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The MVP is a sup brought to you by Badfish StandUp Paddle. Read MVP reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other sup recommendations below or explore all sups to find the perfect one for you!

Badfish StandUp Paddle
MVP Reviews

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The Badfish 9'0" MVP is a...

The Badfish 9'0" MVP is a downriver machine. The chines on the bow and the hard rails near the tail make this a killer board for the river. From park and play river wave surfing to running hard whitewater... The MVP does exceptionally well at it's job. Pros Kayak chines on the bow are very forgiving and give excellent secondary stabilization, the dihedral on the top of the bow allows the board's nose to resurface super easy after punching waves or holes. The tail is designed to surf waves extremely well for a larger board. Cons Usage River - downriver and surfing river waves.

Designed for whitewater,...

Designed for whitewater, this has been my everything board this past year. With it's high rocker and short length, it maneuvers beautifully in rapids. The lowered, concave deck makes it easy to edge when doing eddy turns or carving. Wide width gives it stability. And the 3-fin setup allows you to configure your fin setup to best fit your needs each run. Pros Rigid: I've had both plastic & inflatable boards before this, and I prefer the solid feel of this board under foot; I feel I have better control. Versatile: while designed for river running, this has worked well for me paddling flat water with friends as well. Stability: with it's wide width & dropped deck, this board is super stable. Cons At 34" wide, 8" thick and 40lbs, this thing is a monster to carry; there is no GOOD place to hold onto it (despite having a center & a front handle). Also, it's slower than most other boards out there. Usage River running, river surfing, some flat water paddling.

This is a awesome...

This is a awesome paddleboard SUP. The dynamics and geometry of this board are so good. It is extremely stable and the glide and tracking are excellent. The graphics are very cool as well. Pros Stability and glide Cons Slow in flats Usage Touring

Easy to paddle Pros wide...

Easy to paddle Pros wide bull nose Cons dosent surf well Usage exercise

Love it! super stable-...

Love it! super stable- turns on a dime- easy to catch waves and eddies- also makes a great flat water fishing board Pros great primary and secondary stability- easily catches standing waves- responds well for both beginners and experienced paddlers Cons wide- cumbersome to carry- hate the handle hole- i always manage to soak myself loading the board at the end of a session- no matter how hard i try to get the water out first Usage white water- down river and standing waves- flat water fly fishing

all in an excellent board...

all in an excellent board but wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking to tour on a rocky river. board just cant hold up to light impacts should come with river pull out floating fins at the least

board turns and lifts out of water great, surfs excellent

board broke after first ride, fin box is poorly constructed, should come in more durable material then glass. gell coat flaking off
river surfing and touring