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  • 9' Length
  • 26.25" Width
  • 45 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 999 MSRP

Mullet Description

The Mullet is all business up front with plenty of rocker, and volume in the bow to boof, ender, and surge up and over obstructions, which also means plenty of foot room for you big ole boys. The low volume stern says ready to party. Squirt, splat, blast, and surf just about any feature as you slice your way down the river. Like it's cousin, the Braaap, the Mullet adopted its hull shape from modern slalom boat design. The kick rocker behind the seat lets the Mullet tilt back for quick pivots and snap carving turns into eddies. Whether you're learning the "oldskool" moves or you already know your way around an eddy line, this boat will become your go to design. 

Mullet Reviews


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Mullet Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Length: 9'
  • Width: 26.25"
  • Volume: 269 liters
  • Max Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Cockpit Dimensions (L × W): 34.50 × 20.75"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic

Mullet Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Whitewater, River Running, Creek, Play
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II), Whitewater (Class III+)
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult

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Mullet Reviews

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I'm 6'0" 225 lbs. 59 years young and I've been paddling for almost 20 years.

I've owned a lot of boats: Perception ARC, Dagger Redline, Wavesport ForPlay, Z & Y, Liquid Logic Session Plus, Riot Booster 55 & Air 55, Magnum 72, DragoRossi Fish & Critical Mass, Jackson Super Star, etc. just to name a few. Virtually every boat I've owned has been a free-running playboat with a planing hull.

My current free-runner is a Pyranha Varun (L), an absolutely awesome boat! Great to surf, spin and easy to roll. But over the last couple of years, my hips and legs have started going to sleep / numb after paddling for 30 minutes. I decided that my body needed some space and comfort. After a lot of thought and consideration, I chose a Mullet and it has been a revelation.

The Mullet is the first displacement hull boat I've ever owned. Initially, I was concerned that the rounded hull would be tippy. Not at all, it's extremely stable with huge secondary stability. The thing is that the design makes it EASY to initiate and maintain paddling on edge. It is also the easiest boat to roll that I have ever owned.

The first thing that struck me was the speed! Second, everything that happens is smooth. Dropping over a lip and punching a hole? No drama, the boat resurfaces with ease and control.

When I started doing eddy turns in the Mullet, I didn't see what the big deal was about eddy turns. It didn't seem to turn as well as my planing hull boats. But then I learned to really crank up the lean. The edge & parting line of the low-volume stern create a tremendous carving edge when you aggressively lean the boat. Edge the sucker hard into the eddy and the 9' boat snaps around with ease.

Surfing the boat is easy but it is not dynamic. If you're in to flat-spins, it's not going to happen in a Mullet. Looking for fast, dynamic edging from side to side? Again, you'll want a planing hull design. But if you are looking for easy, smooth, soul surfing, the Mullet is awesome. Big water or creeking? You need to keep an aggressive forward paddling posture and maintain good speed, but still, that low volume stern is going to get tripped up from time to time.
One of my friends who owns a Remix paddled the Mullet and commented on how much more agile the boat is; turns better, rolls more easily.

Final thoughts. Smooth, smooth, smooth river-runner with the ability to stern squirt and pivot-turn. Not something you typically find in a fast 9' boat. One small criticism. The bungies for the water bottle in front of the seat are not adequate. The water bottle falls out of the holder every time I roll. Not a big deal in the pool, but I lost a nice $30 water bottle when the boat flipped while I was getting out at the take-out. I have the Liquid Logic thermal bottle now and it is awesome, but again, the first time the boat flipped over the bottle fell out, got dented up and was almost lost.

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Another paddler's boat from LL

Torn between the Braaap and the Mullet, I opted for the former, feeling it was the skinnier and faster of two essentially similar kayaks. A year later, a friend talked me into paddling his Mullet. It is a different boat and I added it to my quiver.

Aside from being a tad beamier, the volume is front loaded. This helps for busting through holes and slicing the stern. Like the Braaap, you still get some slalom-like capabilities with good speed.

The plastic and manufacturing are first-rate. It’s roomy and comfortable. In addition to the two crossbars at mid-deck, you get a bow grab handle, which is lacking on the Braaap.

Like the Braaap, the Mullet is a sleek, relatively low volume kayak that rewards you if you read the river well and exert control. You can’t just go along for the ride like you can in one of its bulbous siblings. I only wish it had some more edge. If you enjoy this in a kayak, the Mullet is well worth a test paddle.

Funt boat

Gives you slalom moves with a high volume bow to keep you out of trouble. As a bonus, you get the comfortable outfitting and high quality of Liquidlogic.

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Made just for me.

The ultimate river runner, made especially for me. At 6-4, 200 lbs I can paddle this boat all day long in class 2 boogie or off a 12-footer. It boofs, it squirts, it does it all. It is solid in class 4, smooth in low-water, and makes any eddyline a blast. Liquidlogic has found an amazing formula and the perfect boat to fit in-between my playboat and creeker. It is a total quiver-killer and I would take it anywhere. Love what you guys are about.

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Mullet is the BEST BOAT for the GRAND CANYON

Shane and team have done it again! Just finished a 14 day Grand Canyon Trip and the Mullet was the BOAT. Plenty of speed to catch those glassy waves at the top of rapids while also having the stern to shred those steeper waves and squirt those eddy lines. Lastly it WAS comfortable for those long hours in the saddle (and I am 6'7"!).

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Gauley Love!!!

Shane and the folks at LL out did themselves with the Mullet, I got mine out on the Gauley today, once I remembered how to paddle a longer boat with a low volume stern (good posture) the boat rocked it. The Mullet needs to be driven, it is fast, stable, and gets you where you want to go in a hurry. Moves that take 5 or 6 strokes in my Stomper take 2 to 3 in the Mullet, and then there is the party end, engage it and you will see the sky! I am 6'-3" 220-225 size 11 feet and the Mullet floats me well and is extremely comfortable with the seat set at factory neutral. The back band also sets higher which adds to the comfort factor. The Mullet will make you a better boater from a posture standpoint and could easily be a quiver killer on the local go to runs--New, Yough, Gauley etc.

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Wow - what a beast!

My third run in my new Liquid Logic Mullet was on the Middle Fork of the Tygart River in West Virginia. The middle fork section starts as a creek and then when it connects with the main Tygart is becomes more like a big river. That day the middle fork section was running high but very fun in my Mullet, some great surfs, tight eddy hopping through the rock gardens etc. But the main Tygart was at serious flood stage, about 12 feet, where AW suggests 9' as the high flow cuttoff, when we got to the confluence. All this is to say that it was BIG Water. I didn't expect that the Mullet would perform well in these conditions, as the stern can be catchy. But Wow did it perform in the insane big wave trains on this massive flooding river. I did have to be super aggressive to keep the stern from squirting, but i expected that, meanwhile i could turn on a dime and catch the 15-20 foot waves in the trains just in time to surf away from school bus sized holes that just down stream. This wasn't a river for play that day, more just dodging and zagging. At this water level the usual rapids were indistinguishable, just large wave trains, larger wave trains with holes, and some fast moving water leading into wave trains. So yes in my professional opinion (25 years of kayaking) this boat rocks!

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Mullet replaces 20+ year old Perception SS and I love it!!!

Had a chance to paddle my new Mullet on the Cheat River last weekend and I love this boat! Did everything my 20+ year old Perception Super Sport but in a much more comfortable cockpit. Thank you for designing this boat!!! Taking it to Slippery Rock Creek this weekend. Andy Bayus, age 55 and yes I still paddle... :)

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Almost a quiver killer

super fun boat. I have been waiting for someone to make this type of boat for a long time. What surprised me the most was how well it boofs. Super fast, great on a wave, and is so fun to hit pivot turns in.

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Mullet is old school meets comfort!

I bought the Mullet and immediately took it out for my first run! My previous favorite boat was an RPM Max...great boat if you have no rocks and green waves. However, for any run that has the remote chance of a boof, squirt or surf I will be rolling in my all day comfort Mullet! If you have never experienced speed in a boat, try it out, you will forever be changed! With the weight distributed right you can catch tight eddies, ferry quickly like a slalom boat and squirt up a storm!

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super fun mullet

great boat surfs great and very comfortable

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Brings a whole new level of play to the river! Always exciting to learn new skills out there. I've yet to master the stern squirt or pivot turns but it's nice to set new whyte water goals. My favorite thing about it is that you still have the creeking ability. So much faster than I expected! See yinz on the Tallulah tomorrow! Love, Peace and Travis Tritt Mullets.

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Mullet review from

We have seemed to have dried out here in Virginia this Spring. But initial impressions of the mullet are great. I've only been in it twice now, still working on getting that fine tuned fit down. No issues with getting it vertical, a little harder than the Loki to get it there but with a lot more room for the feet!! Surfs great and was surprised by the quickness and acceleration of it. I was hoping for a bit more of a planning hull. Not sure how that would effect above good qualities though, But happy with it. Overall a great boat. Definitely a nice edition to the already stellar lineup. Most likely taking it down the Grand Canyon this May!

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Old School Fun Even for a Big Guy

I'm 250 lbs 6' w/ 32 inseam 11 shoes, so I'm at the top end of the weight range for the Mullet.
First of all, the boat floated me really well, more so then I thought it would (was a little nervous about that) The "Business" end, the bow floated quite high and definitely had no problems putting the boat where I wanted to go. The boat was faster than anything I've paddled in a long time (sub 9 foot boats) and had a ball carving in and out of eddies.

The bow was a great amount of volume and the local ender spot I was pleasantly surprised to get enders that I could feel the volume pushing me into the air. Additionally, the bow was easy to initiate and very controllable with some fun old school pirouettes. Reminded me of a time long ago when enders were the most fun I had in a kayak (still might be!)

The "party" end, the stern was also a lot more floaty then I expected and I didn't get tripped up on the stern nearly as much as I though I would. Once I'm used to it (read - stop being lazy) and stay in an aggressive stance I don't see it being a problem. With that, it initiated nicely for stern squirts and had enough volume to feel nicely controllable.

Boat surfed better than any displacement hull I've ever paddled. The way the rocker is handled in the stern I think is key to this. Super nice carving, bow was easy to keep up and out of the water.

All in all, my new favorite boat.

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It's been a long time since I fell in love with a boat, but I'm in love with this one. Quick, stable, balanced....The Mullet is fun to paddle. Feels like an extension of my body. The hull and length make it fast and smooth running the river. This is the best surfing boat I've paddled. Smooth carving and effortless control. If I could have only one boat, the Mullet would be it. New and Gauley dreamboat. I want one!

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Stare at the sky and let your Mullet fly!

Upon paddling the Proto Mullet on the Green (Upper and Narrows) as well as the Upper Gauley, I was pumped to discover that the Business in the front was real and the Party in the back was real wild! I sit at 5'10" and 175-180 #'s. The Proto Mullet was great but a lil big so Shane listened to everyones feedback and its around 4-6 gallons smaller now. The bow is still roomy for all day comfort, big feet, or bigger footwear but is a lil smaller in volume making enders easier to slam the bow under. Big air enders are fun! I have paddled many boats that boof great (more bow volume) and have "stern squirt friendly" sterns (Slicy/low volume). Between the Whiplash/Whip-It, Sleek, RPM/Max, Hurricane, etc. the LL Mullet is the best of all these boat designs and so much more!
It has a modern slalom style displacement hull and its length make it very fast. What I noticed w the Mullet compared to other boats w Slicy sterns is that the Mullet will run the river way better. This inspires confidence in those must make moves. And vertically is the name of the game when you want it to be! There was a few more gallons taken out of the stern closer to the cockpit. This is was another clutch improvement for the production boat! Depending on where you are at with your stern squirting and/or splatting technique and timing, the Mullet will let ya get vertical on eddy lines and seams. For those of us at the higher end of the "weight window" it will require less work to get the stern under of course. Those of us that might be around my weight and have been working (and playing hard) on practicing stern squirt timing and technique, this will pay off big time w the Mullet. If someone is around 150#'s they can and will be able to get the stern under with great timing and technique. As we all know, learning to paddle whitewater wasn't easy and we had to do most of the work so be patient and practice, practice, practice that timing/technique. You may find that if you want it to stern squirt more/easier than you can just move the bulkhead/footboard back toward you and leave back band "not as tight"...this will adjust the trim of the boat in the water some. Then for some people (or for some burlier runs) you may want to have the stern engage less and more of the bow weighted, so you may want the bulkhead moved forward toward the bow a slot or 2 then just tighten up on back band a lil more. Make sense?
The boat is a little wider than most of the boats listed above which will help w stability and comfort. The more aggressive stern kick rocker takes away even more volume from the stern and lends to easier stern squirts and/or pivot turns. One of many great stats is: More knee/leg/foot room than the RPM Max BUT 4 gallons or so less overall volume.
The Mullet and the Braaap, while only 2 gallons different in overall volume are still VERY different boats. THIS IS ALL ABOUT VOLUME DISTRIBUTION. The Mullet is wider, more volume in the bow and less volume in the stern. Add the aggressive stern kick rocker in there and you have a different boat in so many facets. The stern is exponentially more playful than the Braaap stern as well. They are both very fun boats but very different. Demo both and see for yourself which one speaks to you the most. Be sure to play around with the bulkhead and back band some to adjust trim/stern loading vs bow loading.
The Mullet is a teaching tool for new schoolers to learn the downriver play of yesterday, for old schoolers to hop in the seat of their "first hot rod" again! It's a glimpse back to when the Mississippi Mud Flap first started when splatting and stern squirting was the name of the game. Top that off with the ever so comfy BADASS Outfitting/ratcheting back-band and you have yourself the hottest ride on the river!

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Old school meets new school

If you love that old school slicey boat feeling, do yourself a favor and try out the Mullet. Got dat party in the back which makes it so much fun to play around on your local runs. Splat and squirt all the things plus this thing surfs so good. Also has plenty of room in the business end to help with enders and comfort. I'm 6'1", 180 lbs and fit great. Not something I can say about most of those older slicey boats.

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