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First of many kayaks family…

Submitted by: paddler234199 on 8/8/2011
First of many kayaks family has and this one has been awesome - for the price you can't beat it. May be a bit slow on the water, but very stable and a workhorse in all kinds of conditions. Big enough cockpit for most people 6' and under. Use it mostly on Lake Erie, and it is a blessing under constantly changing weather conditions. Can handle smooth, choppy, and and large waves all in one trip -- commonplace for the lake. Really a nice daytripper or a kayak to leave at the beach for everyone to goof around with all day.

Since Mainstream was acquired…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/11/2009
Since Mainstream was acquired by Confluence, which also acquired Perception, the Sound is now manufactured by Perception and is known as a Perception Sound. It is not shown on Perception's website. I just purchased a new one from Gander Mountain for 20% discount off the regular price. This kayak is a good deal at the regular price and a bargain at the discount price. There is a 3-year warranty.

At 1/3 the price (new for new) of my Hurricane Santee 116 Sport it's every bit as good, if not better in some areas. Ergonomics are very similar (cockpit opening is the same size), weight is about the same, but seat is more comfortable. There is no closed storage, but plenty of open storage under the decks for day trips. Tracks well and turns easier and is about 2 ft shorter. The Hurricane may be better on open water because of the long keel. The Sound has a tri-hull, but looks almost flat. When paddling hard, you can hear the water coming off the squarish stern. The Sound is roto-molded high-density linear polyethelene, but is sure a lot lighter (under 40 lbs) then any others I've seen. It flexes about as much as the Hurricane's Trylon, and probably won't hold up to white water kayaking. Good for slow moving rivers and small ponds and lakes.

There are no sharp edges as others have described, maybe now due to Perception manufacturing it.


As a beginner getting into…

Submitted by: Erich on 5/28/2008
As a beginner getting into kayaks my wife found it to be very nice. But being 6'2" I found I was too far forward in the kayak due to lack of leg room, I could not move the seat back, or modify the seat so I can move it back. As a beginning paddler it is ideal for a shorter person and not for someone with longer legs, that is way I gave it a 7. My wife would give it a 10, from her view point it was fun to use and tracked good.

Well designed, very roomy…

Submitted by: paddler232478 on 3/12/2008
Well designed, very roomy cockpit. Maneuvers nicely. Easy to transport. I like the flat storage and behind the seat storage and built in tray in the front. The only drawback I see to it is no paddle holders; had to add my own. Otherwise I would have given it a 10.

I found the mainstream sound…

Submitted by: paddler232331 on 9/24/2007
I found the mainstream sound to be a very good kayak. It has very comfortable seats and is very stable and handles very well. I use it as a river kayak and for fishing, and it works very well, especially for the price.

This is a very good kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler232327 on 9/18/2007
This is a very good kayak for the money. It's very light and easy to load and unload. The storage is good with the flat back deck and the area behind the seat. This boat tracks pretty well and is very stable and maneuverable. This cockpit is roomy enough to fish out of easily and the seat is fairly comfortable. This boat is loads of fun in fast moving rivers with some white water. It also is good in the creeks and back water off the lakes. I have paddled it on big open water in a breeze and it's not a lot of fun but manageable. My other kayak is a 14' Heritage. The sound gets more use because it is so light and it’s pretty good all around.

This is a great kayak design,…

Submitted by: paddler231640 on 6/22/2006
This is a great kayak design, but I had the same problem with the sharp edges. It gets rather uncomfortable after an hour or so. My solution (as with any kayak) is to put weather proof foam tape around the edges. It will peel away and break down over time, but it really helps. I have had no complaints since. This is a very good kayak for traversing rivers on extended day fishing/camping trips where you will at times also meet class I and II rapids, or if you are just cruising on the lake. It is very stable and comfortable. The rear flat storage platform is a great feature, as well as the drainage system. I give this an 8, but that is based upon what I do with a kayak.

This seems like a nice…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/16/2006
This seems like a nice improvement over my streak. While I liked the streak very much. there were storage issues and the cockpit rim collected water. I love the extra space and the hull seems more responsive. Also, the rise in the bow is nice as is the ability to drain the boat at the transom. The inside edge of the cockpit is the only drawback being a bit sharp on the edges.