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14 NETK Reviews


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14 NETK Reviews

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This canoe is great at 68…

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This canoe is great at 68 lbs. While there is no rating that I have seen in the material or on the boat, I've added a 3 hp Evinrude, with a Motor Mount. It pushes the canoe which tracks superbly under power, but requires extensive weight in the front end in order to keep water from piling in over the rear (due to my weight). I have compensated by taking (2) 40lb bags of concrete mix pouring them into 2 Heavy Plastic Bags place them in the front of the canoe and then added water and let harden to form the same shape as the canoe. It can be removed when you have another person when using an outboard motor.

Initial stability is "okay" secondary stability is pretty darn good, especially consider I had my 110 lb Retriever out for both of my test drives. I am still going to add a "stabilizer" to this canoe as I will use it for duck hunting in shallow ponds and marshes. As for portability! Great I'd give her a "10" rating - Hey it's 68 pounds, yo'ld just have to buy a Kevlar Canoe for another 1,000 Dollars to get a canoe this big this light. The canoe is actually manufactured by Johnson Outdoors in Orlando Fla. for Dick's Sporting Goods as this is their "brand". This is the exact same canoe as the Old Town, "OT", which is being marketed/sold in Sam's Club's (Looks like even Johnson made that for Old Town?).

What I don't like: Very little, but the canoe does not hold its shape well, this includes while motoring. The Hull has a tendency to displace, but it did not impact the performance of the canoe.


This is my first canoe…

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This is my first canoe purchase and I am very pleased with it. I wanted something for hunting and fishing and this fits the bill perfectly. At 14 feet long and 68 lbs, I can transport it easily in the bed of my F-150. The 725 capacity allows for all the fishing tackle or duck decoys I want to carry. The 42" width makes it very stable when horsing in that hog or swinging on a passing Teal. Even though it has no keel, it tracks pretty well if you know what you're doing. The dry storage is great for everything from car keys to cell phones. And the cooler in the middle seat is perfect for keeping sodas and sandwiches for an all day trip. I found this canoe at Dick's Sporting Goods for $390 and feel I got a great deal. I would recommend this to any hunter or fisherman who wants to get back to those secluded places on public lands where you can't walk to and the water is too shallow for larger boats.

This my second Canoe…

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This my second Canoe purchase, I have found a winner here. I previously owned an Old Town Guide model. I was unfamiliar with this manufacturer label which is North East Outfitter manufactured by Johnson Outdoors Water Craft. But the traditional appearance and design caught my eye, to say nothing of the post season mark down. My previous canoe (Old Town Guide) can not hold a candle to this one. The canoe does not carry a fancy name, only a footage and acronym designator. It has an accentuated keel of about 2 inches. One aspect of the design which is particularly clever is that the seats are supported in the center by a tube aluminum U shaped brace which runs most of the length of the keel. This does double duty to not only support the seat but stiffen the hull bottom. There is no oil can effect. The seats (2) are maple frame with webbed seats which allows the butt to keep cool compared to the molded seats. I predominantly solo canoe and I was immediately impressed by the rear seat placement verses load balance. I am 230# and this canoe's bow is barely out of the water with me in the aft seat. Compared to the wheely I would have with my former Old Town.

It is a beamy boat at about 42" from gunnel to gunnel at its widest. The canoe tracks beautifully and any oar stroke will do. A "J" stroke will easily keep it on track however though not purist, I am sold on a Kiyak paddle. A solo paddler, with this boat a Kiyak paddle can move the boat along swiftly and can be handled well in a 10-15 knot breeze. The weight is 68# which is ruff car topping solo but with a long bed pick up It does fine for short distances tied in the back with a flag. The boats stability is excellent and is a great boat for beginners with its wide beam. With the keel however it will not turn on a dime but can be easily maneuvered via good paddle work. I recommend this boat to anyone and it is a definite keeper for me. The hull material is single sheet High Density Polyethylene. It carries a modest price tag when not on sale and is a worthy boat. With traditional lines and wooden Thwart and seats it looks good too!