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Navigator 10

by Vilano

Navigator 10 Description

The Navigator 10 is a sup brought to you by Vilano. Read Navigator 10 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you!

Navigator 10 Reviews

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This is my first SUP as...

This is my first SUP as well as my first experience with ISUPs. I am a researcher and checked out many of the lower cost options before finally settling on Vilano's Navigator. The board is great. Very rigid and high quality for the price. Extra d-rings for accessories. Deck pad is large and the diamond cut really helps for traction. I have had my two children on it with me. It was still very stable. The paddle survived a “float test” without a problem. It is a three piece paddle. Blade doesn't flex or give much at all. My screws were a little loose upon arrival and I had to tighten them to keep the adjustable section from sliding. Easy fix. The fin is very strong (I dropped the board directly on the fin and it had no problems).It doesn't flex. The only thing I didn’t like was the hand pump.It is a single action. The pump leaks as I pump up the board. I am a 5’6 Female and had to take a few breaks from pumping to be able to get the board fully inflated. The company is aware of the pump leaking and recommends teflon tape to seal around the hose, only that isn't where mine is leaking. I will be looking into electric pumps. The bag seems thick and strong, but I haven’t used it much to see if the seams will hold up to constant use. (With the pump not working properly, I keep it inflated as much as possible.) It comes with a little shoulder strap that attached to the board with two d-rings, this makes carrying it so much easier. All in all, I would highly recommend this board for those who are wanting to test out the sport or an ISUP without dropping a ton of cash. Just be aware of the pump issues and possibly having to purchase a better pump.

The inflatable paddle...

The inflatable paddle board is great for beginners, light weight and easy to store during winter months. At the price it is a great way to start. Not as easy to maneuver as a standard board though. Pros Light weight, good price, easy to store. Cons Paddle is flat and not adjustable. Bought a new paddle. Usage Touring on the lake

Our family really enjoyed...

Our family really enjoyed using this board @ the Lake- we had 3 teens on it @ one point trying to play "chicken". It was quick to inflate ,as well as, deflate. We had lots of curious people in awe of how solid it was despite being an inflatable. Fun all summer long-great product Pros Ease of inflation & transport Cons Not getting to use it as much as I wanted to due to it's popularity with my family Usage Exercise & fun in the sun

This is my 3rd isup, 5th...

This is my 3rd isup, 5th SUP. Not a newbie review - The Vilano Navigator is a narrow board good for speed but not stability or larger riders. Feet should be shoulder width apart - if your shoulder width is less than 24 inches - you'll be fine. The air valve is in the nose not the tail - I dont know if that is good or bad it's just different. Inflated board has a slightly rounded where bottom meets rails - more wiggle than my other boards. When you decide value of the board - factor in the cost of a real paddle. If you buy this board thinking you'll upgrade if you like the sport - you're not getting the real experience. You'll have to over exert to compensate for a poorly designed and heavy paddle. It's like buying a huffy to find out if you like biking. People often spend all their time researching boards and yaks and put no thought into the paddle. A good light solid well-shaped paddle is very important to enjoying the activity. Pros Pros - Inflates to be rock hard at 12 psi, good looking, has bungee and plenty of D rings to attach coolers or gear, deck pad is textured and comfy. Good pump with gauge, duffel sized backpack and repair kit included . Paddle breaks down to 3 pieces - makes it great for travelling. If you learn on this skinny wobbly board with its heavy clunky paddle - you'll be able to ride anything - and get a great core workout. Cons Specs say board is 31 inches wide - my inflated board measures 29 inches and that includes the curved out rails. The deck pad (standing area) is 24 inches. Board has non standard fin and fin clamp - I'm not sure how you'd replace it if it were damaged, Biggest negative is the paddle - the included paddle is the cheapest paddle I've seen in any isup package; thick wobbly shaft, flat paddle with exposed connections to shaft , no finger/palm grips and not adjustable - other than taking out a 2 foot section. Paddle will sink! Manufacturer says to use a paddle leash. In general, Paddle leashes are for kayakers not sups. SUP riders leash to boards not paddles. Who would dare leave shore with a paddle that sinks? Text printed on board says do not to inflate past 18psi which I've read confuses newbies into thinking they should inflate to 18psi. Good luck with that; 12 to 15 psi is recommended. ( 12 works great for me at 140 lbs.) Usage flat water lakes, slow rivers. To narrow to use for yoga!