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Just bought it new last week.…

Submitted by: paddler233178 on 6/18/2009
Just bought it new last week. Have had it out 3 times. I am very pleased with this great kayak. It has a large cockpit (one of the largest on the market), comfortable seat, air tight hatch in the back. The deck in front is rounded upward which helps keep you dry when large waves are coming right at you. It's a great boat. I'm so glad I bought it. I would recommend it to anyone.

Got a Prowler on sale at…

Submitted by: paddler231262 on 8/19/2005
Got a Prowler on sale at Gander Mtn for $250. Like the light weight and price and tandem capability. Tracking is average, seems durable, maneuver is average. Seats are not the most comfortable, and if you use kayak paddles your lap gets wet. Foot rests, storage, paddle holders are all great features. Most important thing: on moving water, do not get sideways into an obstruction! Low gunwales will immediately flood craft. Otherwise stable, but not as stable as a canoe. For light, cheap tandem capability and extra features, I recommend without reserve. In terms of anything more than light recreation it would probably prove less satisfying, but for the cost it might still be a good option. Tip: carry on cartop like a canoe, not a kayak.

This tandem kayak was also…

Submitted by: paddler230759 on 8/26/2004
This tandem kayak was also sold by BoatU.S. as the Cruiser Sport. It is 12' 2" long, 30.5" wide, and weighs 65 lbs. As such, it is one of the smallest and lightest tandem kayaks one can buy, and importantly to me, I can thus load it onto my minivan's roofrack myself. (It is rather amazing to me that the actual specifications do not match those on the Mainstream website or the Manufacturers Statement of Origin document.) I find the kayak very comfortable and the various little features such as paddle or fishing rod holders quite handy. The boat is stable and with two paddlers will move right along. I say that because most of the time I am with my 4 1/2 year old son who loves to be in the boat but paddles only sporadically. Tracking is reasonable but not great. When one quits paddling, the boat tends to drift. At the list price of $499 (at Bass Pro Shops), this kayak is worth considering.