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Manta Ray 10 Reviews

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This kayak can do it all....

This kayak can do it all. I don't even want to hear anyone complain about it otherwise because I have taken this thing through so much. I ocean kayak with it daily and it handles even the largest waves and stormy waters just fine. Anyone can flip any boat, especially in the ocean like I do but that's not usually the boat's fault, it's the kayaker's fault. And if you know how to get back into a kayak properly after flipping it while in water that's over your head, then it's actually not a problem. Anyone who states otherwise with this boat hasn't been properly taught the right maneuvering. I fish in this kayak, go in rivers, the ocean, the Pamilico Sound, I've gone in it with a little over 300 pounds of weight while paddlin against the tide in the Pamilico Sound in 40 mph winds and paddling into the wind. I've owned this kayak for 7 years and it has seen more crap than any other kayak I've ever owned. This is by far the best kayak for beginners through professionals as well as survivalists, in fact, especially for survivalists. I get annoyed with people saying it flips easily because it doesn't. Like I said, any fool can flip a kayak if they're foolish enough to do so and at that, trust me, this thing takes a lot to flip it, I would know

I have had this boat for...

I have had this boat for over three years and I love it. Just recently I flipped while trying to get into it. I was tying too avoid smashing a spider Ned lamed into some rocks. Painful but not the boats fault. However after four hours in the boat I would love a more comfortable seat. I had a bruise in the middle of my lower back by the end of the four hours. I do love the boat, could use a scupper in the seat so we don't sit in a puddle of water all of the time.

I have owned it for two...

I have owned it for two years. Enjoyed it as my first kayak but I find it difficult in wind - turning and tracking with wind is a problem. It is a great starter. I did flip it by accident - a rather comical swan incident - but it was impossible for me to climb back in with a life jacket. I do recommend it for still water and learning. Dog loved it!!

I've owned this kayak for...

I've owned this kayak for about a year now. Prior to that I owned a canoe and paddled all over the Pine Barrens and upper Delaware for many years. It’s relatively light and easy to toss in the back of my truck. It’s very, very stable and I couldn’t imagine what you would have to do to flip it. Mine is used primarily for fishing and photography.

All in all I’d say this is a nice little boat, but too low to the ground (water) getting in and out is a trial for my 65 year old back. Once in it paddles very easily and is a lot of fun to explore the little rivers of the Pines. I recently retired to the shore and am looking for something longer for the longer distances here in the windy bays.

For a general purpose...

For a general purpose kayak primarily used for fishing and exploring areas like the Intercoastal Waterway tributaries in Florida this boat is about the best I could find. I'm 5'9" and 165# so a larger person would probably be better served with a 12 foot or longer model.

The boat is stable both for climb-in and while fishing. It also does remarkably well in whitewater given that it isn't really designed for that. I took it down a river in east Tennessee and it managed all of the class I and II rapids easily and even made it through a couple of class IIIs, although it really isn't agile enough for IIIs and above if there are a lot of rocks and I wouldn't try them again.

Only giving an "8" because...

Only giving an "8" because I am a novice and don't know the ropes yet; I have been out 1/2 dozen times (flatwater) mostly exploring... usually under 5 miles per outing. Stable and tracks well. Wind has not been a problem. I believe the MantaRay 10 was a good selection for a first boat.

Follow-up to original review. Used a base camp, so no need…

Follow-up to original review.
Used a base camp, so no need to pack everything on the boat. Boat did very well. Tied a rock to a rope to drag the bottom, help slow the drift in the river. Boat handled the rapids well (class 1 & 2), easy to turn. So far I'm still liking the boat and no problems with the quality.

Bought this boat about 1...

Bought this boat about 1 month ago, overall I love it. Very stable, easy to reach everything, comfortable seating and light at only 50lbs. Not the best tracker or the fastest, but it turns on a dime. I'm 205 & 5'9" and with the scuppers open I have a very small amount of water around the foot well & the seat stays dry. Flipped the boat in 10' of water, climbed back on with no problem(wife did same). Quality seems good so far. Planning 1st camping trip, can see problem scaling back my load, always used canoe before.