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The Blazer is a canoe brought to you by Mohawk Canoes. Read Blazer reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

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Blazer Reviews

Read reviews for the Blazer by Mohawk Canoes as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I bought my 1994 mohawk...

I bought my 1994 mohawk canoe for $25 and the bottom had poor carbon fiber job so I replaced it and refurbished it. It is a nice first canoe and is very fun to use. It is hard to find info on it any ideas where I should look?

I bought 17' Mohawk Blazer...

I bought 17' Mohawk Blazer new in about 1984 for multi-day trips down the Allegheny River in PA. In its lifetime, it never tipped accidentally. The shallow "V" hull makes the most stable canoe I've ever used. It even handled well in 7' waves on Lake Erie.

Canoe is made in Chattanooga, TN and the Mohawk Canoe Co is still in business, although now they make whitewater canoes. Company has been extremely helpful in my current restoration project - even offering to custom build deck plates.
Best Fiberglass Canoe.

I bought my 17 foot Mohawk...

I bought my 17 foot Mohawk in 1981 at the factory in Florida. It is still in very good shape after 30 years. I use it in flat water here in the Southeast and could not be more pleased with it. Yes, made of fiberglass, it is a bit heavy, but that is quickly forgotten when it hits the water.

I bought a 17' fiberglass...

I bought a 17' fiberglass Blazer a few months back for $300. It's a lightly used '97 commercial model, and a solid boat that paddles well and can carry allot of gear. It's blown chop on a mold with woven roving over that. I use it on the flats off the St. Marks light, in the river and all over the place. It's a great product, and you can still buy a new one for about $650.(17'). This Mohawk is a super boat!

I purchased my Mohawk...

I purchased my Mohawk Blazer 16 canoe about 18 years ago, new, for $399. It's only been on lakes and used by my kids and Boy Scouts. It's been dragged and banged and still going strong. I did some fiberglass patch work on the hull where it was dragged on some rocks down into the fiberglass with no problems. I also added kevlar drag strips at the bow and stern for extra protection. I've also added a sail kit to it as well as outriggers and it sails good. It's a tough canoe that will be used by the grandkids in a few more years.

I owned a Blazer 17 for a...

I owned a Blazer 17 for a couple of years. It was built in the 80s. The canoe was 20 years old when I bought it. But I am sure it will last for another 20 years. It weighs 80+ lbs on my scale. Yes, it is quite heavy. But it is built like a tank. Very tough. Thick hull. Strong gunwale. Fiberglass seats. I sometimes used a gas motor to propel it and the hull never flexed. The motor bracket never left a dent on the gunwale.

The hull shape is shallow-V. The secondary stability is decent. It is a good recreational canoe. If you can find a Blazer for a good price and don't mind the weight, you should give it try.

I'm not sure if my model...

I'm not sure if my model is a blazer but I just got a used 1975 16' Mad River boat for 100 bucks. The alluminum gunwales were in disrepair for what looks like years of being leaned on one side against a tree or shed or something. Gell coat was gouged in many locations and the fiberglass was showing in the obvious places from years of being dragged accross rocks.

Mine has alluminum tubular thwarts, and seat bars. The seat surface is fiberglass.

Well I spent a few hours beating the Gunwales back into shape and it pulled the hull back into true.

I took it out a couple times and was surprised how stable it is as mine is supposed to be a whitewater boat (has a little rocker to it) I am just a beginner but I took it out for a local river clean up expecting just to use it on flat water but had a friend of a friend lead me down the class l and ll rapids. The boat did alot better than I did as I kept finding every rock I could.

I can't say I recomend it for single paddler use on white water. But after putting in some fix up hours I have a pretty good looking boat that I think will last forever. And would feel good about taking on some whitewater with. (with a little more experience, or a bow paddler) The stiffness and internal Keelson makes me think this thing would never tomato can on a rock. I am really glad I got this fix-er-upper rather than a dangerous $300 plastic Tub.

I am giving it a 9 due to the fact that it is 30 years old, easy to repair, and a tank. One off due to weight, and the unfinished alluminum gets hot in the sun.

I bought a used on several...

I bought a used on several years ago for $200, and have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. There are lighter canoes, faster canoes, and more efficient canoes, but this Mohawk is relatively fast, carries a fair sized load, and paddles easily. It is used mostly on southern rivers and swamps, and the gelcoat is beginning to show its age. The seats are more durably made and attached than on my Old Towns. This canoe is not a specialty canoe, but it does lots of tasks reasonably well.

We have had a Blazer 16'...

We have had a Blazer 16' for a little over two years now and for a fiber glass canoe, we couldn't be happier. Stiffness, reletively low weight, and excellent tracking ability make it a pleasure to own. After a long search it was difficult to find a higher quality canoe for anywhere near the price. Although they are not quite as publicized by the company, the fiber glass line is still available for all those flat water paddlers looking for a quality canoe at a very reasonable price. We purchased ours directly from the factory and were very impressed with the service and knowledge of the representatives.

y two 17'4" Blazers have...

y two 17'4" Blazers have held up under four years of commercial use.As commercial boats they have an additional lay-up of glass.If you don't mind the extra weight and cost, it really increases longevity.Our Blazers are used in both salt and fresh water.They are designed for flatwater and serve very well in said conditions. A very good buy for the money.

Having had a few canoes...

Having had a few canoes this is the best for a stable well made lake and calm rivers a very good value. A+

Good all around affordable...

Good all around affordable fiberglass canoe. Used in many rental fleets as is easily repairable. Mohawk is not pushing these canoes right now as they are advertising their new Royalex and Royalite models, but I understand the fiberglass models can still be purchased. Tracks well in the water and carries a fairly good load for canoe-camping. Not the best choice for whitewater use however. The most popular canoe in the southeast in my opinion as you see them everywhere, ie in peoples yards and along the rivers.