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Caspian Reviews

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2.5 year update. With all…

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2.5 year update. With all things, after some time you find the bugs in them. I have kayaked a lot in this boat and still like it though. The only thing I don't like is the tank well. The 25qt cooler "almost" fit. I bungied it in and it would flop on it's side. I fixed this by heating it up with a heat gun and forced it into the tank well, then installed a couple extra cords to hold it down. It does fine.

I have tried to intentionally dump this boat and still haven't. I've been in the ocean with it several times, venturing out about a mile or so with no difficulties. I've been on several small streams but no rivers yet. It goes up stream in fairly fast current with ease, is very maneuverable and tracks well. My next Kayak, if I get one will likely be a Hobie. I don't see any point in spending more money on another paddle yak when this one performs the job so well.

Only other complaint is the seat. I did figure out how to make the seatback stiffer and more comfortable, but there just isn't enough padding for a 3+ hour trip. Most of mine are in the 2-3 hour range, but I've ventured out as long as 6 hours a few times and ended up with a sore butt.

Overall this is a very good kayak and given the same situation I would probably make the same decision I did and buy it again. My decision, because of price was between the Precision Pescadore 10' and the Caspian. If it had been the 12' Pescador I would have gone with it. Still happy with my purchase.


I'm a novice kayaker (5'6"…

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I'm a novice kayaker (5'6" 180lbs 44 year old male) so this should be taken with a grain of salt. For hull design questions look up the Ocean Kayak Scrambler XL. This is a modified, blue version of that yak.

As a beginner I've found it to be very stable and tracking seems good. Taking off with power strokes does cause significant tracking problems but found that when working up to speed it was a non issue. As for speed, I raced a buddy who has yaked for 10 years. He was on a 14' Native Watercraft sit in and I ran off and left him. Not sure if that means anything, but it made me feel good.

The differences in this and the Scrambler are as follows: adjustable foot supports are nice and easy to move, flat deck makes adding accessories in front of you a lot easier, the locking hatch in the front is great. It's very secure but easy to remove.

Likes are stability, speed, rod holders, rigging and hatch.

Disadvatages are lack of side carry handles. Which are easy to put on and only cost $12. Seat is a little less than desired, but I readjusted it last night and think I may have fixed it. The back tankwell is small but I found an igloo 25qt ice chest that will fit in it.

Modifications done are: Side carry handles, anchor trolley.

All in all I'm very satisfied with the purchase.