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After having the Michicraft…

Submitted by: Eric_R on 11/22/2022

After having the Michicraft L-12 for two years and using it on eight trips on three different rivers, a flowage, and a 130 acre lake, I can say it is excellent when accompanied by a 3HP motor, but an absolute beast when trying to paddle. I originally planned to use it with a 3HP rated electric motor so it meets my needs.

I’ve loaded it up with two adults, a 30 lb dog, cooler and overnight camping gear (plus weight of motor and battery, total 40lbs) and it is very stable. Space is limited so you have to be strategic when using it on overnight camping-canoe trips.

I ordered it through a vendor in Illinois. It took around 4 months to be built and delivered, so plan ahead.


I have owned my L12 for 35…

Submitted by: paddler235562 on 5/27/2014
I have owned my L12 for 35 years now. I originally bought it to fish for small mouth in the White River north of Indianapolis. I used it for that with 2hp Johnson several times and it worked out great. However we moved to the country shortly after I purchased it and I altered it to make it more pond and lake friendly. I cut a rectangular hole in the rear of the stern seat large enough to holed a trolling motor battery. I then fabricated an aluminum box with a lid to hold the battery. I put flanges on the box at the point where when they were setting the seat the bottom of the box was resting on the inside of the keel. I then pop riveted the flanges to the seat. Then I fabricated an aluminum bracket that bolts to the left side of the of box that protrudes above the seat. This bracket also bolts to the gunwale and holds the trolling motor. I have a 48 qrt Gott cooler that I put behind the front seat and in front of the center thwart. When filled 3\\4 full of water the boat is trimmed perfectly and I have a nice live well. I can even put the Johnson outboard on the stern. This makes a very nice rig for ponds and small lakes, and it all fits in the back of my pickup.

WoW! What a great canoe. I…

Submitted by: paddler234612 on 6/23/2012
WoW! What a great canoe. I have owned other heavier p, bigger canoes. I thought maybe the light weight would make it less stable... Was I wrong.
Very stable, even with 2 grand kids doing their best to tip it over. Soloed on a Pikes Peak Lake with high wind without a problem.

I have had this canoe now for…

Submitted by: paddler233397 on 9/30/2009
I have had this canoe now for several years. I decided that a gas motor was the way to go for solo fishing. Other reviews are correct, it is hard to paddle on your own, circle city.

I use either my Yamaha 2hp gas motor or my Minn-Kota 36lb thrust electric trolling motor. In either case I put the battery in the bow to better balance the craft when alone.

It was an awesome canoe to have for a trip I did with a friend in the Upper Peninsula of MI. It was a paddle in (about a half mile on a lake) and set up camp deal. The wide beam afforded us plenty of gear stowage, but we wound up having to tow his kayak with more gear stuffed in it! Didn't pack as light as we thought!


I bought this canoe (well…

Submitted by: paddler231518 on 4/12/2006
I bought this canoe (well used) from a friend this winter. I wanted it for it's lightness (56#) and versatility as a "toss it n the back of the pick-up and fish for an hour" craft. First the good stuff. It is light and right sized for eh task. It lifts easily and slides PERFECTLY into the rear of my shortbed Toyota. ( I can even close the hach on the cap!) The aluminum is fairly decient gage and will take a beating. i.e IT's well built! Of course, the beam is big @ 42" CTC on rails and even though there is a SLIGHT arch to the bottom and has round chines, you can stand in it if your careful. Downsides? First the seating arangement makes it hard to get the boat trimmed right. You really need to toss a 5 gal bucket of water/concrete block/battery in the bow if you plan on sitting on the rear seat. Otherwise, the boat spins helplessly around the stern with any attempt to paddle it. However, I found that even with the extra weight, use of a 7" legged beach chair , placed just forward of the rear seat provides MUCH better trim. As you might guess, even with the keel, the wide beam forces paddle strokes way off the centerline. Coupled with the dificulty in trimming the craft, the stem tends to swing dramaticly from side to side with each paddle stroke. In fact, I found the beach chair trick and use of a 240 cm Kayak paddle was the ONLY way to adaquatly gain speed and control of the boat without use of a motor.

In short, it's a great little one person fishing boat for sheltered waters but really fails at traditional paddle methods. It really begs for a electric motor or at least a yak paddle.


Bought this canoe as a car…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/3/2006
Bought this canoe as a car topper, very light weight. Used with a 2 1/2 hp motor very nice solo fishing canoe. Not for fast water but great pond small lake canoe.

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