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NRS PTK Kayak Paddle

by  NRS

NRS PTK Kayak Paddle Description

Tough, economical, dependable, the NRS PTK Kayak Paddle delivers excellent performance, especially for beginning boaters and captains of inflatable and sit-on-top kayaks.

NRS PTK Kayak Paddle Reviews


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NRS PTK Kayak Paddle Specs and Features

  • Material Description: High-density ABS and fiberglass blade and coated high-strength airplane grade aluminum shaft.

Additional Attributes

  • Rugged ABS blade and aircraft-grade coated-aluminum shaft stand the test of whitewater action
  • The cupped blade design gives a smooth, efficient catch with every paddle stroke
  • Shaft with oval indexing tells you right where the blade is in the water
  • The longer lengths are perfect for wider boats

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NRS PTK Kayak Paddle Reviews

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NRS PTK Kayak Paddle

Game changer for a beginner…

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Game changer for a beginner or intermediate! Once I realized that my original paddle was too long, and that it was affecting my ability to learn/hold more advanced/new rolling techniques, I went looking for another paddle. I needed to be between 195 - 200 cm and had been looking at up to $250 to get the right one. Being my first full season in WW kayaking I didn't want to spend that much for a paddle, without having some practical experience. I have been pleasantly surprised with this paddle.

This is a great paddle for the beginner/intermediate kayaker. I immediately was able to get the set-up for my rolls down easier, and there is a noticeable difference in how I move. It is stiff and light- I've used it for the majority of this season and it's held up to everything I've beat it against. It still feels solid and nothing has loosened up at all.

I now know that white water paddles need to be shorter than for other kayaks.. so make sure you get the right size. I went with the old " fingertips should just be able to wrap over the end of the paddle" guide, and my rolls and techniques (as basic as they are) suffered. Once I went with a shorter paddle, and used the right height table - the difference was immediate. I am 5'-10" and I got the 200 cm.