Thurso Surf

Explore Beyond

We believe the best way to find harmony lies within ourselves. The routine of modern life pushes us to rush, to struggle, and to fall off course. Thurso Surf was founded to jolt people out of their everyday routines and encourage them to seek their true selves. We want to take you to places you’ve never been before, give you a different perspective of the mother nature, and offer you an opportunity to get in touch with your soul - on water. There, you can enjoy the deepest meditation, the sincerest companionship, or simply the purest fun.

With that mission in mind, we always chase after the highest quality while striving for the lowest price possible so that everyone can experience the thrill of paddling. To get the best performance at the best price, we aren’t afraid to put our lab coats on. Our materials, shapes and designs are refined by a high-tech, experiment-driven approach that incorporates cutting-edge engineering procedures and modern technologies such as fluid dynamics and structural analysis. That’s why you can trust us to always stand behind our products 100%.

From the moment your new board arrives, we consider you part of the Thurso Surf crew. Our team is made up of a group of young people who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and explore beyond - beyond the places we’ve been, beyond typical materials, design, and engineering techniques as we develop new gear, and beyond our personal limits. We can’t wait to paddle out together!