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Paddle Sensor

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Paddle Sensor Description

The Paddle Sensor is a accessory brought to you by Motionize. Read Paddle Sensor reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Paddle Sensor Reviews

Read reviews for the Paddle Sensor by Motionize as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I've been using Motioinize Paddle for few weeks now. I paddle mostly in…

I've been using Motioinize Paddle for few weeks now.

I paddle mostly in a surfski but sometimes I use a wilderness tsunami 170. I find Motionize the best paddling companion on the market, it doesn't only gives me all the parameters that my old Garmin did (speed, dist. etc..) but also more information about my paddling. Gauges like what is my rating or the length of my stroke. Sometimes I use the stroke counter to count how many strokes it took me to reach to the 4km turn and on the way back I try to decrease that number by 10%. It always works and you can definitely feel the improvement on the boat glide.

The virtual coach comments remind me to mind the important bits of the stroke and technique and I find them useful. All and all a very nice gadget, paddlers who are interested in improving their paddling abilities will find it very useful.

In the past 45 days I've...

In the past 45 days I've been lucky enough to test an app designated for paddlers developed by Motionize. I'm 39 years old, rowed skiff (river/coastal) all my life and switched to surf-ski about two years ago. (Currently using an Epic V14 and Fenn Elite S). 4-5 paddling sessions a week, one gym session, half of the sessions are on calm streams and half on open water.

Resources for my 10km training program:
Developing physical fitness - Mainly based on the little kayaking designated literature available.
Improving technique – Workshops with Oscar and Sean, YouTube videos, literature and golden comments from my friend/paddling coach.

Motionize Paddle Edge Review
Like most of us, I have been using a heartrate monitor wristwatch for 20 years, 15 of them with the added GPS. In recent years, the pace of such developments has increased, and the peak of it, as I see it, is the Motionize Paddle Edge App.

This is the first product designated for paddlers and it attaches to another product we can't do without and carry with us for safety purposes as well – Our mobile phone.

I divide practicing sessions to 4 types:
1. Technique and fitness session on calm streams.
2. Technique and fitness session on calm seas.
3. Technique and fitness session on medium-high seas.
4. "Don't want to use any devices today" session.

Location of the screen on my surf-ski:
This issue is still being resolved - while some paddlers rest the phone on the foot straps, I prefer it on the "dashboard" of the kayak which minimizes the need to take your eyes of your path. The phone is sealed in a Goper bag, which will be produced (so I gather) in sizes designated to surf-ski use soon, a fix I find very convenient.

Reading from the screen:
1. Paddling with Motionize Paddle Edge using a Goper bag probably gets more sun-glare than wristwatches and the like, however, future versions should address this problem, or so I hope.
2. A feature that allows switching the screen from day to night theme should be added soon.
3. Despite these limitations, the screen display is larger and much more easy to use than HR wristwatches or bicycle monitors. Once those issues are resolved, this way of viewing parameters will be unrivaled.

Sensor compatibility:
1. Both the kayak and paddle sensor were easily paired with my phone.
2. Two HR monitors that I have tested (Polar and Suunto) also pair easily.

Paddle & Kayak sensor
Waterproof and very durable. Easy to mount on the paddle and kayak, with clearly visible LED indicators. At first I was worried about the wear of the rubber double securing band but it holds fine.

Operating the system
Straight forward and intuitive – set your base parameters and start your workout, quick and easy. Soon, I am told, new more elaborate features will be added.

Training programs
At the time I am writing this review, creating your own training programs is not yet available. Using the interval sessions that do exist is simple and convenient, easily programmed using a large phone screen (as opposed to a wristwatch screen) with options such as stroke-count based interval sessions that only exist here. However, these programs still aren’t as elaborate or detailed as training programs cycling gadgets on the market today allow.

Parameters display
Here is where this product elevates above any of its non-existing competitors – heart rate, speed, spm and distance are basic requirements, beyond those you can find data that must be studied and used such as stroke length, stroke depth and blade entry and exit points. Everything a paddler needs and or decide they need.

Reviewing your performance
Very convenient, and will only get better the more data it gathers.

The Verdict
Great app for kayakers, easy to use and will only get better. A major benefit to the user’s experience is the large display – quick look to get updated and back to looking at the water in front. Fits all training types, whether all I want to know is how fast I paddle, or go into the details of my technique with complicated paddle training. My thanks to Motionize for using my help in order to (Finally) create a designated product for the millions of paddlers in the world, for all their needs, wherever they paddle.
- Barak Fewkes, Israel