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Compass 12.5 Elite

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Native Watercraft
Compass 12.5 Elite Reviews

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My friend showed up with...

My friend showed up with one of these for me to try and I loved this canoe. I am somewhat handicapped so the light weight of this boat was impressive to me. I had my doubts but it seemed very sturdy and I was impressed.

It is short and as maneuverable as any 12.5 watercraft I have ever floated in. I stayed relatively dry in some rougher conditions and I believe I could get my gear aboard for extended paddling. This was easy to load by myself and appears to me to be an excellent canoe.

First, I know this is the...

First, I know this is the kayak review area but Native Watercraft is only listed here and The Compass Canoe Company is no longer around. With that said, I wanted a craft to take anywhere and that was easy to carry. I wanted a craft that will carry me and enough stuff to see me thru a couple of days. I wanted something easy to get in and out vs my kayak and a Compass canoe was the answer. If there's a downside it's the cost and having to get out without using the gunwales. It turns well and there is a "secondary stability," whereby one can save himself from getting wet. I would not take this canoe thru mean water, but for mild rapids and a good traveling craft for one person, it's the best you can buy. My last trip was 5 miles on a large lake with calm water on one side and then very rough on the other. The Compass got me home safely and without wearing me out. Look around before you buy it, but don't expect to master it immediately. It took me about two hours to feel comfortable.