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  • 12' 5" Length
  • 24.25" Width
  • 55 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,199 MSRP

Stinger XP Description

Crossover designs have established a huge following in the world of paddling over the last five years becoming the fastest growing segment in whitewater. The Stinger XP represents the next level in Crossover design. This game changing design combines the performance of its race-dominating sibling with the convenience and tracking of our award winning Remix XP design. The combination provides a truly one of a kind race ready expedition kayak for intermediates and seasoned boaters alike. The Stinger XP's back hatch and spring-loaded skeg ensure it functions efficiently when loaded to the gills with camping gear for flatwater and mixed current expeditions.

Stinger XP Reviews


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Stinger XP Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Length: 12' 5"
  • Width: 24.25"
  • Volume: 379 liters
  • Max Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Cockpit Dimensions (L × W): 35.00 × 20.50"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic

Stinger XP Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Rudder/Skeg: Skeg/Fin
  • Storage: Stern Hatch

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Whitewater, River Running, Creek, Play
  • Water Type: River/Creek (Up to Class II), Whitewater (Class III+)
  • Duration: Day Trip, 2-3 Day Trip, Extended Trip
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult

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Stinger XP Reviews

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LL Stinger XP

Very well made white water long boat. Fast and sleek. Lots of storage for multi-day excursions. My extra paddle stores neatly and effortlessly in the stern. The skeg is a nice added feature for wind and squirley water. Very well designed and not fragile like on some other boats. It is spring retractable, so it doesn't jam or break easily. Smart design.

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Stinger XP review

Comfortable and fast down river whitewater boat. Great storage for expedition runs. Not the best boat for attaining though. looking forward to paddling some more.

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The Stinger XP is the best of all long boats.

I've compared all the current long boats on the water and the Stinger is the easist to handle, lots of speed and very comfortable. For me sliding the seat all the way back made it easier to turn. I'm ready for my Grand Canyon trip!

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What a sweet boat!

Man, I just can't get this bad boy out enough, my other three yaks fate may be a post on Craigslist. My Stinger XP maneuvers on a dime, pop that skeg and I'm in cruise control. I'm just playing the surf in Florida, east coast, paddlin' some spring runs with those lazy rivers, still having a blast. Can't wait to head up to the Carolina's for a bit more of a challenge. Thanks Liquid Logic for making this old man a kid again. You guys engineered one helluva boat!

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Beyond Expectations

I sat on the fence for a few years considering my next new boat purchase mainly due to elbow surgery & recovery. After taking delivery and paddling the Stinger XP for a few weeks, it still feels like Christmas morning. The transition from my Remix 69 was effortless. Other than having a bit more room and minor changes to technique, the ride is very similar. Obviously the biggest difference is the SPEED. It was well worth the wait. Nothing but smiles!

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I have had a liquid logic...

I have had a liquid logic Remix XP 9 now for 7 years. I have used it for many great overnight trips from 2 to 6 days here in Montana. I had the remix xp 9 in up to class IV water in the Alberton Gorge near Missoula and it was fine, except the bow submerged like a submarine. I wrote LL 5 years ago (along with many others) asking them to build a boat for overnighting with better whitewater characteristics. The Stinger xp fits the category well, although I did not like how they outfitted the entire of the boat at all when it arrived at my home in Helena, Montana. I stared at the boat all winter wondering how to deface the beautiful new boat. When spring hit I removed the obnoxious front bulkhead and drilled the boat and put in new NRS foot braces. Next, I put in a new bulkhead in behind the seat. I am now very happy with this boat, but took some work. I call it the Stinger XP Benchmark Series for a very special backcountry multi day kayak trip here in Montana.

it can go anywhere you'd want a kayak to go

i got my lime green stinger xp last year while working in idaho. took off work 10 months and kayaked every place i could in the PNW, plenty of island hopping off the north west washington coast of the pacific, then kayaked out in colorado and then when i got home to north carolina along the wilmington coast. never had better time in a kayak.

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Stinger XP

I purchased this boat for an up coming Grand Canyon self support trip. I am having a blast in it on my home rivers like the Yough. The length disappears when you get on the water. It surfs, boofs and its super FAST. The hatch and skeg is a no brainer for expeditions, but also super handy for day trips too. Can't wait to live out of it for 12 days on the Grand! IF your looking for a long boat this the boat to have in the quiver.

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Great Versitility

The Stinger XP is so versatile, performs in challenging whitewater or drop the skeg and log your miles for an easy overnighter.

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LOVE the color!

First, and most importantly I love the green color. When I went to pick out a boat I found that the storage capacity, fast hull, and overall versatility of the Stinger XP were a definite match for what I needed; but more than anything I needed to have a green boat.
I placed an order online and got an email right back telling me that they were out of stock :( So, I placed a call to see if I could get on a waiting list. Let me just note that the customer service I have had is probably the best of any company I have ever dealt with... The gentleman on the phone asked me to hold while heactually went across the street to check the warehouse, returning with the good news! They had one Stinger XP left, and it was GREEN!
I was so stoked I jumped online to place my order right away (so stoked in fact that I accidentally ordered two!... thanks for the refund guys!). Thank you to the whole team at L.L for their time, humor, and effort in making my purchase into an experience I remember with a smile.
-Adam Shell

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Awesome boat for multi-day self-support

Planning to take this fly rig down the grand canyon. Couldn't think of a better boat for a 10-day self support. Thanks again to Liquid Logic for awesome products and even better customer support.

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I took the boat out this past weekend on some QW up to maybe class 2. It's just a blast to paddle. I'm 5'10" 215 and it fits me well. No problem with eddy turns, it's quite maneuverable. It is stable compared to most WW kayaks but will be an adjustment for rec and even some sea kayakers. Once you learn how she works you can really have fun. Tracking is what I expected out of a boat of this design. It takes good technique to paddle straight. The skeg certainly helps. Thanks liquid logic for a great boat and fast delivery! I would definitely order from you guys again!

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Stinger XP!

I just had a Stinger XP delivered a few weeks ago. I have been paddling the Stinger (race version) for the last two years, and love it. I paddle the Stinger 90% of the time. Love the speed and comfort that a long boat provides. I stick mostly to Colorada class III - class IV+ these days. I have only had one chance to get out in the XP version since it arrived. I really like the ease of packing that the hatch provides, a lot less 'jamming and cramming' gear behind the backhand. The skeg really helps the boat track, resulting less energy expended when cruising downriver through the pools and class II stuff. I am looking forward to a few multi-day self support desert runs this fall, and a Grand trip in February 2016. Thanks!

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stinger xp

I really like the boat and love the outfitting

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Liquid logic

The stinger xp boat is awesome and fast handling rapids like a dream. Thank you for the awesome boat.

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I was worried the length would make smaller whitewater very tough, but to echo the other reviews it really does handle fantastically. When paddling in a group of smaller river runners or creekers you will definitely notice it hard to not blast through to the front of the group! It really is a rocket in whitewater, especially if you're on the lighter weight side like myself. Primary stability is not as low as one might think either, very intuitive boat that's incredibly comfortable but can be rolled easily. Only complaints are the hull just under your legs can dent easily, and the bulkhead is a real battle to remove for gear stowing (possibly my user error). The weight may be a struggle for smaller paddlers to carry it around, but I have no problem lifting it overhead to strap on my pickup's rack. No issues with rear hatch or skeg lever seal at all. I've received nothing but compliments from others on the Stinger XP, it definitely looks as great as it performs!

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Stinger XP 2015

Thank you for the great service and fast shipping of the Stinger XP. It was well packed and arrived fast in excellent shape. The Stinger paddles easily and is fast and tracks really good on flat water with the skeg down and is very easy to turn. With the length of the Stinger, it is very easy moving through rougher water were shorter boats may have a more difficult time. The seating area is very comfortable. This is a great kayak that can truly handle multi-purpose use. Thanks for a great kayak and great customer service!

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A great allrounder!

I live in northern Germany, where we don't have much real White-water. I was looking for al all-rounder for occasional WW, small fast-flowing rivers, wide slow rivers & lakes. Suppliers here sell either long fast tourers (lousy manouverability!) or outright WW short boats that are a pig on flat water. Nothing I wanted, till I came across the Stinger XP by chance on the Internet. It was not in stock with any of your dealers here (!!!) so I decided to order one from EKÜ Sports (3 month delivery time!!) It was worth the wait. The boat handles like a dream in playspots and cruises easily alongside the fast touring boats on flat water. The perfect boat for North Germany conditions - I think some of my buddies will be ordering soon. You Need to kick your European dealers to market and stock the Stinger XP properly!


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Stinger XP - Grand Canyon bound

This is one sweet boat. Didn't want the road cone so changed the color to lime green. The boat is very fast and surprisingly maneuverable, I say surprisingly because I'm a hand paddler. It surfs and ferries like a dream. Very nice boat.

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I have only had a chance to take it to the local park and play spot. Seems very stable actually. Just having to get used to the length when I'm peeling in and out. Very happy with the quality of the boat. Good plastic, good looking design. Can't wait till I get a chance to really get on the water.

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Stung the Grand Canyon!

I took the Stinger on a 12 day self contained trip through the Grand Canyon (12/24/14-01/4/15). What I liked most about the Stinger was its storage capacity, on water stability, skeg for tracking, and all around comfort. The stinger fully loaded with me included weighed in about 320ish lbs. The length, weight, speed, and stability turned the stinger into somewhat of a missile able to punch through large holes with ease. The skeg kept the boat moving straight through the whirlpools and saved tons of energy on the 30 mile days. The outfitting was very comfortable (however I did like the flip up back brace on the Remix XP10). There are two improvements that I can think of. First make the stern hatch more waterproof like the Remix XP10. I found that after a day of paddling I had a substantially larger amount of water sloshing around in the boat (compared to the XP10). I attributed this to the stern hatch cover not being as sturdy but then again I didn't bother to look into the problem because I could live with the water. Second, it would have been nice to have the back brace lift up like the XP10 so you could get to a bag or two without opening the hatch. Ultimately I thought the Stinger was a great boat and I would definitely paddle it as is on another Grand Canyon self contained trip.

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Expeditions, Big Water, and just plain Speed.

I put heavy use on a regular Stinger for the past four years years and just switched it up to the Stinger XP for annual expedition boating in Idaho, Colorado, California, Utah, and Arizona. The selling point for me was both stern access and skeg. Last year on a 5-day self-support Grand Canyon with a 120lb loaded Stinger, my forearms began to suffer from frequent correction strokes required in the boily flats below rapids. The skeg helps track through this madness, reduces frustration, and adds life to my boating longevity. The Stinger is a big water dream machine with beautiful lines, durable construction, and solid outfitting. I envision owning this model until it's paper thin and then retire it in the kayak henge garden.

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A whole new world of paddling possibilities

The Stinger XP is about new paddling possibilities. Itメs the cross-over boat I was waiting for---a high performance river runner: sleek, fast and reasonably quick-turning for a long-boat. And with a ton of cargo room for good measure.

The first possibility is naturally whitewater multi-day expeditions---camping out of your kayak. I tested this out on a 5-day trip on the Selway River in Idaho this July. It was a perfect boat for this trip.
Packing this boat is a pleasure. I had done this same trip twice before in a big conventional river runner, which worked, but was a lot of work to pack. The stern and cargo hatch make this painless. It swallowed up a ton of gear (as trip leader with a lot of cargo room, I seemed to wind up with a heavy load).

Packing is one thingナ..what about what matters most--river performance? More pleasure. For a boat this long, it still is remarkably quick turning even when fully loaded. The Selway can be pretty technical (Class III and IV) and I had no major problems negotiating my lines. With its length, bow volume and rocker it just cruises through many waves and holes like they arenメt even there. The speed of the boat is incredible and can be used as an advantage to accelerate and speed on through tricky spots.

With its length and when fully loaded it carries a lot of momentum. I noticed it once when I tried a pretty tricky line that required a hard ferry across a fast, steep, narrow channel and then a cranking turn/boof into an eddy. Well, I didnメt make it, but quickly realized it didnメt matter. The boat cruised through what had looked like a possibly munchy hole. Moral of the story: it might not turn as quickly as a short boat, but it might not matter.
All in all, the Stinger XP made this multi-trip a breeze. Itメs clearly perfectly suited for this kind of trip.
But the other possibilities Iメve seen or touched with this boat also have me excited. It will be a great flatwater river touring boat. Iメll have no problems keeping up with canoes or conventional touring kayaks on many of the small, twisty rivers common in my state (Wisconsin). I also see possibilities for lake surfing---either on the Great Lakes when conditions are right or even local lakes when they get 2+ feet whitecaps. And Iメve just had a lot of fun taking it out on local lakes for some flatwater paddling.

Finally, I see the possibility of this boat doing some longer kayaking camping trips on rivers with a lot of flatwater and mild rapids now and then. Rivers like the St. Croix or Flambeau here in Wisconsin or some of the Ozarks Rivers. Or who knows, maybe use it someday for a really extended paddling expedition down the length of some classic river.

The Stinger XP is truly a unique boat. Leave it to the brain trust of Liquid Logic to spend years developing a high performance Class V creek racing boat---and then produce a high performance expedition boat out of it as an encore.

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Let me qualify this by...

Let me qualify this by saying I am primarily a touring kayak guy with limited WW boat experience. I bought the Stinger as a crossover to paddle active water with the ability to run WW when the opportunity presented itself.

The seating and hip pads and thigh hooks are among the best I have ever been around, all-day comfortable. The foot board adjustments are a little wide spaced causing me to drill new holes for perfect placement. I installed a waterproof bulk head behind the seat to seal off the large rear storage area. The rear hatch seal (and my bulk head) are waterproof under moderate water exposure. The skeg operation is easy to manipulate and seemingly robust enough to be considered a much better design than Piranha and Dagger skegs.

The boat is advertised as being fast, it is faster than any WW boat I have ever paddled, but compared to other 12 foot kayaks it seems about average, it does accelerate and plane out very quickly.

This is not a beginners kayak as without the skeg deployed it will point out every bad habit or lack of paddling skills by running wild. Proper strokes and form make the boat track very well for a boat that will spin like a top when asked to do so. Due to my lack of skill quartering waves did catch the long tail making me slide sideways on waves, but I think that is my issue to overcome, not the boats problem.

I have not had the boat on big WW or narrow fast WW so I cannot advise on those characteristics or give the boat a 10, so far I like what the Stinger is capable of. In my opinion, a seasoned paddler should be very happy with the boats capabilities.

For context, the...

For context, the designation "XP" and the shared DNA with the original Remix river runners might lead one to equate this kayak with the XP9/10. That would be a mistake.

The XP9/10 was derived by adding length, beam and volume to the Remix and making it a bit more flat water oriented and user friendly. The goal was to produce a docile boat for still and moderate white water. The Stinger added a lot of length and rocker to the Remix, while narrowing beam to come up with a radical creeker specifically designed to win the Green River Narrows Race (steep whitewater). There weren't many compromises in its mission.

Starting with this single minded design, the XP adds a skeg and hatch to make it more adaptable to wilderness tripping. This context is provided to give the review some perspective.

The hull, outfitting and fittings are of typical Liquidlogic high quality. Bear in mind, this was designed for steep creeking and incorporates the commensurate quantity of plastic (not a lightweight). The unique seat is extremely comfortable, even for long duration. The holes for the foot board adjustment are widely spaced, making fine tuning a bit of a challenge. Not a whole lot of grab bars and those provided are rigid, bare metal.

The skeg operates smoothly with a simple lever control. The hatch cover parts ways with the XP9/10, being designed for duty on rougher conditions. However, somewhat paradoxically, there is no bulkhead. Right behind your seat is a foam pillar for support, pushing the cargo area aft. This weight distribution wasn't dialed into the original hull design and affects performance if you're packing gear. It can be compensated for, to some extent. The cockpit opening is a little larger than I like although not in a league with the cavernous XP9/10.

The boat is very fast by whitewater standards. And, it will surprise many by how quickly and easily it spins. The skeg is effective when your priority is not spinning, such as in the funny water at the foot of a drop. It draws, ferries, leans and rolls with ease and, it almost goes without saying, punches holes and eddy fences like they weren’t there. Yes, you can pull enders, but that's about the extent of the play. It surfaces quickly from drops, but be sure to nail your boof and go down fairly straight or you could encounter issues.

The bottom line is that it's a nifty design for a whitewater paddler. Some of the extremes in its base configuration demand that it be driven under many conditions and not given its own head. It will reward those in control. Casual paddlers will feel more at home with the other XPs.