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The Renegade is a kayak brought to you by Mainstream Kayaks. Read Renegade reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Renegade Reviews

Read reviews for the Renegade by Mainstream Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I picked up the kayak used...

I picked up the kayak used with a paddle for $200. Added a back band rather than a full seat as you sit so deep in the kayak that is all you need. I've had it on rivers and lakes. I agree with everyone who said the kayak is fast and stable. I'm 6'2", 230 pounds and have no issues fitting in the kayak. Very comfortable for extended paddles. I use scupper plugs so the ride is dry. Only drawback is that is has very little rocker so the waves will roll over the bow.

If you can only have one kayak but you want to do moving water as well as flat water, plus maybe an ocean then this is the kayak for you.

The quality is top of the line. Mine is 10 years old and looks brand new. Only other item I added were side carry handles as this makes it much easier loading into J-rack.

I just purchased a used...

I just purchased a used Renegade for $200. It is in very good condition and came with a paddle. Yesterday was the first day out on the water with it. Spent about 4 hours paddling around Tampa Bay and the Hillsborough river. It was a breeze and didn't have any problems whatsoever. As everyone else has mentioned it's really fast for such a small boat. The size is great and allows me to easily load and unload it from the car's roof racks without any help. I'm pretty light, about 150lbs at 5'11" and the boat had no problems holding me up, was very stable and easy to maneuver.

The only thing worth mentioning, is when testing the kayak in the pool, the scupper holes let in a bit more water than I would like. This was cured with some small foam baseballs, about the size of the foam practice golf balls people recommend for scupper plugs.

If you happen to find one of these and the prices is right, grab it up. You won't regret it.

I have two Renegades,...

I have two Renegades, bought 'em years ago after they were discontinued for 300 the first one and $200 the second one. This is the fastest sit on top kayak I have ever paddled on and all my friends who have tried it agree with me. I am 6 feet two and I look ridiculous on it but nobody on another sot can catch up with me. It is also extremely stable; I can actually stand up on it and paddle on waves while standing. I have owned and tested many kayaks (including sit inside ones) but there is something about the cut of this kayak that makes it remarkably superb. And they discontinued it!! I wish Mainstream had a more serious kayak (sit inside is fine) with similar performing characteristics.

I bought the Renegade...

I bought the Renegade because it was cheap and the kids want to try out kayaking. I have paddled many kayaks and really like this one. Wow, is it fast! The seat that it came with and the paddle are pretty crummy but the kayak is great. It is stable on the water and lightweight for loading and unloading. It tracks very well and with the addition of a better seat and paddle it works great for members of my family from a 90 lb. boy to a 210 lb. and 6' tall grown man. It is perfect for beginning kayakers and those who have been in the water a while. It can only be beat by the Scupper Pro and other much more expensive kayaks.

I got a great deal at...

I got a great deal at Sam's on their last renegade and am I glad I went for it. This is a very stable kayak for the ocean/surf environment. I have mine rigged for extreme "just off the beach" fishing. The renegade is pretty quick and tracks well in the waves. I can't see a very large person liking this boat due to the fairly small foot well. I'm 5'10" 175# and it fits me perfectly, but I'm at the second to last molded foot rest. Long legs would feel cramped in there I'm sure. I put mine in the swimming pool to see exactly how stable it was and I was amazed. You can move around all over the thing when floating. I sat Indian style on the bow and stern...sat sideways...rocking it around with no problems. I had to ditch the paddle and make the thing flip over in the pool. Getting the renegade flipped back over in deep water and then boarding it is absolutely easy. Also, at 53 pounds it is a breeze to load on top of my blazer by myself.


FAST! FAST! FAST! It's only 12 feet but it's faster than 14 foot kayaks I've tryed. I guess the 26 1/2 is 3 inches... narrower then the 29-30 inch wide kayaks I was in before. I'm 225 lbs so my sit is wet and the foot compartment is in 4 inchs of water all the time! I gladly trade that for the GREAT STablity and SPEED! I didn't feel tippy! I could RELAX and I felt as comfortable as in my sit-inside kayak! I even sit on side of it resting with both feet over the same side of kayak and never felt like it was gonna tip over! Wonderful! Tracks Straight... it's a pleasure to use this kayak. It seems to coast forever... I paddled 4 fast strokes and rested and it went another 30 or 40 yards! WOW! I jumped off the kayak to swim and had no problems getting back into it. It's 53 lbs and it's pretty light. No side handles. If you are 225 lbs or above be prepared to sit in 2 inches of water... but it is DIFFENENTLY WORTH IT!

I own a Renegade fitted as...

I own a Renegade fitted as a fishing kayak, and I love it. The kayak is light enough for easy lifting and transport. My specific model is a drab green color and perfectly matches the waters that I generally fish in south Texas; I've even had large lake gar and bass swim under the kayak like it wasn't even there. Some of the accessories include a paddle holder, anchor and cleat, rod holder, and d-hooks over the storage areas for tackle boxes etc... I purchased the boat as a package at a local Houston fishing and tackle store for less than $500, and that even included the paddle, custom seat, anchor, tether strap, and the above mentioned accessories. I think I got one hell of a deal. The craft is fast and fairly stable for anyone with the slightest sense of balance. I fish mainly freshwater but have had the Renegade in saltwater many times, including Galveston Bay and the surrounding saltwater flats and barrier islands. As long as the water's not too choppy, you'll do OK. I've never put stoppers in the scupper holes because the waters around my locale are generally warm year round, but that is always an option for those of you in cooler climates. Do yourself a favor and check out this model!

I've been paddleing the...

I've been paddleing the Renegade for this whole season this boat is fast and darn easy to paddle upstream (I generally paddle solo so hard to do a shuttle) Boat is light easy to load and unload gave it a 9 because the seat that came with broke the first time out, but boat was replaced and I bought a better seat. Great boat for the money $380 at Sports Authority.

I already own a Mainstream...

I already own a Mainstream Sneak (SIT INSIDE) which I consider an excellent kayak for the River. So I got a Renagade sit on top for summer fun, and it is fun. It's fast and takes very little effort to paddle. I paddle up river with it for miles against current and don't get too tired, but it's a wet ride. It's fairly stable (26 1/2 ") but you can dump it. However for the money it's a bargain.