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NO boat is a TEN. This boat is great for lakes and…

Submitted by: paddler234385 on 12/19/2011
NO boat is a TEN.
This boat is great for lakes and rivers handles very well quick to respond and easy to maneuver. I have had this boat in three foot waves and been ok except for the spray. It is easy to roll for me and I'm 178 lbs.
Now for the cons: the front hatch is a little small and the boat weathercocks in high winds

Overall a good kayak. I want…

Submitted by: paddler230313 on 7/11/2005
Overall a good kayak. I want to focus on the problems, since if you're reading this you want the facts. First, the handles are steel...good security bars but if you're in surf or bad conditions they could break you wrists. The front bulkhead always leaks...never was marine gooped inside the cockpit! I had to get in there and "goop" the front bulkhead. I also had to improve the hatch covers since the straps to hold them to the kayak broke rather easily. But the big issue is that it is a very hard boat to roll, unless you weigh over 220. Finally the sides are high and tend to catch a lot of wind. Fast and not an un-sexy boat. Cockpit outfitting is very good, with the total execution of tight bracing/padding.

Let me just start by saying…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/4/2004
Let me just start by saying this is one of the best all-around flatwater touring boats I have ever owned or paddled. It provides the best feebback of ANY plastic boat I have encountered.

The Seneca certainly looks different than any other kayak out there, but that does not effect it's performance on the water. Keep in mind that it is not suited for rough water conditions or serious ocean touring. It MAY handle these conditions, but you will get wet from the spray, and it is far from the best boat available. If your touring is done primarily on inland lakes, and you don't do extended trips, this kayak is easily in the top 5 boats available. I mention the extended trips because of the small front cargo space (the bulkhead is placed much closer to the front of the boat than it needs to be.) The rear storage space is adequate. Be aware that some of the first generation Senecas and Sylvas came with hatch covers that had a tendency to pop off. Liquid Logic has since changed the design slightly, and now offers retention straps for added security. Liquid Logic is a great company, and will work with you if you buy an early edition (they sent me new hatch covers and retention straps with all hardware absolutely FREE, but I do not know if this is their policy.)

The Seneca tracks like it's on rails, responds eagerly to paddler input, and is all-day comfortable! Not that it's terribly important, but it's also DAMN SEXY! I bought mine in Orange and highly recommend it. If you are looking for a quick, sleek, comfortable all around kayak that you can load by yourself (only 52lbs) then the Seneca deserves a hard look. Just find one somewhere else, mine is certainly not for sale.


I am giving this boat an 8…

Submitted by: paddler230411 on 11/11/2003
I am giving this boat an 8 because no boat can meet the needs of every boater. When someone comes out with that boat it will be a 10. But this is impossible.

This boat fits the needs of at least 95% of paddlers by doing the following things very well. It is fast, it turns great, it is very comfortable and it is a good value.

I am saying all this for the purpose for which it is designed, FLAT WATER. This is not a coastal boat that can handle large swells and surf. On flat water there is not another boat like it that I know of.

There is no rocker at all in this boat. The chines are almost 90 degrees and it has a couple of keel features that help it track. The seat is about 2 feet further aft than other boats and the widest part of the boat is much further aft than most boats. The bow has a very sharp entry with a relatively low volume.

The quality of the fit and finish is unmatched. The seat is one of the best I have seen, the rudder (not needed), foot pegs and hatch covers are all great also. I could stay in this boat all day and I am 5'10", 190lbs.

The people at Liquid Logic offer a great customer service. They are quick to provide advice and help. This means a lot to us students of the sport.

If you go to a demo please try this boat. Try to resist the marketing scam and buy a boat that fits your needs. You may find that this is the only choice.