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The Fiesta Deluxe is a kayak brought to you by Mainstream Kayaks. Read Fiesta Deluxe reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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I have had my Fiesta since…

Submitted by: preilly on 10/28/2019

I have had my Fiesta since 2002. I bought on sale for $180.00 and have never looked back. It has been a lot of fun and has held up well both on slow rivers and lakes. Not much room inside for your feet but it all works out. I have even stretched out on it on a hot summer day and taken a nap. Plenty stable and a great boat for my "first timer" friends to take out. No complaints


I've had a Fiesta Kayak I…

Submitted by: paddler228654 on 2/9/2012
I've had a Fiesta Kayak I bought at Sam's about 10 years ago and I love it. Works great on rivers, lakes in the bay and even does good in the surf. It's a fun little boat and the price is right. I've added a bunch of small ring cleats with pop rivets and some cris-cross bungy cords on the bow and stern to hold my fishing gear. Although it's a beginner kayak I never saw the need to spend lots more money on a better one.

Can I buy the last poster's…

Submitted by: paddler232694 on 6/27/2008
Can I buy the last poster's Fiesta? I LOVE these for extra company on my lake. EASY for new kayakers to learn on and bright orange so that jet skiers don't use us for speed bumps! I have paddled in $1600 boats that were not as comfortable or maneuverable and who can argue with the price?

I don't know what any of you…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2005
I don't know what any of you are talking about, but my experiences with this kayak are nothing but bad. We own 7 kayaks and among them 2 fiestas. We never take these boats out unless we have to due to their poor tracking and the shear amount of work needed to propel the boats. Yes the package came with a skirt and paddle, however the skirts don't fit just right and the paddles are very cheap and heavy. Word of advice, DO NOT buy this boat, you will become soon disappointed.

A buy of the ages, lol.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/11/2003
A buy of the ages, lol. Purchased at SAM's for the unbelieveable price of $224, paddle, skirt and boat. I am impressed with the sleekness of the boat, its turning, and tracking ability. Even more impressive, is the room in the cockpit, and the ease of getting in and out. With footbraces as part of the boat, could not ask for a higher quality boat package for the price. Good paddling to all.

I bought a Fiesta at Sams too…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/1/2003
I bought a Fiesta at Sams too and took it out right away to Skilak lake here in Alaska. I have to say its very stable and nimble. Its easy to navigate and was comfortable. I am completely impressed with Mainstream Kayaks. The only thing missing is some elastic tie downs for gear.

Great stinkin deal! 300.00…

Submitted by: paddler230067 on 3/7/2003
Great stinkin deal! 300.00 for paddle, boat, and skirt. Pretty cool! I am going to put on some deck rigging and other hooks for gear but you cannot beat the price. Way fun boat and I fully recommend it!

I just bought a lime green…

Submitted by: paddler229925 on 9/16/2002
I just bought a lime green Fiesta on end of season close out at Sam's Club -- with 220 cm Estuary 2-part paddle and a nylon skirt! I already have a yellow Perception Swifty (over one year, lots of use). The Fiesta looks very similar but has a few interesting differences:

* Cockpit is slightly different shape, notably lower, so it's hard to get knees inside with legs apart.
* No black plastic edging on cockpit, which is probably a plus, that stuff was loose and I had to secure it. Instead Fiesta has a wide molded lip.
* No drain hole, as stated by others, but that's an easy fix.
* Padded seat plus second adjustment strap, could be nicer than Swifty, dunno, haven't floated it yet.
* No cup holder molded into seat, but no biggie.
* Nominally 2 lbs lighter, perhaps a bit thinner plastic? (36 vs 38 lb)

By the way I bought some "1/2 inch" U bolts and put them on various places on the Swifty, and will do the same on the Fiesta. Especially at both ends just inboard of the handles -- requires pulling styrofoam and crawling inside -- but these are very handy clip points for carabiners for tying down, dragging the boat, etc.


I purchased mine at Sam's…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2002
I purchased mine at Sam's too. It's a good package. I added a retro-fit drain plug which is a must. It also helped to add padding. Foam flotation is built in. Overall, it is a good recreational beginner kayak. I've had it on lakes and class I-II. It is stable and handles well. Cockpit has lots of room and adjustable foot rests are helpful. Very similar to recreational Wilderness Systems in the $400 range.

I got my Fiesta Deluxe from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/11/2002
I got my Fiesta Deluxe from Sam's Club for $300. I'm a novice and I appreciate the stability and tracking. It has plenty of room in the cockpit and storage behind the seat. It is missing a drain hole and makes it a little difficult to get all the water out after a trip. A dry hold would be a bonus too. But, overall, well worth the regrets here!