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We have purchased several…

Submitted by: paddler234034 on 2/3/2012
We have purchased several different sit on top Kayaks. the Mainsteam Twist is one of my favorite boats. I do not recommend this boat on anything over class 2 water, for class 3, I recommend an inflatable kayak. The Mainstream Twist is a very stable boat that tracks on flat water well yet still allows for fairly quick turns when needed. I would have to recommend the Mainstrean Twist as one of my top pics.

I purchased my Twist used for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2011
I purchased my Twist used for a steal at $300, and I love it! Tracks great, has excellent stability, and it is very sturdy. I am looking for one more for my wife!!

We also bought our Twist on a…

Submitted by: paddler232189 on 7/16/2007
We also bought our Twist on a whim at Sam's Club for ONLY $100! My 230 lb husband loves it but best of all it is the perfect boat for our 13 year old. We canoe with the other younger children and he can easily maneuver in the Twist along side. He has taken it in the ocean and on many lakes. He weighs only 120 lbs but this boat is fabulously easy to control. In fact I am currently looking to purchase another for our next up-and-coming kayaker who is 10 and also loves to get on the Twist and paddle around. We love this beginner friendly kayak and recommend it.

The Twist is a pretty nice…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/8/2006
The Twist is a pretty nice little beginner boat. It's fairly comfortable. I am 6', 225 lbs, and there's plenty of room for me and my long legs. The Harmony seat isn't a deluxe model, but it's OK. In fact, OK is the way I would describe most everything about this kayak. The boat is lightweight and easy to carry. I got it last fall on sale at Dick's for about $200. So it was a pretty good bargain as well. The boat does nicely on flat water. It's not really fast, but it's not terriby slow, either. It tracks OK, but not as well as my OK Malibu 2. It seems less substantial than the Malibu, or any other OK boat, for that matter. The material seems thinner. It does OK in moderate surf, but only OK. The nose isn't upswept, like say a Frenzy. So when going out, you go through the waves, not over them. And if you try riding a large wave, the nose tends to bury itself in the water as you're going down the wave front, and you get dumped. (But that straight nose makes it track better on flat water.) It's not easy to handle this boat in big surf. In moderate surf, you can lean back enough to keep the nose up, and it's a lot of fun. But you have to be careful not to take on the big ones unless you're really set for them. I have tried fishing from it once, using a better seat. There's plenty of room for my gear, and it's stable enough to do about anything you need to do. Overall rating is a 7, because it's an all-purpose boat, and as such, it really isn't great at anything. But it is a good, inexpensive, all-purpose boat. I bought it to use in the surf, and am mildly disappointed with its performance there. But it does creeks, lakes, rivers, inlets, etc. pretty well. I'm going to keep it, but I'll probably look for another more specialized surf boat for the ocean. This would be a good boat for someone who is just beginning to explore the sport, a veteran will likely find it lacking in too many areas.

Its a great beginner boat, I…

Submitted by: paddler231627 on 6/15/2006
Its a great beginner boat, I have only used on a Lake. It Tracks well, the only thing I can tell to be a problem is that its a thinner plastic than most kayaks I have looked at after I bought the Twist. I can see where I will want to update the Twist to a faster stronger boat in the future.

It's a great Kayak for the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2006
It's a great Kayak for the money, I use it on a lake and found it to be very stable, easy to enter and exit. It tracks very well and with the Harmony seat and paddle its a very comfortable boat.

I'd rate this SOT higher if…

Submitted by: peegee on 3/20/2006
I'd rate this SOT higher if used only as a play boat. Bought the last one for $150. Paddling with the current is easy but don't try paddling against it. Paddled it recently in a swamp against a gentle current and it was slow as molasses. Very stable and extremely comfortable but limited storage. Scupper holes keep your fanny wet which is not great in cooler temperatures. My wife loves it as it gives an even tan on your out stretched legs( unlike sit-ins ). At ten feet I can carry it inside my Town and Country minivan with two more boats on top. Looking forward to taking it to Myrtle Beach this summer where I think it will shine in the surf.

What an awesome deal! I just…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/13/2003
What an awesome deal! I just bought the Twist at Sam's Club for just over $225! Although it is a short kayak, paddling is easy and it doesn't seem badly affected by wind. While it is certainly not intended for touring, it is certainly a fun little boat and excellent for poking around on our local lakes. The paddle it comes with is a bit heavy but the seat cushion/ backrest is more than adequate. It is also excellent for me since I live in an apartment and the short length allows me to not only bring the kayak inside, but stand it in the corner of our living room. If you want a fun kayak with very little impact on your pocketbook, the Mainstream Twist is a kayak I would highly recommend.

Rock and roll baby, for 300…

Submitted by: paddler230222 on 6/30/2003
Rock and roll baby, for 300 bucks, who can complain? Once you get it up to speed it goes really straight, and slower you can do a 180 in the surf in about 2 seconds, important if you just surfed into a rock garden and want out! I have taken it into rough surf and all I have to say is wow! Just lean back and watch the twist blast thru the surf. Yeah you get a little wet, but it just blasts thru. Just lean back, and it probably helps if you weight 210 but this thing is designed for larger riders. The twist has only dumped me 2 times in 5 outings, and that is when I got my bow stuck in the sand when I went down a wave wrong. This thing is wide enough that when a wave hits you broadside, you just pop up a little and that's it, I paddled a Scrambler before in okinawa and it wasn't nearly as steady or easy to get back on in deep water. The only thing that keeps this a nine is lack of tie downs, and I'm working on that. Can't be to hard to safely retrofit some extra loops, maybe a hatch, but hey you just saved 200-300 bucks.

This is a great little boat!…

Submitted by: paddler229928 on 9/20/2002
This is a great little boat! I had a chance to demo one this summer, and I was pleasantly surprised at its speed, tracking, and load capacity. It's well built. This boat offers the most bang for the buck out there.

Who should consider this boat? One, beginners should, since it's stable and easy to paddle; it's also a SOT, which are beginner friendly. Two, those who just want to get out on the lake, bay, canal, etc., and have fun. Three, those who want a great value.

The only negative thing I could say about this boat is the lack of tie downs and storage capacity. There's little room for fishing tackle, dive tanks, and so on. However, this boat isn't targeted at that audience, so that isn't a big deal. The boat was targeted at the novice kayaker. Hence, it was designed to give a good combination of stability, tracking, and speed that would suit both novices and more experienced paddlers. It was also designed and built for a price that would make anyone smile. In its intended role, the boat is awesome!

I've been looking for my own boat, since the rentals are adding up-ha! I want a decent, all-round boat. However, I don't have a fortune to spend. That puts the Mainstream Twist on my short list! It doesn't have as much carrying capacity as I would like, but hey, you can't have everything. Therefore, I'll give this great little boat a 9...


Bought the Twist on a whim at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/17/2002
Bought the Twist on a whim at Sams at a blowout price of $150. Could not pass up. Pleasently surprised. Have take out in Tampa Bay for my first run. For a short yak it moves surprisingly well and tracks ok. Had been shopping for a "real" fishing yak for a few months until this showed up. I think I'll learn on this - rig for fishing - then maybe move up to a faster yak. This is light, stable, very manuverable, and comfortable.

Very comfortable, great for…

Submitted by: paddler229869 on 8/9/2002
Very comfortable, great for beginners and the bay, and a great price. But does not do well taking in waves in the ocean. Nose dives and goes under way too easily. Riding waves was the main reason I bought a kayak.

I've been wanting to try…

Submitted by: atr62 on 7/18/2002
I've been wanting to try kayaking for some time, and I finally did it! After doing some homework, the best buy and, in my opinion a great kayak for beginners is the Twist. Picked it up for $299.00 at SAMS with seat and paddle and I love!!! Its tracks very well and turns on a dime. Great kayak for beginners and to have a fun day at the beach. I also purcahsed a Mainstream Tropic II at Costco for just over $400.00, but that's another story.

This is an awesome kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler229749 on 6/18/2002
This is an awesome kayak for surf. I am 240 lbs. This kayak is wide enough to seat me comfortably (29 1/2" wide) and with its 10' length, it is very manageable and tracks well also. An Excellent buy for the money at 300 bucks including seat and paddle at Sam's wholesale. I have not seen another bargain in kayaks as good as this one. I wish it would have a dry storage hatch.. it would be a 10 then!