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Escape Paddle Specifications

  • Length (min, max): , "
  • Blade Dimensions (L × W): × "

Recommended Usage

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking

Mitchell Paddles, Inc.
Escape Paddle Reviews

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I bought a Mitchell Escape paddle after reading and re-reading the…

I bought a Mitchell Escape paddle after reading and re-reading the two previous reviews on here. I live in Vermont and Mitchell is made in New Hampshire, so decided to keep it local. I got this on e-bay, the only place that I could find one for the color and size I wanted at this late a time in the paddling season.

This paddle is a dream. It weighs so little. I do not know the weight, but the handle is carbon-fiber and the blaces are solid but so light I hardly feel that they are there. I have so far logged about twenty or thirty miles with it in all kinds of conditions. Last week, for instance, I was at Grafton Pond in Grafton, NH, digging in against a heavy chop and a 15 mph wind, and the Mitchell hardly seemed phased by this. I also managed to get stuck in shallow water and rocks and had to use the paddle as a pole to literally push myself out. I sometimes forget that I have it in my arms. I have gone for five mile jaunt with it and did not feel like I had hit that wall of exhaustion as one can with other paddles.

The paddle is adjustable. Mine is a 230-240. I generally keep it around 240 and it just screams the boat along. The adjustment is quite simple to figure out. I have yet to try it in Whitewater, but am sure it would handle just as well as after going into that rather considerable headwind.

This paddle is a gem. It has put my other paddles on the bench. This paddle just wants to keep going and going.

I've owned the Mitchell...

I've owned the Mitchell Escape paddle for a couple of years and have logged many many miles on it. It continues to look as good as the day it was purchased. This is a great paddle. I've tried other paddles both lower end and higher end but am always happy to get my Mitchell back in hand. It's obvious the designers of this paddle really understood the dynamics of paddling. It just fits right and paddling is effortless with it. I love this paddle.

I recently picked up a...

I recently picked up a glass version of the Escape touring paddle, 2 piece, 220mm length. I had been using an overpriced plastic/aluminum paddle from another maker and while it never did me harm, I never much cared for it. After trying many a paddle out I decided to give Mitchell a call and order up the Escape. It was a good weight, good design and a great price. Customer service was great and I was soon testing out my new toy. I really enjoy the flat face on the front of the paddle and 1 lb weight savings over my old paddle. I did a full day of rescue practice the second time out and the paddle got plenty of abuse and never complained. Very happy. I'll have to get the carbon version next.