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This is a great sit on top.…

Submitted by: gmsim64 on 7/30/2009
This is a great sit on top. It tracks well and has decent speed. We bought ours at an estate sale for $100. It's like new and well worth every penny.

In Sept.2005 I bought the…

Submitted by: Charlieeng on 8/22/2008
In Sept.2005 I bought the Tropic from Costco in Honolulu for $479; it included 2 heavy alum plastic paddles that you can feather the paddle blades to a 45 degree angle, 2 low back seats, 2 foam pads for car roof carrying with 2 sets of straps. We bought it and took it to Kailua Beach to try out. Going over to Flat Island and back was a blast!

Very stable and light enough for 2 people to carry the kayak from the parking lot to the boat ramp area to launch. I now use it in Kaupa Pond in Hawaii Kai for my daily exercise of going from my house to KoKo Marina Zippy's. Costco doesn't sell these anymore now, they switched to a different brand (Pelican).

My kayak is a tandem model so when I solo it, I sit in the center but I notice the bow tends to still lift out of the water so it works better with 2 paddlers rather then one. Very sturdy bottom as we tend to hit submerged rocks all the time. I heard the maker of this kayak from South Carolina is no longer in business as their website has gone off the air and you are referred to Dick's Sporting goods.


Great boat for the money. I…

Submitted by: paddler231263 on 8/21/2005
Great boat for the money. I finally purchased this hard kayak after owning about 3 or 4 of the cheap inflatables. Thank Goodness I did. This boat does really well in the ocean as well as my local lake. I use it to fly fish and for recreation. You CAN buy the ocean kayak scupper stoppers at any place that sells ocean kayaks (probably near the beach) and plug the scupper holes to stay dry in the colder months. Altogether it was a great buy. By the way the model I bought is the "JAZZ".

I bought a Tropic for a…

Submitted by: cliffrnatp on 7/28/2004
I bought a Tropic for a search/recovery effort on a major river. I spent two months dealing unspeakable abuse to this poor boat. I am here to tell you that it is indestructable. It's the little kayak that could.

After first experience on a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/17/2004
After first experience on a trip to Maine, we noticed Tropics at Costco were like the sit-on-tops we had rented. Bought two for use on mountain lakes and rivers in Western Montana. Love them so much, we bought two more.

bought the jazz at bjs for…

Submitted by: paddler230263 on 7/17/2003
bought the jazz at bjs for 250. my wife and i took it out to a lake near us and after taking turns she said to me"you better go get another, this isnt going to work, sharing, we will be arguing. so the next day i got another one. we are using it in the bay and ocean south jersey(cape may).the only problem is that with a rough ocean it dumps on the way in. i dont seem to have much of a problem going out over the other thing is that we are in our mid 50s. we have a hundai santa fe. one goes onto the roof rack and the other fits in the back window of the rear gate.we also take them home after the weekend to penna which is 110 miles each way and we tie the one on the roof with five bungi cords and rope on the front and rear handles to the bumper and it doesnt even move at all. i would recommend them to everyone..the price is right

I bought my Kayak last year…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2003
I bought my Kayak last year at Costco for $299.00. I have had more fun on it. I named it Cheap Dream. I use it in the surf and for long paddles in the ocean. It is a great workout and it perfect for some fun in the sun. Because of its light weight about 30 pounds it is easy to handle. The seat that it comes with provides me with storage. It is a great buy

This is a great recreational…

Submitted by: paddler229897 on 8/27/2002
This is a great recreational Kayak. For it's price range, it should probably get a 10. It is stable, easy to transport (a big plus), and great fun to paddle. Sold under the name "Jazz" we paid $299 incuding a high back seat and paddle. Can't beat that. Add scupper plugs for the rear holes to keep your but dry as you sit fairly low. I added a few eyelets for rigging and an inexpensive 4" storage hatch between the legs for room to carry keys, a camera, water bottle and more. We use it for day paddling, picknicking, sightseeing and more. I wouldn't hesitate to endorse it to anyone looking to buy.

I bought this kayak for my…

Submitted by: paddler229881 on 8/14/2002
I bought this kayak for my wife to use in light surf. We bought it from Boat U.S. for $249. I added two eyelets so we could use the seat from her other kayak. This boat is an excellent performer in light surf, it tracks and turns well with minimal bracing. The bow does have a tendency to pearl if you don't lean back and it rolls in the exit if you brace to far forward. The kayak paddles well on flat water and would be perfectly suitable fishing or exploring small lakes and rivers. I think this kayak was a great value. BTW, it's called a "JAZZ" at Boat U.S.

My buddy and I own 7 of these…

Submitted by: paddler229859 on 8/5/2002
My buddy and I own 7 of these and if you don't mind your butt getting wet or the lack of storage, you can't find a better boat for the money. We have used it class 1 rivers for fishing and recreational, but also in Puerto Penasco in the ocean. Great boat!

Great litle boat. I weigh…

Submitted by: paddler229812 on 7/17/2002
Great litle boat. I weigh 212# and have no problems. I have been on the Sacramento river and the river delta also the Pacific ocean. Small, fast and responsive.

I agree with Barry plus I…

Submitted by: paddler229761 on 6/24/2002
I agree with Barry plus I have adopted my kayak for fishing the Florida coastal waters and is the best bang for your buck! I bought two.

For the money, this is a…

Submitted by: paddler228094 on 6/7/2002
For the money, this is a great little boat! For its size it tracks well and is very stable. It will do anything that the small boats from the big name manufactures will do for a lot less money (about $300.00 including seat and paddle at Costco). I only rated it an 8 because of the lack of storage and the drain holes in the seat compartment. If my butt stayed drier, it would be a 10.