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i have been kayaking for…

Submitted by: paddler231888 on 11/29/2006
i have been kayaking for about 30 years.i weight 180 lbs and am 5 10.I have paddled a lot of kayaks ,and was getting a little burnt out.Then i got a skip.After taking a propane torch and heating the front i got in wearing construction steel toed boots.I can now sit in it all day long .river runs of 10 to 15 miles are no problem. The boat is pure joy.Best all around boat i have ever owned.This boat rules i am sooo exiced about kayaking again because of it.I am paddling more and better than ever.The folks at liquid logic know there stuff and are very nice .out of ten i give it an eleven .If ever in knoxville l will show you y

I just bought a used skip and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/23/2006
I just bought a used skip and love it. The boat wants to spin, loop and cartwheel. I suspect that my paddling skills will greatly improve in this craft!! I don't rate it a 10 because it's short on foot room. I'm 5'10" 145lbs and I'm pretty tight in it.

Beautiful little boat. I'm…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2005
Beautiful little boat. I'm 6'1” and weigh 11-1/2 stones. I know, I’m not kidding! I managed to squeeze myself into this boat so that I could have a little play in the surf down in Cornwall. I paddle a Pyranha i3, and I cannot believe how easy the skip is to throw around. I literally only have to put in a reverse sweep stroke and the boat is on its tail! I love it. I’m no expert on playboats, or playboating but this boat makes me want to buy one and learn. Great fun!

I love this boat, it is a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/1/2005
I love this boat, it is a must get boat. This boat is a dream come true. Compared to my creek boat, a stubby, this boat is awesome. In fact I can roll the skip easier than I can roll the stubby. I am 5'4" and weigh 120. I fit snug in this boat.

I'm 5'8 and weigh 145 pounds…

Submitted by: paddler230090 on 4/11/2003
I'm 5'8 and weigh 145 pounds and the skip fits like a glove! I can't believe someone would actually try to fit in this boat that is 5'11 and has big feet! Talk about a big man in a little boat! I've learned how to spin, cartwheel and even loop in this boat! Overall I rate this boat as a 8 because I think the only thing I didn't like was the fact it didn't have a drain plug, but after a few times drainning out the boat on top of my head, I'm actually really glad I don't have to worry about a drain plug.

This boat rocks, although it…

Submitted by: paddler229905 on 9/3/2002
This boat rocks, although it is tiny and does have a slow hull speed, once on a wave it just explodes into action. Incredible for blunts, loops you name it this boat wants to do it.

I am 5'11, and weigh aroud…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/22/2002
I am 5'11, and weigh aroud 165. Just to get into the boat I had to practically break my ankles. Once in I managed to stay in for about 15 minutes before having to take a break. But for those 15 minutes I was able to do every flatwater trick in the books. I even got a couple of front flips in without any trouble at all. However as I watched my friend paddle the boat on the river he was really having to work. Waves were near impossible to catch, and if you are lucky to get on one you usually get shot right off. So if you are about four feet tall with really small feet this could be a good boat for you, otherwise go for something bigger.