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The Telkwa Sport is a kayak brought to you by Nimbus Kayaks. Read Telkwa Sport reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Telkwa Sport Reviews

Read reviews for the Telkwa Sport by Nimbus Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I purchased a kevlar Nimbus…

Submitted by: rross on 7/24/2013
I purchased a kevlar Nimbus Telkwa Sport touring sea kayak in 2006. I made my selection after demonstrating varied other kayaks. The appeal is the light weight of approximately 45 lbs., the 18.25 foot length, a tighter fitting cockpit and more narrow hull, and its resultant agility and speed on the water. The initial stability is good but learning the tipping point of secondary stability takes time.

The Telkwa is extremely maneuverable and as a result, I seldom use my rudder. This sleek boat has taken me on overnight excursions, into large ocean swells and headfirst into 25mph winds - it is fast, stable and a head turner. Each year I marine wax the boat and its condition remains near pristine. The only downside is the minor chips to the gel coat on the hull as a result of paddles to rock gardens and landings on rocky shores.

Often overlooked in favor of more familiar kayak brands, Nimbus is in a class of its own - the Telkwa Sport rocks!


I paddled the Nimbus Njak for…

Submitted by: paddler234536 on 5/22/2012
I paddled the Nimbus Njak for years and loved it. When it came time to upgrade I could think of no other boat except for the Telkwa Sport. This boat tracks beautifully . Having tried the Solstice GTS and graining as I tried to turn it, I was delighted at how smoothly and effortlessly the Telkwa Sport turns on a dime. The finish is just beautiful inside and out. The carrying capacity and configuration of the hatches is excellent. And what a beauty she is to look at on the water!

I have two Nimbus Telkwa…

Submitted by: paddler233370 on 9/14/2009
I have two Nimbus Telkwa boats both the sport and the med volume. A friend owns the high vol. These kayaks are fiberglass, well built and great looking after eight years and tons of trips. They are a joy to paddle. I love carving turns with it. The seat is great. It carries a ton of gear and I have room to spare on week long trips. I have had it in ten foot waves that were no more than 25 ft apart with no issues. I love this kayak.

I have owned a Telkwa Sport…

Submitted by: ivanderberg on 9/5/2003
I have owned a Telkwa Sport for two years now and love it. The boat is very well built and the craftsmanship is excellent. My only regret is that I got a dark gel coat colour which tends to show scratches more easily. Though my kevlar boat may not be the lightest out there it is well built. I have even used it for guiding here in the Maritimes which are know for their granite beaches. This kayak has excellent lines to it and edges nicely. I have no problem with turning in a strong wind without the rudder. In fact I rarely use the rudder at all. For a Kayak of this length the Telkwa Sport is very maneurable and very fast. Cargo space is similar to a Cadillac's trunk. I have no problem with space. The Telkwa Sport is also well suited to people of many sizes. I am 5'11" and 210 lbs. I thought this Kayak would be small for me but it fits like a glove. Comfort with Nimbus is not an issue. They make the most comfortable Kayaks out there. My only suggestion is to add some high density foam as required in the cockpit to assist in rolls. Nimbus is a small company and here on the east coast of Canada very hard to get, but they are well worth it! As to quality my wife had a freak accident with her Kevlar Telkwa. In fact her boat was smashed into by a large green dumpster. It sustained very little damage and dented the dumpster.

After a year and a half of…

Submitted by: paddler230004 on 12/9/2002
After a year and a half of demo's on just about every boat my local kayak shop had, I stumbled across the Nimbus kayaks.

I had pretty much settled into a Current Designs Solstice GTS HV. It fit me like a glove and I loved those thigh braces for a greater feeling of control. I loved the boats tracking but you could hear me grumbling when I wanted to bring it around quickly. With my 6'2", 206 lb. body the "Extreme" was a bit too snug for me, but I liked its manuverability better than the Solstice. My next favorite boat was the Looksha IV I liked the fit and I loved the manuverability. It was a blast to practice the moves I learned in Derek Hutchinson's "Beyond the Cockpit' class. Its only negative for me was its tracking. If I was into playing in rock gardens and caves that would have been the boat. I like more the Zen peacefulness of settling into a pace and getting away from all of it. I was starting to feel like Goldilocks.

A fellow student in the Hutchinson class had an older Telkwa Sport and he loved it. It was definitely an eye catcher. After that I demo'ed the Telkwa (Kevlar), the Telkwa HV (Kevlar), and the Telkwa Sport (glass). Of course I had to drive as far south in California as Dana Point to try 2 of the 3 and as far north as Sacramento to try the 3rd. Next dealer was Alder Creek Kayaks in Oregon (Very helpful folks over the phone!).

I'm amused by everyone saying the Telkwa Sport is for smaller paddlers. It has a smaller cockpit opening than the others but still I can do a "Cowboy" rentry with my long legs. Something I could never do with a Solstice. I also prefer the smaller cockpit because it gives me a deck edge for my thigh when I eskimo roll. The rounded bottom of the hull makes rolling a breeze. However, I would have liked another half inch depth for my toes which occasionally rub against the inside map shelf (a very useful little feature).

Handling? Goldilocks found just the right boat. Tracks well, responds happily to a leaned edge. Its the only Swedeform design I've paddled and it probably gives the boat along with its rocker the manuverability. Unlike a multi-chined hull that settles easily and stays in a particular lean this rounded hull moves to edge nicely but doesn't stick the same. I don't think I've been out in winds more than a 10 to 15 knot range yet, but in those winds I don't believe it was affected much. Another pleasant surprise with this hull was how easy I could roll it. I was concerned with its 18'+ length but it was no problem.

The fittings are superb, and the glass is job gorgeous inside and out. Due to its long length and 23.5 inch beam there is plenty of storage.

The seat is very comfortable even after 4 hours. The mounting of the seat can be moved either fore or aft and the hip pads are adjustable in thickness for a customized fit. I should mention here that I was very lucky and found a 2 year old fiberglass Telkwa Sport to buy and I know that the seat back has been changed so that you now can lower it to a 2nd positon.

The foot pegs are on sliding tracks attached to an adjustable strap like the Necky boats. Great for adjusting to any length but still spongy like most unfixed rails. I haven't made much use of the rudder but then I haven't been out in rough enough conditions to warrant it.

The folks at Nimbus have been great to deal with and have always quickly returned any emails I've sent them. Recently, due to a freak car accident some glass repair work was needed and Steve the designer/builder was glad to talk to the shop that was doing the repair.

My only regret which isn't one really... had I not found the used fiberglass boat I would have bought the Kevlar version. The glass is a heavier boat - especially when you need to get it on and off a high SUV, by yourself. Carrying it on your shoulder more than a couple of hundred yards gets old so I use a device with wheels.

Bottom line, this boat was worth the time and distance I went to find it. After re-reading this review I fear I haven't shed any more light for a potential buyer than if they had read Sea Kayaker's review.


My wife and I have been…

Submitted by: paddler229833 on 7/25/2002
My wife and I have been delighted with our Telkwa Sport but on our last trip off the West Coast of Vancouver Island we experienced a safety concern with how the rudder cable wire eyes are finished. One cable came out of its taped end at the rudder end, and the next day on the other kayak the loop came undone at the cockpit adjustment strap end. Our kayaks are 6 years old; fibreglass and when I contacted the designer/manufacturer he told me that about 100 boats were made without realizing that the nicropress sleeves were nickel-plated, not copper and they managed to successfully recall most of them and replace the faulty joints. But if any reader has a Telkwa Sport of our vintage, check the condition of all rudder cable eyes; if the taped joint seems swollen and bulbous, then that's the sign that there's a nickel-plated sleeve corroding under there and it should be replaced immediately.

I'd also like to commend the Nimbus line on its exceptional finish - the inside of the boat is as smooth as the outside, thanks to their vacuum-bagging techniques in molding the fibreglass. I can stuff my tent, wet sacks etc into the storage spaces without any fear of a fibreglass snag ripping anything.


My wife had owned a Seda…

Submitted by: paddler228851 on 8/21/2000
My wife had owned a Seda Gypsy for a couple of years and thought she was happy. But, she had a difficult time keeping up with longer boats, including my Looksha IV, on a 90 mile ± tour around Tiburon Island, Sonora. Because of the width of the Gypsy, she couldn’t brace her thighs well against the boat sides and was unable to use her abdominal muscles and back to power her strokes. She was miserable in that short, wide bathtub, working harder than anyone on the trip and unable to handle braces in rough seas. Unwilling to allow her to abuse me with her misery on our next planned extended tour of Lake Powell, we went boat shopping. After trying a number of boats in San Diego we tried the Telkwa, which was the boat our tour guide used on the Tiburon trip. The Telkwa Sport fit perfectly and I bought it for her that day. She left me in her wake at Powell. She had plenty of room for food and gear for 9 days and is, 2 years later, still in love with the boat. The Telkwa Sport is for smaller paddlers wanting a tighter fitting, slightly narrower kayak. It is a long, medium volume boat, but it is surprisingly nimble. The finish is beautiful and the lines are very striking. While it might not turn quite as easily as my double chined hull, it accelerates more quickly and is a little easier to keep on track.