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Ultimate FX Reviews

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6'10" 250# good fir comfy…

Submitted by: paddler237046 on 8/17/2016

6'10" 250# good fir comfy seat. Great stability. The modified sit in feature is nice as there is lots of space to put paddles rods and gear. The track system and anchor trolly makes this easy tog et fishing ready. I worry a bit in rough water as with my weight and gear a big wave can swamp this design but never had that happen. I have turned into big boat wakes and rode them out fine. So not to concerned. My wife actually uses this boat and at times I envy some features. I use a ride 115 SOT kayak myself. Both are good stable fishing kayaks that have great stability and ample leg space. I think the native is a bit faster but both are fine to maneuver and the ultimate is much lighter and easier to load.

I can load them both side by side in the bed of an F150 I added a boonedox bed extender so its super stable. I think one could hall these 12 footers without that but I like the full length support. and I tie down thru the handles to the extender lock them in place.

Store them on padded ladder hooks available at any hardware store. on the side of garage and then for secure and safety I run a tie strap just snug from the handles to bike hooks on the ceiling no way to knock them down and very cheap clean storage.