many day trips with my wife and 3 kids, fishing days on rivers and lakes, and lots of 3 and 4 day river trips with friends. It's always served my exceptionally well with never a complaint. I usually paddle it but often put the 4 hp Evenrude on for the family outings. I added some camo swivel folding back boat seats last year which made fishing more enjoyable. I picked up a second 17' DS just last week for only $850 and it's in even better condition than my first one. It will be great having a second boat for friends without and for when our kids get bigger.

These boats paddle great considering their size and yes you can paddle them solo - I've personally taken mine on multi day trips down the Cains River in New Brunswick and loved it! If you can find one and don't mind moving a 120 lb canoe from, storage, to trailer, to water and back, then buy it - you'll love it.


I recently gave up on my 1929…

Submitted by: paddler236512 on 9/9/2015
I recently gave up on my 1929 Rangeley skiff and handed it off to someone with more ambition. Two weeks later I bought a DS17 Old Town with the plastic hull and put my 3.5hp Tohatsu 2 stroke on it. This is a canoe that will perform like a skiff with its stability and cargo capacity and weigh in at 120lbs ...... Not bad for a boat!

The DS17 can be loaded solo (may cause hernia)onto the Thule racks of the Saab but creates a real loss in mpgs and provides the drag coefficient of having a piper cub strapped to your roof...... If you can still find one of these boats buy it 10-10+


I bought a lightly used LL…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/15/2010
I bought a lightly used LL bean version of this boat a few years back in order to have a "do all" boat for fishing lakes, ponds and rivers that don’t have ramp access. I just returned from a 5 day trip into ME with the boat where we did just that and figured I’d finally share my thoughts.

I’ll echo the others and say that the width and weight of this boat makes it unfriendly for solo use and it’s even a handful for two paddlers. It’s a lot of boat. It will move decent under paddle but your going to have a sore back if your covering even a mile or so of water. We use the paddles for positioning only and even then have gone to a electric trolling motor (hung off a home built side motor mount since there is only room for one motor on the transom). A 40# electric motor will scoot this rig along faster than you could paddle or row it anyway. As for an outboard: when loaded down with 650-700# of people, gear, motor etc, the boat will do an honest 12.5 MPH with a 5hp 2 stroke. Lose some weight and trim the boat correctly and that will go up into the upper teens easily . That said, I find anything over 10 mph "uncomfortable" in this "canoe". 1/2 throttle on the 5 will give me 8 mph and run 12-15 Mi on only a 1/2 gal of gas.

@ 114#, and 17'+, it is a handful but is car toppable and can still be carried/dragged over land and over some pretty steep banks with two guys. The trick to truck topping is to only lift one end at a time and slide it on /off the racks from the rear.

I’ve spent up to 6.5 hrs straight in this boat and never felt like it was unstable or overly cramped. (Even with the above mentioned load filling the boat.) Webbed seats are spacious and forgiving but a set of "sitbackers" helps for longer trips. One of the nice things about this boat is that the front and rear seats are spread far apart which gives you allot of room for swinging fishing rods, etc.

Polylink 3 does scratch but is pretty tough stuff. I have no issues about dragging it over stones, stairs gravel etc. Ah, the joys of plastic boat!

I think this makes a VG general purpose flatwater fishing platform for two people where portability /access is an issue. The boat is big enough for good comfort and plenty of room yet is reasonably portable and easily propelled by a 40-55# electric or 3-5hp outboard. All that said, if I planned on paddling this boat, even occasionally, I would look elsewhere.


I happen to be fortunate…

Submitted by: paddler232560 on 8/18/2009
I happen to be fortunate enough to own two of these wonderful square stern canoes. My first one has a 6 hp suzuki two stroke. My latest one (identical green canoe) has a Tohatsu 9.8 hp four-stroke. With the 6 hp motor I did a moose hunt up in the interior of AK. I clocked 67 miles round trip and only burnt 5 gallons of gas. The massive capacity allowed me to push an entire quartered bull moose up 6 mph. current at 10 mph. (according to the gps.) This design of boat is not very fast (doesn't actually plane out).....but handles large loads and is highly efficient on fuel. This is a very important thing with the high prices of gas. My next trip will involve over 400 miles of yukon river (round trip). That's why I own the buddy team will bring us home safe in the event of an injury or a broke down motor. These boats are an Alaskan Sportsman's best friend. They'll do's too bad Old Town stopped production of this particular model......what the heck were they thinking??

Okay...first off. NO. This is…

Submitted by: paddler233109 on 5/7/2009
Okay...first off. NO. This is NOT a solo canoe. Did it claim to be a solo canoe anywhere? The THREE seats do give a nod to at least a tandem. far as people saying it's not a solo canoe...well, okay...masters of the obvious... However, I wish I could give this boat a 20 as a rating, as it is the most amazing boat I have ever witnessed. I have motored it in big water (Lake Powell) using a 3.5 Nissan. Performs flawlessly...perfectly. So quiet. Floats loaded in about 3" of water. Goes places other boats fear. That we knew.

What most don't realize is that this boat handles Class III water with the best of them. The ride is high, dry, and confident. No, it doesn't turn on a dime...more like a buck and a quarter..., and the square stern washes out sometimes on swift turns..., but if you pay attention and set up for the rapids like you would a drift boat or raft, it runs with Appalachians and Rogues...and comes out drier on the backend. No, we did not play in the hydrolics, but it was fully loaded with gear and performed well above it's purpose. to it's durability. We high-sided at the end of three full sets of Class III+ rapids. Totally the paddlers' fault...hubris caught us as we prematurely celebrated our (almost) successful descent. The boat bent in half over the boulder...both bow and stern filled with water. The center seat broke and splintered... irretrevably pinned 5 miles into a 70 mile river trip. Z-drag...nothing. Found a leverage point it out. Popped right back into shape. One holes...went the remaining 65 miles without incident. There is no other canoe as far as I'm concerned. IF this one ever meets it's demise, I will buy another one the same day.


Last June I put in my initial…

Submitted by: paddler230064 on 3/3/2003
Last June I put in my initial review of the DS-17 (see below). In august two of my friends and I loaded it to the gunnels and spent a week on cranberry lake in the a-dack park. We camped and fished each day, and grilled LM-bass for dinner at night. The "canoe-boat" with the 5hp Honda performed flawlessly! Now that we're in the doldrums of winter, I find myself looking forward to this coming summer's excursion. "Now is our winter's discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York." or whatever.

I use the DS-17 in the Texas…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/18/2002
I use the DS-17 in the Texas coastal bays but had to replace the 40lb trolling motor with a 2.5 Mercury gasoline motor. Too much wind really drains the battery and its not a canoe you want to paddle very far. I fish the shallow flats and bays and never get too far into open water. The DS-17 is very seaworthy but I don't take unnessary chances. I solo often by putting a large plastic trash can in the bow and filling it with water to about 8 inches from the top. The lid helps reduce water from splashing into the canoe. I love fishing from this canoe, carries all my gear and will navigate very shallow water with out any noise. Wish I'd bought one years ago.

Just took my new DS-17 on its…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/24/2002
Just took my new DS-17 on its maiden voyage on the upper Hudson River in New York's Adirondack Park. It is powered by a Honda 5HP, 4-stroke outboard. I bought this set-up specifically to camp, hunt, & fish in the mountain lakes and rivers. It is very well suited for this type of powered voyaging / treking. It is not suited for lengthy paddling. I have paddled many makes and types of canoes and kayaks, both in flat and white waters. Now in middle age, I want to use less energy to travel, have more for time and energy to hunt and fish. I can also take friends, family, and gear with less effort. I consider the DS-17 a "canoe boat", which is exactly what I wanted. I was very pleased with its performance today, and expect to use it often.

This is one, big, heavy boat.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/19/2002
This is one, big, heavy boat. The Crosslink hull is tough but obviously shows "hits" ... that's normal. We have an older model that came with the redwood seats. We replaced them with treated 2x12's and mounted plastic swivel seats that fold down. We usually use an electric motor but have also used an old('74) Evinrude 6hp motor. That really makes it scoot! We do carry paddles along, but never with the intent of paddling;They are merely for backup.And we have had to paddle when we ran low on juice.My advice is to make sure that you have your battery charged up.This is a great boat for what it was intended: motor propulsion.It is heavy(even more so with our modifications) so we trailer ours. Our next purchase is a pair of portage wheels.

Well not to sound off to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/31/2001
Well not to sound off to loud, but the 17' and 44" wide is not even close to a solo canoe if that is what you wanted you should have bought a solo canoe 10" narrower and double ended in a light weight composite and then you could not take the three fisherman with you and all the gear that you need. So please learn what each type of canoe is built for and use it in that mannor. I give this boat as that is what it is a 10+. Happy motoring to the next fishing hole.

My Old Town Discovery Sport…

Submitted by: paddler228341 on 10/25/1999
My Old Town Discovery Sport 17 is a very stable boat and has given my family many years of pleasant memories. It is not a solo canoe and that is the only reason I can't give it a higher rating.

17' crosslink polyethelene…

Submitted by: greencanoe on 8/14/1999
17' crosslink polyethelene square-stern which weighs about 120 lbs. This is a true freighter. It will carry 1000 lbs with ease but needs a motor. Too sluggish to paddle, oarlocks are there for a reason. Very seaworthy, handles rough bay water fine. but not a good solo boat - too heavy and ponderous for one. Three can fish comfortably.